Pregnancy At Almost 39 Years Old

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Diana - July 26

Margot..please keep in mind I was one of those statistics with my amnio. I know many women who have had them and of course everything is fine! Just for me personally, I wont do it again. My Dr said I was only the 6th woman to m/c after an amnio since they started doing them over 20 yrs ago(in his office)..chances are very slim. Keep me posted, the procedure did not hurt and it was kind of nice to see the baby moving around and you will know exactly if its a boy or girl! I will be thinking of you!


Margot - July 27

Diana, what an awful thought, to be "only" the 6th woman who miscarries in 20 years, that is an average of one woman every 3,3 years. Reading your post has given me goose pimples. I really feel for you. I am probably more anxious than I think as last night I dreamt I was bleeding profusely. It was a relief to wake up and go to the bathroom to realise it was only a nightmare. I have moved my apointment to 8th August so I have the amnio at 16 weeks so even more time to freat about it :-( I am really pleased for you that you are pregnant again. You will see how you get more excited as the months go by and you are doing well. How far along are you now?


Madalena - July 27

I'm almost 40 years old. I Have 3 children and I want very much to have one more. Everybody says that is too dangerous, I'm too old...I feel sad and don't know what to do. Than when I read all your stories I feel strong and decide to try ....... but when you have already 3 healthy children should'nt you stop???


Diana - July 27

Margot...I am 9 wks and counting! We have heard the heartbeat, just taking one day at a time, I have already had 2 ultrasounds. Just taking one day at a time! August 8th will be here in no time, dont fret! Its the waiting the 2 wks after for the results! Take care


Margot - July 27

Magalena, I know of a woman postin on pregnancy-info who is happily pregnant at 45. You have to think what is best for you.... if you are going to regret not having a 4th child when you can no longer have babies then go for it! Diana, I will keep you in my thoughts and send you my very best wishes for a succesful pregnancy. I will let you know how I feel after the amnio.


Shelli - July 29

I am going to be 39 in Augist and am 26 week pregnant. I have not had any problems at all!!! I had the normal tests for downs but I did not have the genitci counseling or amnio. I did want to worry myself sick. I am feeling great!


Jennifer - July 31

Margot & Diana, I had two friend that had an ammio and went into early labor and both lost their baby, I was 37 when I had my son and chose NOT to do ammio and do the less-evasive tests...blood work. Everything was fine from the results of the blood tests so I continued on with my pregnancy without an ammio.I have a perfectly healthy vibrant 21 month old baby boy!


Diana - August 5

Jennifer, thanks for your post, it is very rea__suring! Congratulations on your baby, we are just taking one day at a time and pray we get to the day of Feb 20! I hope your friends are doing well, it is the worst thing you can imagine. Thanks again


Margot - September 1

I am back to tell my story to give other women encouragement. I had an amniocentesis on 8th August and all went well. Yesterday I received the results and all is fine. In my case it am glad I had the amniocentesis done as I can now relax with the knowledge that I am going to have a healthy baby boy. My only advice to anyone is to make sure you find out what rate of miscarriages the particular doctor who is going to perform the amnio has. The more practice they have, the more their risk rate goes down. All the best!


eileen - September 19

Hi, I delivered a healthy Baby boy at 39. My mum had me at 45. I got pregnant right away. We didnt stress about it. Back in my mums days women had kids till they couldnt anymore, It is just natural. I am working on # 2 TTC. I am 39. - September 19

I also delivered a suprise baby at 40. We did not do any of the testing because we knew that we would take whatever god gave us and he gave us a beautiful baby boy who is now "4". It was actually an easier pregnancy than the ones when I was in my 20s


DJ - September 29

Hi, I am now 42 and have a healthy 4 yr old that was born when I was 39. I am now pregnant again and have just had the triple screen and it came back positive, which has me really worried! I am considering the amino.


Erin - September 30

You are all so lucky to be pregnant after 35. Fertility for a lot of women really does suffer. I live in a metropolitan area where "advanced maternal age" is very common, and you just a__sume everyone can still have children into their forties. Well, I had a little girl when I was 29, not the easiest preganancy, but she is here and healthy. However, I was 37 in May and have been trying to have another child with my (second) husband - but I have had three miscarriages since Feb. One an early natural mc, the other ectopic, the third (at 10 weeks) is most likely genetic abnormality(waiting for the test). None of these problems appear to be related, although my progesterone is borderline normal and I took supplements this last time. My doctors think that I am just older now and throwing "bad" dice each time. It's get's harder after each loss, and I fear that I am just getting to old. I guess I have a few years more to keep trying, but I hope my luck changes. You gals with easy pregnancies in your late 30s and 40s are luckier than you know.


Margot - September 30

Erin, I am really sorry to hear what you are going through. It is not fun. I became pregnant at 37 and had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. They said the egg was no good so baby never even developed. I kept trying and I think I may have had another miscarriage which never tested positive before I became pregnant last April. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and after having had an amniocentesis and quite a few ultrasounds I know I am expecting a healthy boy. I am telling you this because I was ready to try whatever I came across to increase my chances to conceive again and ended up buying Ovulex over the internet. I bought 3 bottles and after one bottle I was pregnant. It claims to regulate your hormones and create the perfect environment for conception. I was really skeptical and worried it was going to mess my body up or even be harmful but everything has been so normal in this pregnancy that I would recommend anyone in your situation to try it. I hope I have helped. All the best :-)


Dee - September 30

I have a 4 year old and expecting second baby boy in January. I will be 39 in October...I did have amnio done and all came back fine....this pregnancy was a complete, albeit, wonderful surprise for us.....i was on fertility drugs for 3 years before i had my first son.....the percentage of having a child born w/ some sort of abnormality is still very low....good luck to you.


Judy - October 25

I am 38 years old, My partner and me have been trying for so long to get pregnant, we went to fertility clinic you name, I just gave up trying and it happened. I am now 9 week pregnant, but I am worry because of my age. Any comments. feel free to email me.



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