Pregnancy And Pain Meds

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deborah969 - March 7

I have just been through a terrible weekend of pain. Toothache pain to be exact, and although I can't really remember my son's birth 15 years ago, I'm pretty sure I'd rather go through labour than experience this past weekend again. I was in absolute agony starting Saturday night... I was crying so hard from the pain that I couldn't catch my breath at times. My husband was beside himself as to what to do because I kept refusing to take pain meds... finally he went online and researched taking Tylenol #3 and told me that a lot of women have taken them while pregnant. He finally talked me into it because I seriously couldn't take the pain anymore, and the stress I was going through was probably just as bad for me as the codeine. I ended up taking quite a few until I could get into the dentist on Monday morning, and now I'm feeling guilty as h__l. Maybe it's my paranoia, but it almost feels like my little girl isn't moving around as much anymore. Has anyone had to take pain meds while pregnant, and if so... what did you take, did it affect your baby in anyway? We've been through so much with this pregnancy, and to think I may have messed it all up is killing me. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks ladies.


Lovedblessings - March 7

Hi Deborah, Try not to worry about taking Tylenol # 3! Which I know from experience isn't easy to do! With my last pregnancy my gallbladder gave me grief from the second trimester on. The medication the doctor prescribe was Tylenol # 3, percocet and Demerol. Large doses of Gravel also. My son (now 13 months old) is healthy and happy, no side effects at all.


Tracy88 - March 7

I was having debilitating back pain for about a month, and was given a prescription for Tylenol with codeine. I also felt guilty for taking it, and every time the baby's movements would slow down, I would freak out thinking I did something awful to her. I haven't given birth yet, but see my baby often through U/S's and her heartbeat is always good. I don't need the meds anymore thank God, and just keep hoping that she is fine. I am sure your weekend of needing the pain killers did nothing to her, just don't take too many in one day. I think my doctor said he would prefer if only 2 had to be taken in a day. I was only taking one per day and that was at night when the pain was at it's worst and not even heat, ice, or laying down helped. I'm sure your child is fine. My OB and Neurologist both agreed that a few weeks was ok.


deborah969 - March 9

Thanks for the responses ladies. I'm glad to hear that all was well for you, Lovedblessings... and like me, I'm sure all will be well with your baby, Tracy. Unfortunately, I took a lot more than 2 Tylenol #3 each day, but I really had no choice. The pain was unbearable. My little girl has been kicking more the last few days, so hopefully all is okay, and I was just being paranoid. Thanks again, and take care.


Lovedblessings - March 9

Deborah.. you baby girl will be just fine! When are you due?


deborah969 - March 10

Hi Lovedblessings... thanks again for your kindness. I'm trying to stay positive, but with this pregnancy, it's one thing after another and it's starting to get to me. I've controlled the toothache, but now I have such incredible pain in my left leg and my lower back. I'm sure it's sciatica and it's just another thing in the long list of aches and pains. LOL At least this is tolerable, unlike the toothache. Sorry, don't mean to burden you with more troubles, I'm just a little frustrated these days. As for my girl, she's due on June 19th, and I can't wait for that day to come... maybe I'll start to feel normal again. It's after midnight here, I should head off to bed now. Thanks again.


Lovedblessings - March 10

Deborah, this site is great to be able to let your stress out! Talking to someone who knows exactly how you feel regarding aches and pains is a blessing! Like yourself I have a distance between my children. My oldest son is 14, next son is a 13 month old and baby boy number 3 is due sometime the end of March. Hope you had a great sleep and your back and leg did not give you grief! Take care!


deborah969 - March 12

Hi Lovedblessings... you're right about this site being great, and it's good to be able to talk to others who understand what you're going through. My husband is sympathetic of course, but he doesn't really understand my aches, pains, and worries like others here do. Do you ever wonder what possessed you to have more children when you had so much freedom from the first one? I keep asking myself that all the time. By the time my daughter is 18, I'll be 60! Good luck with your labour this month, hope all goes smoothly for you (ie: not much pain, quick delivery, and a beautiful, healthy baby) and thanks again for helping me out with this. Take care.


Lovedblessings - March 12

Hey Deborah, Where do I sign up for your labour.... nice and easy would be wonderful. My baby was a surprise, a great surprise but what a shock. My dream when I was younger was to have a large family. A house full of boys, now it looks like I have my wish! Strange I thought that dream was over now baby boy # 3 will be here in weeks. It's wonderful, he is kicking as I type! I love watching my boys play together, to me that is what life is all about! Your right about freedom though, we were traveling every other year. We are going to squeeze in another trip before my son turns two. That way they still fly free! How are you feeling today? Are you working?


deborah969 - March 14

Hiya Lovedblessings... You can sign up for "my labour" at easiestlabourpossibledotca lol... Don't we wish? My labour with my son, some 15 years ago, lasted 12 hours in total, and I had an epidural, so it was pretty easy. I'm hoping for another one like it or better this time... and yes, I've got my fingers crossed for that. So, wow... you're gonna be surrounded by boys! I really wanted my son to be a girl and my girl to be a boy, but that's not the way it turned out! I am happy either way, as long as she's healthy, I just wanted a boy this time for my husband, as my first son is not his, and he's the last male in his family... but he's thrilled with a daughter, so that's great. He thinks he has a better chance of her taking care of him when he's old, as opposed to a son. I told him not to worry, I'll take care of him, but he says I'll be old too. Bugger! And yep, the freedom is gone... but like you said, you can get one more trip in before you have to start paying for flights for the little ones. You'll have to let me know how everything goes with you... your son will be with you so soon now. What have you decided to name him? We've finally decided on Danielle, but I'm calling her Dani. I was going to name her after my mom, but it didn't feel right for some reason. As for me, I'm feeling much better these past few days, and I'm hoping to stay this way until June now. And I stopped working in October when I found out I was pregnant, and started with the first of my many complications. It's nice to be at home, but it's sometimes very boring. Take care... I have to go and feed me and my baby.


Lovedblessings - March 14

Hi Deborah, Great to hear you are feeling good, let's hope you do stay that way until June. Your daughter's name is beautiful! We are waiting to see our boy before we name him. Some of the choices are Jack, Sawyer, Jax and Warren. My other boys names are Donavan and Spencer. I love the name Jackson but my My does not at all. My DH wanted a daughter this time, we both have boys from past marraiges. There's something about Daddy's and their little girls! My doctor will induce me in two weeks since the pain is getting worse in my incision site. (gallbladder removed) I would love to go naturally before than, we will have to wait and see. Are you seeing your doctor once a month? will you have any more ultrasounds? Yes, Staying home can be very boring! Being on bed rest from 25 weeks to 34 weeks was awful. At least I am allowed to go for two 15 minute walks a day. I do however miss the pay cheque!


babyfaith - March 23

Hi Deborah. I have a condition called Regional Complex Dystrophy due to nerve transfer surgery in my left elbow gone bad. I have severe excruicating pain that has only been managed by an implant and pain meds. Percocet 25/10mg is what I have taken for nearly 9 months 4x's a day. My OB says it is a Cla__s C narco and in small doses is fine (I have reduced to once a day out of fear). She told me that fetal pain and stress causes more harm to the baby as they can feel both and increase stress to the baby. Not recommended. Use caution and most importantly consult with your OB. Good luck and hope this helps.


Lovedblessings - March 25

Hi Deborah Still hanging in there, off for a long walk today to see if I can get things in motion! I'm in Canada also, Niagara Region. You'll fall in love with your little girl the minute you lay eyes on her. Our boy is still nameless at this point, we are having a hard time agreeing on a name. My Sickness benefits just kicked in so at least there is so kind of income coming in for me. Still missing the pay cheque though! How was your ultrasound? was it a 3d one? They are amazing! Hope your feeling great! Talk to you soon!


deborah969 - March 28

Hiya babyfaith.... thanks for the advice. I finally got to see my ob/gyn this week, and he said not to worry about taking the Tylenol #3, as a lot of women have to take it during pregnancy, and that it is generally the pain medication of choice. So, my fingers are still crossed, but I do feel much better now. Take care.


deborah969 - March 28

Hiya Lovedblessings... I thought for sure you would have had your little guy by now. Though it's been 3 days since your last post, so who knows, eh? I can't wait for you to tell me all about your experience and your wonderful new addition. :o) I know about those missing pay cheques... lol I'm waiting now to see if they'll accept me for long term disability... doc doesn't want me working cause of all my problems, so my fingers are crossed for that... in the meantime, I guess hubby's gonna have to work some overtime, poor bugger! We haven't gone for a 3-D ultrasound, just the regular ones. I've heard they are amazing, but I'm not willing to shell out the cash right now, so we'll have to settle for what we've got. We have some amazing ultrasound pics from our 18 week scan... but they're in England with my mother-in-law right now. She's a great lady, and will bring them back when she visits in the fall. Anyways, hope all is great with you, and let me know about your little guy as soon as you can... and hopefully he'll have his name picked out soon. :o) Take care.


Lovedblessings - April 2

Hi Deborah, Just a quick note to let you know I am being induced on Wednesday. At my doctor's appointment today I was 2 cm dialted. Hope you're feeling well! Take care!


deborah969 - April 3

Hiya Lovedblessings... well, it's finally here, eh? I'm so excited for you. I still have another 11 weeks or so to go yet. I am thinking positive thoughts for you and hope all goes really smooth for you. I'm sure all will be great! I don't know if you'll read this before you go on Wednesday?? If you do, then you'll know I'm thinking about you... I can't wait to hear how it all went, though with a newborn, I'm sure you'll be so busy you won't have much time to share so much with me... still, I'll look for your next post everytime I come on here. Good luck with everything and take care of you!



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