Pain Relief During Labor Or Not

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Sharleen - November 22

I am pregnant with my 4th child. For the other 3 deliveries I went without any drugs or epidural at choice. I am so afraid of needles and do not want one in my back (for the epi) but I do need to prepped with a hep lock in my wrist in case I need fliuds at all. My midwife said they could administer a pain drug through an IV if I needed it. My last delivery was the MOST painful of the 3 and I can not seem to get that memory out of my head! I think I may want some thing just to take the egde off. My question is, what drugs are out there that you may have experienced?? And what were the effects on you? on the baby? In the end I may go with out anything again..but want the option. Sorry so long:)


in the woods - November 22

During my first labor, I was initially given Dimetrol - a drug "to take the edge off". What I remember is that I became awfully sleepy and as if everything around became very vague, only the pain and I were left. It wasn't a pain relief for me, it was means to turn off the environement. So, I went the epidural route after a while that labor and fell asleep until I was ready to push. With second labor, I clearly stated that I needed an epidural, and the labor up to the epidural was the worst of all of them. My point is - all people are different, and there is no such rule that "subsequent labor is easier", though it may. I think that my pain treshold is lower because I can't imagine going through without an epidural. Kudos to all "natural" women!


Renee - November 23

I've had 4 children and have done it all. Epidurals with 2, natural with 1 and just demerol with the last up until they had to do a c-section. The one I had naturally was the quickest labor (2 1/2 hours). The other labors were 12, 13, 16 hours which is why I wound up asking for pain relief (the shortest being the 3rd). I didn't like demerol because it made me fall asleep only to wake up in the middle of a contraction. I must admit that an epidural can be a blessing and I never had any problems with them. Having a epidural is not particularly painful and you can't see the needle which helps. IVs were more painful to me than epidurals.


Sharleen - November 23

Hmmm...very interesting ladies, thank you for your responses. I have heard that alot of the "pain" meds do make you sleepy..I don't want that! The reason my 3rd was as painful as it was is because he came so fast, 1 1/2 hours! (just like you Renee) However, I was already 7 cm when I got to the hospital and felt not much pain at all..until my midwife broke my water then BOOM! He was here! OUCH!! Any way, I saw my midwife the other day and she said this time we won't break my water and let nature just take it's course. Hopefully it just won't take too long:)



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