Pregnant At 36

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kavita - November 14

I am 36 years old. Is it fine to have a baby now?


K - November 14

I'm 36 too and I'm not having any complications at all. I'm 23 weeks. Good luck!!


M` - November 14

I am 36 and will be 37 when I deliver as long as you are being followed everything should turn out just fine. Good Luck!!


Jenn - November 15

of coarse it it I think it the best time in these days. Your are more settled in money jobs and are healthy . I am 36 on my 3rd this one is the easiest and more sucure . as I had my other 2 18&20 to young and was sop much harder and now I see how I do know so much more about life and myself then I did then , its not like old times where they had to young as we died at a young age . Now we live much older . Good luck and enjoy you are at the best age.


zz - November 15

i think that 36 is the limit if u r a first time mom i say go 4 it but for all the women out there 35 and older that have kids and keep having them are crazy, i am 45 i have two kids. had them when i was 21 and 23 and now one is married i enjoy my greatgrand son could not imagine having a ten year old and the times change you can not relate to what your kids are going through me and my girls are close but are doing great one married one last year in college and @50 me and hubby plan to travel the world god willing. but i say you are as young as you feel i would never say your to old and every women deserves to experiance motherhood.


to zz - November 15

Hey not trying to start a fight here but I am 35 and prego with my 3rd so I guess that makes me crazy?!! I had my first 2 with my ex husband I have since remarried to a man that has no children of his own yet so am I to deny him a chance to have a child? no I am not that selfish yes I admitt I thought I was done after my 2nd but I did not know what the future held at the time now I am very happy that I am pregnant and able give my husband a chance to be a father he has been so good to my two he deserves to have one of his own and he knows that we are only having the one but I just wanted to let you know that some of us have made the choice to have a child at an older age not cause we are crazy but for vaild reasons so please don't judge....thanks


zz - November 15

ur right i mean in your case yes, i do believe in everyone should have a choice and if god gives you a gift you should keep it i made me own choice in having my girls young, so no fight here.


K - November 15

My first husband pa__sed away and we didn't have any children since he was sick the whole time we were married. I got lucky enough to find love again and now I'm pregnant with our first at 36. Good luck to all!


30-something also - November 21

I have been wondering the same thing. It has been 37 days since last AF, which only lasted a few days. I'm having some signs of AF starting, but getting nervous. This would be my 1st baby and I'm not feeling too prepared, even now that I'm a 30-something! Should I wait until the month is over to take HPT? AF is never regular, but always shows up at some point each month. Any help? Please????


Kat - November 21

Yes. I was 34 with my first and 36 with my second and they are perfect. It also seems to be a better time because you have more patience and you cherish them so much. And for the person who says 36 is a limit. Sorry - but I am 38 and may be having a third and would not change it for the world - I am glad I waited.


Dee - November 27

You will be fine....has first son a month before i turned 35, just turned 39 and second son due in January..all is okay, i did do an amnio this time, but that all came out fine....just more tired this time because right now i'm 32 weeks pg, working full time and running after a 4 year old as well.....cannot wait for that huge gla__s of red wine after son is born....i'm going pump all day so i can have that.....good luck, all will be great....


She - December 5

Well- I'm 7 weeks and I'm 35 yrs and scared to death! I feel nausea & stomach problems like gas and digestion all the time.Is anyone else getting these symptoms. I don't feel like have s_x with the husband right now but he's been patience.


tracy - December 15

im 36 and 12 weeks pregnant with my third baby, i have 2 girls aged 5 and 2, i will b 37 when i have this baby and im scraredto death too! why? i havent got a clue, i think its bcus im over 35 and wen that happens boy do they let you know about it! its like pregnant........ again!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck to you all!


tam - December 15

i had one at 35 1/2 and another at 37 1/2 and im glad i waited i got to see the world when i was young and could actually enjoy it without worring about what time i was going to get to go to bed i dated and i dont regret dinners and dancing until all hours of the night with nobody but me to worry about and it was wonderful to see the looks on their face when i would say no baggage here how many get to say that at 25 or wear a size3 juniors at 35 without any strechmarks i could have s_x with the lights on and i did. i finally meet the one person that was truly my soul mate, got married and started having children so when im home changing diapers and looking for stuffed animals or now have to shut the lights off i dont regret a thing because ive done it all and now i have 2 beautiful children that my parents were not burdened with while i was going out and having fun. and my kids have the same two parents i know rare as it is. it is true i hope they both wait and enjoy the things life has to offer.


sarah - January 5

im over weight 12 weeks pregnant 36 years old is it dangros


Andrea P - January 19

Hi Sarah I am 38 overweight also and 16 weeks pregnant i think there are risks involved for all shapes sizes and ages but if we just enjoy our pregnancys and talk to other people in the same situation it makes us feel a lot more positive. I am having my 4th bub but my other girls are much older now so this is a big surprise. Good luck hope to talk to you again


Lisa2528 - February 23

I am 36 yrs old and 10 weeks pregnant. I thought I was done after my second. My husband and I tried for several years for a 3rd child and it never happened for us until now!! I am excited, but also worried that I may be too old for this. My youngest is 11yrs old.



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