Positive Quad Screen Result And Scared

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ThePezChick - April 4

Remember that a 1 in 60 chance of have a child with DS means a 59 chance in 60 that you won't. I'm a special ed. teacher and have been for 16 years. I have all those tests coming up before long and to be honest, if I HAD to have a child with a disability I would choose one with DS. They're awesome kids! My husband and I have decided to not terminate the pregnancy if our child does have a disability (not that I opposed termination), so I think finding out early would help with the adjustment and acceptance. One of my favorite sayings is "Worrying is paying a debt before it's due". Remember, this isn't a debt that's due yet. Also, seeing the concerns you have about later in life... There are great resources out there for children/adults with DS. They typically live extremely productive lives... working, living as adults insupervised settings (outside the parents' home), etc. I've also heard of false positives from my sister, although I don't know of anyone personally. Good vibes sent your way for a healthy child!


Rduff - April 4

I was 40 when I delivered my second son. We had no testing at all. just because the risks are there, does not mean you have it.


lis ann - April 5

ALL of you have been a wonderful support to me during this trying time! Thank you for your positive strength and rea__surance. It is almost 2 a.m. and I cannot settle myself for sleep. My mind is racing with dozens of things. What if it is me? What if I am the "1" in "60?" What will we do? My day @ school was overshadowed when another teacher and I were talking about my pregnancy and possible complications. She actually said, "Not to alarm you but, I was thinking about you and this pregnancy. I had a preminition. I could you see you with a girl- but, she has Down's." I was stunned and hardly knew what to say after that. I left the room for the rest of my cla__s and thankfully my student teacher finished things. That weighed heavily on my mind all day and even now, into the wee hours of the morning... it is bothering me. I can't believe it but, the amnio is now hours away. My appointment is scheduled for 10 a.m. I talked to one of my rommates from college who went through what I am going through right now. She understood every facet of an abnormal quad screen right up to the birth of her (now healthy) son. She delivered on Patty's Day... 6 weeks premature, yet, does not fault the amnio for the early arrival. She could not promise me everything will be all right but, it did seem to lift a few ounces from my mental burden. Well, I have to try to sleep. Again, all of you have been a blessing. Imagine it... the comfort and kindness of a complete stranger being better than that of people I know in my everyday life. Thanks again to all of you.


lovemy3 - April 5

Good luck today at 10am Lis Ann. What that woman said means nothing and why would she even say that. Just ignore that kind of silliness. The probablity is that you are not having a baby with Downs but I can understand your worry but the worry and stress is also very hard on you and baby with not sleeping etc. I have worried myself sick in the past. and am probably the biggest worrier you'd ever meet. I would drive myself sick with worry but finally just couldn't do it anymore. Lay this in God's hands, He WILL carry your burden. IF it is you who has a Downs child he/she will also be a blessing. I know this probably doewsn't make you feel any better cuz I'd worry too, but if you can, try to calm down and take a really big breath. I will be praying for you at 10am today.


lis ann - April 5

Lovemy3, Thank you for your prayers and strength this morning. It is 9:19 a.m. I just took a shower a slathered myself in lotion from Vic Secret. lol Kind of hoping the flowery smell will put me in a trance during the procedure... Could this be a good sign? I found a lovely ladybug on the wall after I pulled the shower curtain. I was glad to see her. :o) Blessings to you.


New one - April 5

Hi lis ann, i have been waiting for you to come back from your testing as if its me, you were in my prayers all morning. hope things went well with you. keep us posted :)


lis ann - April 5

Hello kind and supportive posters: I am taking a necessary restroom break from the warmth of my bed. I didn't want the hours to wear on without an update. The doctor told me to drink 48 oz of water before noon and so I took heed immediately... gulp, gulp, gulp. Still emptying out in the restroom. My husband and I arrived for the appointment at 10. The doctor greeted us with a smile and was ready immediately. No wait- not even 2 minutes. I was escorted to the exam room where the nurse looked at the baby for several minutes via ultrasound. I'm not sure why but, I only looked at the screen for a brief second. At a normal ultrasound, I cannot take my eyes off the screen. I laid with my hands folded over my chest, eyes closed, and took deep breaths continuously. The doctor entered and they marked my belly with a tiny dot as the point of entry. He talked calmly about what he was doing. I never looked at anything, including him. I just recited prayers in my mind. This particular doctor has been in practice for over 25 years and he made the amnio seem effortless. Honestly, aside from some slight pinching and an odd cramp and pressure- it was absolutely tolerable. The nurse cleaned my stomach and I was walking out of the exam room by 10:35 a.m. My husband and I signed off to pay out-of-pocket for the preliminary results. The doctor said it is likely that early results will be back by Friday. One part of the process is finished but, my mind is still consumed with the final closure... Thank you ten fold for the prayers and continued support. I will write again soon.


lovemy3 - April 5

hi there Lis ann, Glad to hear things went well today. How brave! Now for the hardest part of waiting. hang in there, stay strong over the next 48 hours. remember hand it all over to Him. I'll be praying for you and baby.


Debi - April 5

Hi Lis Ann, I'm glad that the amnio went well. Now the hard part comes..the wait. That is the worst part, you will have a million things going through your mind until you get that phone call on Friday telling you that everything is okay. I have faith that it will be good. It's easier for me to be positive for you, so that's my job until then. Try to relax and take it easy, how old are your other kids? I'm sure that they will keep you busy. The nights are the roughest when the house is quiet and everyone is sleeping but you and your mind wonders, I know, I've been there. That's why I will keep the positive att_tude for you because there is no point in me telling you not to worry. If you are anything like me, mentally you will prepare yourself for bad news, which will make it all the more wonderful when they tell you that he/she is fine. Keep the faith..thinking of you and your family and sending good vibes :)


lis ann - April 7

Hello, It is close to 2 a.m. and I cannot settle myself. It is Friday and I will learn the condition of my baby within the next several hours. I am mentally and physically exhausted, but, can't relax. The waiting is so difficult. I'll post later today and let everyone know the results.


Bellla - April 7

Good luck lis ann! God bless u and your child.


Sann - April 7

Hi li ann, I'm exactly a mom but surely know how you feel, when I miscarried my first last aug (36 yrs old )I felt like the world was crumbling on me. I have many friends who had very healthy babies and we are like 2 3 4 yrs older so stay positive .... my girlfriends were all very positive they say it helps and also having a second opinion would be helpful in making your decision. God bless :)


MellyMel - April 7

Lis Ann: Saying a prayer for you and your baby and hoping you hear positive results today!! Melly xo


lis ann - April 7

Our prayers have been answered! Rather than give a long and drawn out story... THE BABY IS HEALTHY! The preliminary amnio tests came back and all is normal. I got the call today a little after 2:00 p.m. I am elated and humbled- all at the same time. Thank you sincerely, for the positive support, prayers, and concern. Chances are, I'll never meet or know any of you in-person. But, the love and kindness you sent to me via your posts has been uplifting. I wish all of you joy and happiness in the days to come. A BIG HUG TO EACH OF YOU! I'll write again later with more details. For now, I am going to bury myself under my covers and rest.


Debi - April 7

Lis Ann, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm so happy for you! You need to get some much needed rest now. I look forward to hear more later :)


lovemy3 - April 7

yay!!!! an answer to prayer!! Congrats and from now on ENJOY!!!! What a blessing, so happy for you!!!!!



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