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andrea76 - May 24

i really need some advice. i had my 2 daughters when i was young (beth when i was 18 and cathryn when i was 21). i turned 36 on saturday :o) around a year ago i had my last depo injection. i have never regained my periods (not that i'm complaining) however, i think i might be pregnant. I havent done a test yet - if i'm honest, i'm a bit scared! the reason i think i'm pregnant is simple...i am tiny. i am 5' 3-4 inches tall and i've never weighed any more than6.5-7 stone without being pregnant. the day before i gave birth to beth, i weighed myself and i was a straight 8 stone. beth was 8 pounds born (not sure how i managed that with just gas and air and a fair bit of swearing). birth was quite quick - went to labour ward at 2am and beth was born at 4.38am. cathryn was a little smaller (6 pounds 14 ounces) and she came even quicker than her sister - i got to the doors of maternity at 8.45am and she was born at 9.18am. anyway, back to the present! i remember when i fell pregnant with beth, i put the test in at the doctors and i knew before the results came back in that i was pregnant as i'd gone down 2 loops on my belt. i'm facing the same situation at the moment. my stomach is getting bigger by the day, i'm fitting into clothes that i've never worn as the were too big for me, yet now i dont need a belt to hold the jeans up. i weighed myself at my parent's house earlier in the week. i know her scales arent mega accurate, but they're consistant with what weight they show...normally with normal day time clothes and shoes, i weigh between just under 7 stone to 7 stone. i weighed myself monday and i was 7 stone 4, then yesterday i weighed myself and i was 7 stone 7!!!! even if i was eating lard sandwiches, i wouldnt be able to put weight on that quickly...believe me i have been trying for years to gain weight and it just doesnt happen! everyone thinks that i'm privileged that i cant put weight on but it is a curse. there is no help for us small people - usually get tagged with the anorexia/bulimia tag. Does anyone else have any information or experience of not having a period after a year or more off the depo injection but falling pregnant?!? i'm putting off going to the doctors as the first question they will ask is "so when was your last period?" i cant answer that question with any kind of authority as its been so long since i had a period, it would be a wild stab in the dark to try and pin point when my last period was :o( I dont really want to say anything to my husband until i'm sure as we have just lost his dad to small cell lung cancer a couple of months ago and he is still hurting a lot. i dont even want to put the idea into his head that this might even be possible if i have to then tell him it was a false alarm...if that makes sense?!? i also havent said anything to my daughters as beth is sitting her a-level exams (1st year) and cathryn is sitting her GCSE's and i dont their focus to be anywhere but on their school work. i've dropped a couple of hints to my mam, she didnt really say much (for my mam, that isnt a bad thing. if she had a problem with it, she would have had plenty to say, but like me, she doesnt quite know how to approach the issue as she agrees with me that i need to have something solid to say before i say anything) i know i will have to do something about this very soon, as with being a teeny person, i show rather quickly and everyone who knows me, knows that everything i've tried to put weight on hasnt had any effect. before i go and buy a pregnancy test, i thought i'd see if anyone else had any sort of info or advice that could help me. Thank you in advance for any replies - sorry for the huge message...i wanted to get any and all info in at the beginning :o) Also, sorry for going a lil bit off topic at points. Andrea xx


mjvdec01 - May 26

Hi there, I am 36 as well and pregnant with our third child. My advice would be to take a pregnancy test. Wait 10-14 days from the last time you and your husband DTD, so you are sure to get an accurate result. If it's still not clear, then definitely go see your OB. Hope this helps.



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