Pregnancy Causes Unrelated Health Concerns

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in the woods - November 9

I'm a month away from being 42. Have a 10 months old boy and a 2,5 year old girl (never had been pregnant before having them). What happened my thyroid recently increased and doctors are figuring out what's going on. It seems to be too late for a postpartum thyroditis. My gut feeling is that two close pregnancies this late in life caused that. Has somebody had health reactions to pregnancies? A thyroid problem is not a big deal, it just screws my plan to have another baby. Have to think how it will reflect on my and foetuse's health, etc.


??? - November 11

you say you have a 10month old and 2yr and 5yr girls and your 42 gosh how many more do you want to have ??? you should feel lucky you were able to concieve this many times with no problems at your age....not trying to be mean or anything but you should just be thankful for what you have and not moan about wanting more good luck with what ever you do...


Question - November 11

Is your thyroid underactive or overactive? And to the PP I think she was saying she has a 10 mos old boy and a 2.5 year old girl (2 kids, not 3).


in the woods - November 13

Yes, I have only two kids. My thyroid is overactive, a little increased - doctors suspect Grave's disease. Tha't manageable. I was just wondering if women had problems AFTER pregnancy is over, and whether they thought it was related to late motherhood.


in the woods - November 13

It's just I can't find any articles/discussions on how a woman's health is affected by late pregnancies. Plenty of talk how to get pregnant, but not about the aftermath. Probably not enough research or experience yet.


Hi. - November 13

I developed an underactive thyroid while I was pregnant. It was discovered after I gave birth and I still looked bloated and was gaining weight even though I wasn't eating. No one has ever mentioned that it was because I had my first child when I was in my late 30's. It just developed while I was pregnant aand I've heard other mothers who have had this same thing. Does a thyroid condition run in your family at all?


Confused - November 13

Thyroid problems can be MASKED by pregnancy, because your thyroid enlarges during pregnancy (and during lactation). However, thyroid problems are VERY common in women, and are often hereditary. If you're taking medication to regulate your thyroid hormones, you should be fine (if not, you should be). I've been on thyroid meds for years and am currently pregnant. The doctors will periodically make sure the hormone levels are normal, and if not, change your dosage. Aside from that, you can still have children. The only thing that would be the biggest factor, as mentioned, is your age, as infertility increases with age.


in the woods - November 13

No, no one in my family has had problems with thyroid, so the Grave's diagnosis took me by surprise. I was in perfect health before, so I tend to connect the problem with the pregnancies. Question to Confused - do you have an overactive thyroid? Docs advise to turn the thyroid off with radiation, become underactive, take hormons and monitor their level if becoming pregnant, and I incline to that so far.


Confused - November 14

In the, my thyroid is hypoactive. I have my blood checked periodically to make sure my thyroid hormone levels are within normal range. I've been on the same dosage of levoxyl (generic brand of Synthroid) for many years, with only a momentary shift in dosage a few years ago. What you described sounds like something I heard of several years ago...that is, stopping your thyroid from working altogether. Some women have their thyroids surgically removed, and just take medication afterwards, but it doesn't sound as though your doctor wants to take the surgical route.


in the woods - November 16

Nowadays they kill the thyroid with a single pill of radioactive iodine. Because there's no way they know how much to give to make what's left of the thyroid to produce the perfect amount, things end up underactive. It is preferrable to be underactive because you take hormon, not medications that give side effect, and in general overactivity is more volatile and unpredictable in pregnancy.


tryingx3 - January 11

In the woods...did you find a solution to your thyroiditis??


in the woods - January 11

Yes, sort of. It ended up being diagnosed as Grave's Disease and in December I had RAI (RAdioactive Iodine treatment). You are not supposed to ttc for 6-12 months after it. It also takes time for the thyroid to die and for you to become hypothyroid. Hope it's not too much info.



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