Pregnancy At Almost 39 Years Old

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Denise - June 7

I had our first at 37 and will be having our 2nd one week before my 39th birthday. I've been healthy for both pregnancies. I had AFP and ultrasound and everything has been ok. Think positively and I would recommend these two tests and go from there. Enjoy your pregnancy!


[email protected] - June 8

Today I found out by a blood test that yes i'm pregnant.. I'm almost 38 I'm guessing i'm 3 months no morning sickness but i feel gittery inside now more so than ever blood pressure is high i'm not over weight. Have always wanted a child but i'm scared everything isn't ok how can i be more honest did anyone go through this fast beating feeling that doesn't go away? thanks and does it go away?


Diana - June 16

Last Nov I was 38 and panicked and had an amnio. Lost the baby. I know God has a plan, but will NOT have an amnio again, just found out yesterday pregnant again, yea! There is nothing worse than finding out you will have a son, and a week later you have to deliver him, knowing he is gone. I have had 2 M/C last year, so it is very difficult for me to get excited yet. Good luck to everyone!


To Diana - June 16

I am sorry for your loss after the amnio and your other 2 m/c and congrats on your new pregnancy. In regards to your amnio, are you sure that the m/c was a result of the amnio. I am wrestling with the idea of getting one. I am 40, first time I have ever been pregnant after trying for 8 months. May I also ask what week you had it done? Do you know why your other 2 pregnancies ended in m/c? I don't want to bring up painful memories so if you don't want to answer I understand. I am sorry for your losses and said a little prayer for your current pregnancy!!


Diana - June 17

To the woman who responded to me: Having an amnio is an important decision. My sister in law was pregnant with her first at age 41, did not to amnio , had a healthy baby. Me, just one of those things, my DR thinks it was a result from the amnio cause nothing was genetically or physically wrong with Matthew. I now feel that God has a plan for everything and it just wasnt meant to be. Matthew brought alot of love into our family in many ways. I only had one other m/c at 13 wks. The one important question you must ask yourself is, if you have an amnio, and get results that the baby may have problems, will you terminate the pregnancy? If you will have this baby no matter what, dont put yourself thru the amnio. I had my amnio at abt 16 wks. Thanks for the kind words


kimmyg - June 26

Thats a great question.I am going through the same thing.It is very scary.They have test they can run so get to the dr. very early!!!


Marleen - June 28

Connie, Well I am currently 32 wks pg and I am 39. I had genetic testing done and was told my baby most likely does not have downs or T21 (i think thats what its called) anyways, I too was nervous. But so far everything is going well, just swelling a lot.I find it more tiring being pregnant at 39 than when I had my oldest at 21 and my youngest at 27. Big age gap but none the less Im very blessed. Good luck and best wishes! Marleen-Chicago


emma - July 7

i am going to turn 40 when my 5th child is born and i know 5 40 plus women who's baby were all healthy and actually are very advanced for their enjoy your pregnancy and welcome your new life GOD created for you..


Max - July 8

My mother had a very healthy baby boy (not planned) at the age of 42... back then medicine wasn't as advanced as it is now - My little brother is a VERY healthy 17 yrs old - Good luck.. That said, I am almost 37 and have started trying so hopefully my pregnancy will be as healthy as my Mums...


Margot - July 20

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing fine :-) I am 38, soon to be 39 and went for a nuchal transucencly scan on Monday. I was 13 weeks 3 days pregnant and the thicknes of the nuchal fold was 2.0mm which is considered normal at 13 weeks. This put my risk of having a DS baby at 1/272. Now I dont know whether to have an amnio or not as in my case, the risk of miscarriage from an amnio is higher than the risk of havinga DS baby. Does anyone have any advice? Many thanks


Margot - July 20

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well :-) I am 38 and soon to be 39 and I went for a nuchal translucency scan on Monday at 13weeks 3 days and the nuchal fold measured 2mm. This was a normal measurement for 13 weeks and put my risk of having a Down Syndrome baby at 1/272. I now dont know whether I should go ahead and have an amnio anyway or whether to stop testing. Does anyone have any advice? Many thanks


Margot - July 20

oops, sorry. Though my 1st post had not apeared!


Diana - July 22

Margot, I just read your post..I had a post earlier here. I had an amnio, and had a miscarriage. I am 9 wks now, and I will NOT have another amnio. I am 38. Email me if you'd like [email protected]


Margot - July 23

Diana, I am so sorry you miscarried after your amnio and congratulations on your new pregnancy. I miscarried last october at 11 weeks due to a blighted ovum and now I am petrified about miscarrying again but I have been convinced about having an amnio so I am booked for 1st August and I am anxious about the procedure. The centre where I am having the amnio has a low rate of miscarriage: 0,5% so that is slightly reasuring. I will keep you posted. All the best


Max - July 24

Margot - I am so sorry that you miscarried - congratulations on your current pregnancy - good luck with the Amnio... Ladies I enjoy reading these posts - I'm soon to be 37 my Husband and I are trying for the first time - I have absolutely no clue what have you are talking about - therefore the education is invaluable... upon reading your postes I'm encouraged and worried at the same time - I'm constantly viewing other sites for research... Can anyone suggest a book to purchase ? God bless all of you - Max.


Diana - July 26

Margot..please keep in mind I was one of those statistics with my amnio. I know many women who have had them and of course everything is fine! Just for me personally, I wont do it again. My Dr said I was only the 6th woman to m/c after an amnio since they started doing them over 20 yrs ago(in his office)..chances are very slim. Keep me posted, the procedure did not hurt and it was kind of nice to see the baby moving around and you will know exactly if its a boy or girl! I will be thinking of you!



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