Perl And TryingX3 I Ve Got Some Questions

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Sann - July 14

Hello Ladies : ) How are you doing? PERL ... Yes, I read your posts. I can imagine .... must be really exciting and surely warms your heart seeing your baby boy "having his little fun" in your tummy. I'd be in tears just seeing a heartbeat : ) Funny ... I had the same thing happen to me too. One time at the supermarket, the cashier(pg with #1) actually told me her story, took her 10 years to get pg and she started from her 20s. I was just wondering too, "mommies' six sense" ... God's angels. TRYINGX3 ... Oh!!!! I do that too: ). I look at babies at church and everywhere thinking our "little one" would be 3 months old by now. Thanks ladies ... I thought it was just me going out of my mind. Question ladies ... I thought it was af showed up on Tuesday evening, lots of brown clots and very little bleeding and for barely 24hrs. Yesterday afternoon I started spotting (pink and barely noticable only I wiped), and now it all gone. (Friday afternoon for me) And I have this cramp like and kind of pulling feeling in my lower stomach. I had one or two cycles this way. I spoke to my ob/gynae and physcian about it before, they said nothing to worry about. Anyone of you have had similar experiences? My temps dipped but they aren't low, not normal for me. It's usually averaging 97.5 when af shows up but now they're averaging 98.0. (My post ov temps were even higher averaging 99.3 ) Af or Ib ...??? What are you thoughts, ladies? I'm having some wishful thinking it might be Ib : ) I haven't done any Hpt for cycle yet. I'm usualy testerholic : ) I wonder what's up with me. Thanks ladies. LoL Take care & God Bless : ) : ) : )


Perl - July 14

Let's hope it's implantation bleeding!!!! I know that ib is light pinkish or brown and can last up to a few days. I never had any IB but I did cramp unusually longer. Normally, I would start to cramp and then AF would begin within 30 minutes and cramps would be gone. Before I got my bfp I cramped a couple of weeks before AF was supposed to come and for a few days just before AF was supposed to come, then I did the hpt (4 days after af was due) which was positive and then I continued getting mild cramps for another couple of weeks after that. I don't know much about temps though. IF your af is not normally like this then something is going on and I hope it's IB. I'll pray that this is IB for you and that your bfp is next!!!


tryingx3 - July 14

Sorry - no experience there! AF was always on time and short! When I did for sure have implantation bleeding it was about 3 days before expected AF, felt crampy like I was going to start, then saw small amount of pink on tissue...thought I would start the next morning, but didn't...tested positive 3 days later. Best wishes!!!



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