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juicy - June 8

Hello everyone! I miscarried on Tuesday night June 6, I was ten week pregnant. How soon after is it safe to get pregnant again. I mean I'm 40 years old, it's not like I have a lot of time to waste. Anyone else out there experience pregnancy after miscarriage, and is it harder for women our age. Please write back soon


Kristin72 - June 8

Hi juicy, I became pregnant 2 cycles post D&C. I was 13 weeks 6 days when I had a missed miscarriage. The doctor told me to get right back on the band wagon as soon as I felt ready. I charted my basal temps and bought an OPK (this was more to get in touch with my body)..I was not expecting to get pregnant so fast as I had also had retained fetal tissue after the D&C procedure and had a 21 day period and the following cycle a 16 day period. If you feel ready emotionally and conceived naturally the time before you could quite possibly fall pregnant again quite soon. I wish you great luck and I am truly sorry for your miscarriage...btw I am 38 :) Good Luck on your future endeavors.. Kristin


tryingx3 - June 8

Soooo sorry, juicy. I lost 2 (at 8 wks, then 9 wks...almost 1 year apart)...each time was told to wait 6 months before trying...high-risk ob specialist said every woman should wait that length of time, has to do with the uterus being ready to support next pg. I will be 36 next week and am now 24 wks pg. Best wishes to you Juicy. Another thing to consider is emotional state...I wasn't ready to be pg again and go through all the worry while grieving the loss. No good answer at our age, huh?


melizabeth35 - June 8

I am so sorry for your loss! I miscarried in Dec. '05 at 6 weeks and was 40 years old. Acc'd to my OB, she wanted me to wait 2 cycles before trying again -- I did and was pregant in March '06. At this age I don't have the luxury of waiting, providing that all else was well health wise with me. I find that there are many varying opinions among the nmedical professionals themselves regarding the time to wait. You have to weigh that information and that that your own doctor gives you. You might want to have an in-depth discussion with your own OB, who knows your particular medical history, to discuss pros and cons of how long to wait. Good luck, keep hope and keep trying.


poweroflove - June 10

Juicy- so sorry for your loss. I am 36, and m/c this past Easter. I was not very far along, only about 5.5 weeks. My doctor told me to wait 2 cycles and when I said, "2 cycles?!?!", she said, "OK, will you please have one normal cycle?" Which I did and yesterday I got a BFP at 9dpo. Went to my doctor yesterday for blood work and to check progesterone level. I am cautiously optimistic. Take care of yourself Juicy and love your partner well. I am sure that he is grieving as well. All my best wishes.


Perl - June 11

I'm very sorry for your loss, Juicy. I'm 37 and had a loss last year in August. I was told to wait at least 2 cycles before trying again. I was not emotionally ready to start trying until January. We conceived in February on our 2nd attempt. I've read how some Drs say that by waiting the 2 cycles it allows for the lining in your uterus to re-build itself to support a subsequent pregnancy & not waiting could result in another miscarriage. However I've also heard of women becoming pregnant within that 2 month waiting period. There doesn't seem to be a clear answer but, I'd say better be safe than sorry. I wish you all the best.



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