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Hopeful and excited - May 20

Hey Kristin (and anyone else who's interested in my experience!). My saga began when I went to the hospital by chance because I was concerned about a large amount of cervical mucus coming out with a small amount of blood in it. (This was at 12 weeks 6 days). I was worried it was my mucus plug. Also, if you remember, I had complained about a lack of br___t tenderness for about 3 or 4 days and, although the pain appeared to return, it was still a concern for me. (I can't explain that one at all). Anyway, they did a va___al ultrasound and found that the fetus had no heartbeat or circulation and had stopped growing at about 8 weeks gestation (10th week of pregnancy) which was right around the time I noticed the reduction in br___t tenderness (and about 5 days after my last check-up when there was a small concern about the dates and fetal size). Anyway, the doctor immediately recommended a D&C for the following day and advised me to wait 2 cycles until I started to try again. The next day I returned to the hospital for the operation and saw a different doctor who advised 3 cycles. To cut a long story short, when I went to my OWN doctor, for a check up about 10 days after the D&C, she strongly advised to wait 3 cycles. My husband and I are keen to start again but as I'm sure you appreciate I don't want to risk going through all that again. We have discussed trying after 2 cycles as the first doctor advised and it may be that we will try that if we can't wait any longer!! (LOL!!) Part of me worries that we'll get to November - the original EDD - or Christmas - when we were so looking forward to having baby under the tree!! (LOL!!) and we won't be pregnant. I'd also like to be able to give the "results" as a Christmas prezzie as a way of tying it together with Easter if you remember?! Anyway, what will be will be and I'm positive about it all so I think all will be well soon. One good thing is that I think I ovulated about 19 days after the D&C (noticable EWCM) so I think we may be back on track. Since coming off the pill I've had a fairly regular cycle 28/29 days so have not used any ovulation kits or thermometers - I'm hoping that the EWCM is a good enough sign!!(LOL!) Also, my D&C was pretty straightforward (if you can call it that) and I stopped bleeding almost immediately. I really only had pink mucus on and off for about 2 weeks and then nothing for a few days and then the EWCM. So I'm feeling pretty confident that all is going to plan and my uterus is building up a good strong lining. However, I don't think we'll try before 2 cycles despite my desperation to get back on with it!! Anyway, hope this helps some others out there. I'm sooooooooooooo pleased that all is going well with you and your pregnancy. I can't wait to be in your position and I think of you often. Make sure you keep posting and keep in touch via the November Mummies thread as I'm sure that's the first place I'll come when I get that magic BFP!!


COL - May 20

Hopeful and excited, hello , you don’t know me, we never been in the same thread before, the first time I noticed your name was when you posted the thread about feeling good, then I started to follow that thread reading others posts, then you came with the M/C news, I was really angry at that time , and a question in my mind, WHY? WHY M/C SHOULD HAPPEN ?. then I stepped questioning since I believe that such things happen for a reason and god has plans, better ones for us. And now after this experience you went through, you came back with this positive att_tude, happy and charming. I thought I have to post this for you, I have nothing but admiration and respect for you. and I am sure you are going to get what you want very soon. I wish you and your DH the best. God bless you.


Hopeful and excited - May 21

Dear COL. Thank you for your very kind words of support. I think I am very lucky to have such a philosophical streak. This allows me to think that I haven't really lost a baby but simply a body for the future soul of our child. It makes it easier and as you say - nature has its way and what will be will be. You are very kind to write such lovely sentiments. They are truly appreciated. Am I right in thinking that you are ttc too? If so, it would be great to keep in touch.


COL - May 21

Hi hopeful, yes you are right in thinking that I am TTC, I am 41, I do not have children as of yet. But I do have the dream of one. I never been pregnant before, so I don’t know if I can or not, but I am hopeful. I am doing all what is needed, monitoring, OPKs, CM, BBT, Prenatal vitamins, you name it : ) : ) . I am trying to prove to the whole world that my age is not an issue, and if it’s meant be it will happen. You know hopeful?? I believe that everything happen for a reason in this world, and my life story fall into that, the sequence of my life is just amazing, so following the trend of my life, that gives me the hope that God will give me what I want. God bless you and good luck


Kristin72 - May 21

Dear Hopeful, Thankyou for your giving me the low down on how things transpired for you. It seems physically you have healed quite nicely. As sad as this is/was..I have so much faith in your future for pregnancy that I know it is only a matter of time before we see you back here.. with a little bean again. I love that you still come fact I never stopped coming to boards like these after my loss..I took in as much education on pregnancy as I could. Oh btw..did you happen to get chromosome testind done on your fetus? I did..and found out there were no chromosonal problems. The CM is a great way to track ovulation..I too used that method coupled with everything else. You know it's funny, but I am not even close to finished with this pregnancy and I am already thinking about my next one as well. I was really fortunate to get pregnant so quickly after my loss. But, I just think it must have been meant to be, the same way the other pregnancy just wasn't. I had even read about the how the success rate of women conceiving after a D&C can be quite high..I am not sure how accurate this is.. but I have read about the uterus having the ultimate conditions to embed the egg again are quite high..Also, our bodies are use to being pregnant and welcome the circ_mstances with open arms ;) again. These are just some theories..who is just such a phenomenon that we all try to figure out..even those of us trying to conceive and having a hard time at it too.. I thought after I lost there is NO way I will ever get pregnant again...the shock of my success reminds of how a miracles happen every day !! Sprinkling lots of baby dust to you...and also to you too COL..all the best... XO Kristin


COL - May 22

HI ladies, thank you so much Kristin, i am so happy that you and your baby in a good shape, i was worried about you during your flu. but thank god you are ok now. wish you the best.



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