Pregnancy Cramps Or Menstrual Cramps

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cris2008 - August 25

I am so ansious this week!! My period varies from 25 days to 29 days. It is day 26 and I have been feeling a slight cramp on my low abdomen since the beginning of last week. It could be my body getting ready for bleeding but it could also be that clomid worked this time for us - 2nd round. How do you know the difference between period cramps or pregnancy cramps? Maybe I am hoping so much to be pregnant, that my mind is playing tricks with me...My br___ts and nipples are also very tender, but it happens close to bleeding. Can anybody tell me the difference? I appreciate your time.


Kristin72 - August 26

Honestly, I just found out I was pregnant and I had almost the exact same type of cramping just before my af came as I did the cycle I was pregnant. I thought for sure so many of my other cycles but it was only af cramps. This cycle however my back was a little more sore than usual just before af would have arrived..but instead it was a bfp. I also had cramping around ovulation. Anyway..good luck to you regardless!!Babydust!!!


clindholm - August 26

I also had my typical af cramps a week before my bfp. For me it was impossible to tell ahead of time, no symptoms except hunger. Good luck!!!


cris2008 - August 26

Thank you for your support. You wouldn't believe...I just did a urine test this morning and came back positive, but I am still not convinced! Can you get a false positive test? I only had one left, so couldn't do it again. Shall I do a pregnancy blood test? I am not from the USA, my husband is here on a contract until the end of the year, so how do I get one? I guess I have to see a GP first for a prescription right?


Kristin72 - August 26

Can you go to a walk in clinic..that is what i did. congratulations...a positive is a positive!! I was also in disbelief when I finally got mine over a week and half ago. How old are you? how long have youbeen ttc? Best of luck!!


clindholm - August 26

Congratulations!!! It is very very rare to have a false positive! That is wonderful! You can call your local Health Department and they will refer you to a clinic that can confirm, again congrats!


Moda - October 18

my cycle is between 25 - 27 days. 2day is my 26 day but i'm having slight cramps and my tommy itches occasionally i'm kind of anxious as i don't know if it's the normal experience or my 2nd round of clomid which has been successful. please i need advice.


RTJesse - October 18

Congradulations. Hopefully now, My test comes back the same. Fingers crossed!


Moda - October 21

Unfortunately for me, i observed spotting (brownish in colour) yesterday but this morning it turned out to be red as in blood and bleeding not as heavy as i expect. please i need help as i don't know what is wrong


amarie1107 - October 3

My cycle is between 25 to 28 days. Today is my 26 day and no period, but I am having slight cramping. I'm not sure if it's a cycle coming on.


GaryWalsh - February 5

You should first consult doctor and get treatment over it.On that you should go for natural remedies in regular way like exercise,food and vegetables intake,use hot bags etc.I have recently faced all such problems and on that cupsimma had helped a lot to me.


[email protected] - April 11

I've heard and read different experiences on pregnancy tests. My last period was 2/17 & I spotted a couple dots 3/17&18 I've noticed heartburn, fatigued, cramp like symptoms & low back pain. My pregnancy test came out negative & I was reading that if your hcg is low then it's hard to get a positive either way. Any suggestions on what else I should try or should I wait it out? I typically never get heartburn but I experienced it with my first pregnancy almost throughout all my pregnancy. 




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