Pregnancy At Almost 39 Years Old

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Judy - October 25

I am 38 years old, My partner and me have been trying for so long to get pregnant, we went to fertility clinic you name, I just gave up trying and it happened. I am now 9 week pregnant, but I am worry because of my age. Any comments. feel free to email me.


Margot - October 25

Judy, dont worry about your age. I became pregnant for the 2nd time at 38 years of age and I am now in my 7th month of pregnancy and so far absolutely everything is going well. I had an amnio and just had a glucose test and everything is as normal as normal can be so good luck to you in your pregnancy.


Diana - October 25

Margot..are you still here? I have not been here for awhile due to the fast I did suffer a m/c at 13 weeks again. It was my third in17 months. So lately I said I had had enough , thought I'd get another Beagle puppy:) Just found out I am pregnant again! One time in 4 mths we had time! I have changed Doctors, going for a consul tonight. approx due date now June30. I am going to be happy this time and not a nervous nellie!! Good luck to everyone, and I just turned 39!


Margot - October 26

Diana, Many congratulations and please try to believe that this time all will go perfectly well for you! What did the doctor say?


Tori - October 26

I am going to be 39 when my son is born..I am 20 weeks now and everything looks great..except I have placenta may may not..but otherwise we are doing fine and my 3rd son seems to be having a "swimming" time in there..Blessed be


Sue - October 31

I am in the same boat. I will be 39 and just found out I am 12 weeks pregnant, not expected. We are still deciding if we should keep it. The problem is I drank quite a bit of alcohol up until 8 weeks and am worried. Plus my hubby will be 50 and feels like the grandpa!


xln2day - November 2

I just found out a few days ago I am pregnant, I am 39, will be 40 when the baby delivers. We are very excited, my husband, daughter, myself and our parents. I am trying to not let the negative information I have read get to me, I know it's going to be a bit more difficult than with my first child but as much as we wanted this baby I think it will be ok. I think it will also help to have other women to talk to in the same situtation.


Judy - November 11

Hi, I am 38 years old and I am finally expecting a baby and I am so happy, I am worried to, but I keep tilling myself its going to be okay. Think positive.


Connie P. - November 29

Hi everyone... hubby & I have been trying since Aug 2004 for a baby. I'm 38 (soon turning 39). Had an HSG in Sept '05 . This last cycle started 11/14 and I started first dose of Clomid on 11/18. Question? Is it natural to spot prior to next cycle. My next cycle is suppose to start 12/12/05 (hopefully it doesn't). Have been feeling weird, different from other cycles.


eileen - December 2

Hi! I think your risks are higher but you still have a great chance of having a baby without any problems! Even if your chances are 1 out of 100 they are still low!


same - December 2

if anything I think your personal health and longevity would be more of a concern than anything .


xln2day - December 3

same, are you talking to anyone in particular or just trying to be unpleasant? Many of us have tried for a long while to be pregnant and having someone put more negative thoughts in our minds is not something we really care for.


To Same - December 3

There is nothing wrong or unusual about being 39 or 42 and being pregnant. If you're concerned about someones lifespan why don't you look around you. Many people today are living well into their 80s. And for all you know, you could step in front of a car tomorrow.


mom of two - December 15

had son at 35 and daughter at 37 both csection because my pelvic area is to small i know poor me but my husbands not complaining both births were like a walk in the park no pain no labor and everybody treats you like you just had brain surgery waiting on you hand and foot i didnt have the heart to tell them i felt like running a marathon so i let them wait on me what a wonderful experience.


Marina Foley - April 20

I gave birth at 39. Chose not to do the Amnio or the high tech tests. We had a healthy 7.5lb baby girl. She is turning 3 this year and is doing awesome. to quote her "I am super smart Mama." . We've decidede to have one more beautiful Baby before it's to late. I will be turning 41 this May. God's Blessings to you.


fairfax - April 20

Hello Connie, I know how you feel... I do worry sometimes BUT I keep trying to remind myself to 'relax', 'focus on positive', pray, and just take good care of myself...AND of course this site helps a lot to reinforce positive thoughts!! : ) I had two Drs. try and convince me to go for the quad screen, but since this was only based on my maternal age at conception (39), I chose not to do the screens. But I did have a 12wk and 20 wk ultrasound instead. (If there would have been reason for concern after the ultrasounds, I may have thought alittle more about it.) I told my Dr. that after doing some reading on my own, I felt there were way to many "false" positive results returned from those blood screens and I, too, did not want to go through all the invasive procedures (some risky) not too mention all the worry it would cause. So, for me, ultrasounds were as far as I chose to go. The rest I try to remind myself, is in God's hands. By the way, I turned 40 in March and am now about 26wks with my 5th child (first for my second husband and I)



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