Phantom Menapause Or The Real Deal

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questions_r_us - October 21

Hi All: I am 43 and have never experienced a live birth I have had one misscarriage and one still born at 6 months. needless to say I am a little scared of my outcome. I have never used birthcontrol. I have not missed a period but they have not been normal I was feeling sick in July vometed twice end of Sept. my br___ts began to change burning ,heavy , grew one whole cup size.took a home test NEG.. I am out of my pants a 7/8 to a 13/14 and have gained around 12lbs since July,my body definantly has the appearance of a pregnancy, big blue viens going up my belly and in my br___ts....needless to say I would love to have a baby and I;m a little frightened but it;s something I never really thought much about until other people started commenting.. I keep having neg results and was wondering if any of you have any information for me. THANKS


panda - October 24

Hi questions_r_us I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. I can understand you being scared of your outcome, I too had a miscarriage last year, and I have gotten pregnant again and feel like I don't dare accept it for fear of same happening again. Anyway, from what you've said in your message, they are all cla__sic pregnancy symptoms as you are probably aware. In the first 3 months HCG levels rise and then peak at around 12 weeks, they then drop rapidly as placenta takes over. At about 16 weeks, preg tests will start to fade and if preg test is taken after 20 weeks you will get a negative result, but that is all normal and has no bearing on the pregnancy. Have you been to see your doctor? I would if I were you, get an ultrasound which will tell for sure. I know you're scared but getting the care you need will be the best all round, as well as putting your mind at rest, you must be in turmoil wondering am I , aren't I. I hope this has helped and post to let me know whether you preg or not. And get to see that doctor. Take care hunni and good luck.



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