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Sann - July 13

Hi ladies : ) How are the both of doing? Thanks for responding, even with this login issue of mine, must be a hassel for the both of you looking for my threads : ( sorryyyyy! I've come to think if I'll ever get it fixed, my IT support seems to be stuck, they might have to wipe out the whole system for re-installation that means I wouldn't be able to post for a while or something : ( I'll miss all of you : ( On the brighter side ... PERL, thanks for your kind words of comfort I'm so very touched : ) I received the really sticky baby dusts you sent me, thanks so very much again : ) I actually did what you did ... getting my hands on babies, hoping for some baby dusts rubbing off on me, heeheehee : ) But lately whenever I hear my neighbours' babies cry, I get upset and sometimes a little irritated : ( most of them are born last year, they remind me of my "little one". Got me thinking ... am I starting to get mean or "psycho", being irritated by the cries those lovable babies : ( Have you decided to do a 3D u/s yet. I don't know about the US and Canada but they are costly here. TRYINGX3, we been ttc since Apr04 and it was really hard then not been able to try every cycle due to Dh's and my work, travelling overseas. When we get back, 40% of the time we miss the window, painfully stressful then. Wow! You're having a baby girl and Perl's a baby boy. I love to have both, boy and girl : ) Take care ladies and God Bless : ) : ) : )


Perl - July 13

Hi Sann, you are not mean or psycho for being irritated by other babies crying. It's too much of a reminder if you have to live with it every day and you do since they are your neighbors. So you're putting your hands on babies too like I used to? I really believe if it makes you feel better and more hopeful, it's good therapy. I remember one time when I complimented some random lady on her new baby girl that she was holding, she went on to tell me about how long she had waited for her baby to come. She had several miscarriages and never gave up hope for a long time and she was even told by her Drs that she was losing her baby girl because she was bleeding during pregnancy but she held out hope and prayed and the baby was born anyway fine and healthy. I don't even know why she told me her story because I was a stranger to her and the only thing I told her what how beautiful her baby girl was---she must have sensed I was hurting at the time or she was an angel from God.*****About the 3D u/s, they are about $250 US--not too bad but not cheap either. I pretty much decided not to do it at this point. I love the images I have in my mind of my baby boy at the last ultrasound. It's as if he was putting on a show for us and every time I think of it I laugh with joy. I don't know if you read my other post where I described how he was stretching out his little legs over his head, putting his toes in his mouth and trying to do some sommersaults. I think he's going to be as funny and as active as my dh. *** Sann, don't worry about us finding your posts. You're the one who must be frustrated with your login problems but I'm glad it does not stop you from posting. : )


tryingx3 - July 13

Sann - I too look at babies at church and think...our 1st one could have been that age, our 2nd one could have been that age... Doesn't mean we wish bad for anyone else, just something we strongly want of our own.



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