Pregnancy At Almost 39 Years Old

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Connie - May 30

I have just learned that I am pregnant. Me and my husband were not trying to get pregnant and in fact, we were using protection. I will be 39 years old in September and was wondering how many of you out there have had a healthy baby at that age. Down Syndrone and other birth defects worry me!!!


eyebeeablessing2u - May 31

Hi! I am currently 35 weeks... and expecting a first baby who is healthy......all test and u/s show nothing wrong....... just be sure to take prenatal vitamins.... do the tests that need to be done.... and go with the flow of things... think positive and only worry when you really really need to.....


first@37 - May 31

Connie, I'm glad you asked that questions because I'm in my 6th week and I have the same concerns. My last physical 9/2004 I had my doctor gave me a good bill of health. I'm overwieght but I have been doing prenatal vitamins my first appt's next week. I've read so much that has eased my mind especially the benefits of prenatal care and the different tests the docter will perform on women over 35. We are having health babys and that my pray for you, me and anyone else that may have the same concerns.


Gina - May 31

I will be 39 when I give birth. I am having a abdominal CVS on June 17th to make sure it is all ok. I am scared but know it is necessary.


Raven - May 31

I have the most beautiful and perfect boy - born 6 weeks after I turned 40. My son will be 2 years next week! At age 40 the chances of Down is still low - about than 1%. Good Luck!


Laura - May 31

I'm 39 and had CVS (at 12w) and all is fine- just had my level II ultrasound - now 20w and there are no markers at all.. hope she continues to stay healthy and birth defect free!


Lisa - May 31

I am 39 and gave birth to my daughter 3 and a half months ago. I had the same concerns as you and i think most women having babies at our age are naturally concerned that all will go well. I am considering having one more baby before i turn 41. Enjoy your pregnancy and try not to worry too much.


Tammy - May 31

Connie- I have had 2 pregancies after the magic age of "35". I had one at 40 and am pregnant with another son at 45. Both were easy pregnancies (so far). My delivery with my son was extremely easy. Good Luck and think positively.


Connie - May 31

Thank you all for the positive words. It is greatly appreciated!! My prayers are with all of you. God Bless!! <><


m - May 31

Hi Connie, in the same boat. 39, will 40 at due date. At first I felt kinda "old", now I just don't care about my age, I'm just happy, WE'RE just happy, me, hub, and daughter. The risk of abnormal preg does increase with our age, but one maternal-fetal doctor told me that most pregnancies in this world are normal. It's really the troubled ones that you hear about, most go unnoticed because they're fine. That was a rea__suring thought, but I still had an amnio. Go figure. The books you read, and internet sites really make the woman over 35 worried. With so many women today pregnant over 35, even late 40's, early 50's (wow) - you'd think that they'd speed up the process of finding a test that's non-invasive, and will make amnio a thing of the past; prehistoric.


Gina To Laura - June 1

Did the CVS hurt much? I am really nervous about this.


Patricia - June 2

I am 40 and I just had a baby two months ago. My baby is a healthy boy and actually pretty advanced so far in all the developmental measures, according to his doctor. You can rule out Down Syndrome by taking the blood screening test and/or the amniocentesis test at week 15-20. Taking amniocentesis will give you peace of mind for the rest of the pregnancy.


Laura - June 2

The CVS hurt a little; but nothing unbearable and not as bad as i thought.. it was more emotionally dificult since I was worried of m/c and was so nervous that I slept a lot afterwards.. I have no regrets- and would do it again. Having it earlier and avoiding a lot of the false positives I have read about was very important given how nervous I was (previous m/c's).. Finding somoene who has a lot of experience with CVs is key... Hope this helps.


Susan - June 5

Hi Everyone, I have read and my doctor told me that at our advanced maternal age, we are more mature and more committed to doing the right thing for our babies. That is eating right, excercising, resting and not smoking. I am 40 years old and 28 weeks pregnant. I had the AFP test and a level II ultrasound, we opted out of the CVS and amnio - I don't like needles and we do not believe in terminating pregnancy. We are very excited. We are having a little girl - her name will be Anna.


lynnstress - June 6

I'm 38 and 13 wks with our first. We had been trying for 3 years. I have a level 2 ultrasound scheduled for the end of July, and hopefully the dream I had the other night of them telling me I am going to have a normal and healthy baby comes true! Frankly, I don't want an amnio. They said that 1 in 250 women of "advanced maternal age" - i.e., all of us over 35 - miscarries from an amnio.


Maureen - June 7

I had a healthy baby at 42. I was 41 when I got pregnant. This is my 1st baby. The Dr. even says I can have another one but that I should wait at least 12 months inbetween pregnancies. He says I'm healthy and fertile. I'm going to think about it. If you happen to be an engergetic person anyways, it certianly helps at our age. If you are worried about Down Syndrome and other problems that can occur, have an amnio to rule it out. (but Remember, even young woman have babies that have something wrong with them, no matter how old you are, there is always that risk.)


Denise - June 7

I had our first at 37 and will be having our 2nd one week before my 39th birthday. I've been healthy for both pregnancies. I had AFP and ultrasound and everything has been ok. Think positively and I would recommend these two tests and go from there. Enjoy your pregnancy!



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