Positive Quad Screen Result And Scared

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Kristin72 - November 6

lis ann, CONGRATULATIONS! This story gives so many hope!! You must be soooo happy!! All the best with your little one!!


MellyMel - November 6

Lis ann~Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!!! Thanks for sharing your story with other woman(and your outcome) that may be in your boat right now and very fearful.


Karen E - November 6

Congratulations Lis ann. Thanks for coming back and posting. So many times I have started following a particular thread, only to be left wondering what happened to the person who started the thread. So happy all ended well. I recently had a conversation with my doctor and have told him I couldn't terminate even if there was something wrong with the baby (being much older this really is my last chance for another child) so I didn't want to take a chance with the amnio. He said there was no point taking the quad result either then and that he sees more false positives than actual positives. He said it is one of the highest false positive tests and he has seen countless women worry throughout their pregnancies for no reason. So for any woman who has had a positive test, have faith. Also even at 1 in 48, which my odds are for downs, my doctor said that is still about a 96% chance of having a normal baby. Kind of puts things in perspective doesn't it?


Sa__sypantsfreckleface - April 14

This has happened 2x's to me!!! Both times I was way scared and went through the Amnio. Both stated I had high risks of having baby with downs. Both were false positives! Google Sa__sypants freckle face to see my Story!~


samsemail0512 - February 10

I really wanted to comment on this site because when i was 18 weeks pregnant and i came to this site for information and comfort, I promised myself i would come back hopefully with good news but i would have came back even if the news wasn't was i was hoping for.i got the scariest news you could almost receive when you are pregnant with your first child especially at the age of 23. My pregnancy was smooth sailing... well except for the morning sickness and nausea for almost four months. But come approaching my 5th month i went to my regular monthly dr appt and they drew quite a bit of blood from my arm for labs. I didn't think anything of it but before i knew it i was getting a phone call from my doctor. She stated on my voicemail that she had to talk to me about my quad screening results, my heart sank.. i remembered discussing those tests with my doctor earlier in the pregnancy but i had no clue they had gone and done the tests. She told me over the phone that i needed to see a genetic counselor and a specialist for my ultrasound.. i thought to myself what could be wrong i feel fine??? I couldn't eat or sleep for the next four days until my appt with the genetic counselor or the specialist. i got there and i saw all these young happy pregnant women and all i could think was how unhappy i was just because of the news i received from my dr not even knowing the situation. I went into the ultrasound after seeing the genetic counselor who said with my age and my blood results my probability of having a baby with down syndrome was 1/175 i thought to myself those are pretty good odds.. right??? I went to get the ultra sound and they found a soft marker one kidney was slightly .. slightly smaller than the other if you ask me who has the same size kidneys anyways?? That raised my risk to 1/123. AT 23... i had a .8% chance of having a baby with down syndrome that same dr asked me if i wanted an amnio.. finally for once i felt in control i told her NO WAY this baby is mine no matter what. I went the next 21 weeks in pure torchure not knowing what to prepare for praying that he was a healthy baby boy! Well the big day came on oct 22 2009 and HE IS HEALTHY not a thing wrong and definitely no down syndrome. If you wouldn't plan on terminating your pregnancy i recommend not getting this quad screening it ruined my pregnancy!!!


Lamouette - August 4

I also read this post when I was pregnant, and promised I would come back to share the results: I have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl who does NOT have DS! The quad screen showed that we had a 1/78 chance of having a baby with DS, and I spent the remainder of my pregnancy terrified. We opted not to get the amnio due to the potential harm to the baby, and now I am SO glad that we made the right decision. I will not take the quad screen again.


nicolejoyls - December 3

I'm 23 and did a quick Google search after receiving the call from a genetic counselor this afternoon. The call scared me and terrified the father of my baby - I like to believe my family is well-equipped to take care of a baby with any developmental disorder with my mom teaching special education and my sister a behavior therapist... However, I have never been a very patient or positive person. Hearing that the baby had a 1 in 250 chance of DS was scary news... Until I found this forum. With my mom in her line of profession, I've read plenty of autobiographies written by mothers of kids with developmental disabilities. I already got into the mindset that, no matter what, I could raise this baby, thanks to those books. Kids with DS are usually well within the "normal" range set by social standards - many of these kids are more intelligent than we, myself included, give them credit for. The more posts I read on this forum, the angrier I got - not with any other women on here who are scared for all the same reasons as me, but mad at myself for letting this quad-screen upset me. Long story short, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for sharing your questions, fears, the sad stories and the happy ones. You've all given me courage to put the doctor's warnings behind me. It's been an emotional roller-coaster for the past 6 hours, but I've decided to not let it affect me anymore. I will get the level 2 ultrasound that was recommended, but that's more because I just want to see a detailed picture of the baby than to know anything might be wrong. I guess I should keep in mind that with my 1st pregnancy at age 20, my quad-screen for my daughter showed a slight increase that put her at risk for spina-bifida - however she is absolutely perfect in that she is beautiful, smart, and there are no holes in her spine that will affect her development. Again, thank-you.


cindimico - February 28

Hello I jst found this sight and i have read so many helpful post.I am 34 mother of 2 healthy girls 17 and 18 years old. I am now starting all over i am 18 weeks prego and I jst received my results from my 2nd quqd screen.My doc says im high risk for a baby with DS hegave me a 1 in 200 chance.I go for a high risk ultrasound tomorrow and maybe amnio but not sure yet.Im so affraid tht these results are true im terrified.I want to thank all of you for the posts to this sight it really helps someone like me.....



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