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annabanana - March 31

35 8 eight weeks and paranoid of miscarraige. i get pain cramps and had spotting one day only, and i am so scared of every little ache i get, any advice


Perl - March 31

I think it's normal to be a little worrired, but please try to put your mind on other things like a good book, a movie, a magazine, choosing a baby name or anything else than thinking something is wrong. Stressing out is so bad for your body and for your baby. Did you discuss the spotting and cramping with your Dr. already? I called my Dr. to tell her I have been cramping every day for weeks now and she asked me specific questions about the type of pain and told me there was nothing to worry about but I have not had any spotting. Spotting is not necessarily a bad thing but it's something to watch out for. If you discus your concerns with your Dr. maybe they will give you an ultrasound to rea__sure you that your pregnancy is alright.


Bridget - April 2

Spotting early on is often just implantation bleeding. My sister is 7 weeks pg and she had it recently. Cramping is typical too, as long as it isn't REALLY bad.Just wait til your round ligaments start growing, owwee.


Kristin - April 2

Hi Anna, I spotted off and on very lightly for 5 days..mild cramps the first day..I have not spotted now for 5 days..So I too hope everything is still ok :(.. I had an ultrasound last week and saw the tiny fetus, the yolk sac and the heartbeat. I just wish I had my own ultrsound machine so I cound check on things daily!! My doctor did not seem to alarmed as my hcg levels were still increasing as well. If you are truly worried I think your best bet is to have an ultrasound..this may put your mind at ease. Wishing your good luck! P.S. I am 6 weks 5 days. XO Kristin


Tammy - April 3

I had spotting from week 4-6 and then from weeks 8-13, red blood. I am now 14 weeks pregnant with so far healthy baby. So don't worry yet. Things will probably be fine


annabananaa - April 3

thanks for your reply's you just read so much bad things that happen so you get more worried. tomorrow is u/s i am already nervous



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