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Sharni - February 7

Hi, im 43 and have just found out i am pregnant again to my b/f who is 31. This will be my 3rd and his 1st. We have been seeing each other for a little under 12 months. This is a totally unplanned pregnancy!! Any other ladies been in a similar situation that can share some advice?


Mya - February 7

My situation is similar. I am preg with my 3rd. I am 35, he is 27. He is no longer my boyfriend, though. It is a stressfull situation because it was totally unplanned and I am afraid to have a child with him. He is severely immature and has a load of issues. Not to mention, he presently has three women pregnant right now. I can't believe I am in this predicament. I am a college-educated professional who landed in this trap. I considered an abortion but decided against it. I thought it better to deal with the consequences of my behavior instead of going for a quick fix when I am not really comfortable with the idea of abortion. Neither of my children were planned and I love them dearly. So, I figured I would do the same with this one. I really don't know what else to say. I am just taking it one day at a time.


Leeanne - February 8

HI Shari, all is not glum, this will be a wonderful time for you. I married my partner of 2 years, last year, we then planned a baby, I am 29weeks. I am 42 nearing 43, I have 3 adult children from my previous marrage. My husband is 29, never had children and a wonderful provider and gentleman. Age is irrelevant if he is mature and caring, and you love each other, but most importantly is that you love this child, wow to have this wonderful opportunity again to be a mother. Congratulations!


Kelly Smith - March 19

Hello Shari !!! Don't worry about that right now. You need to be un stressed and feeling good about yourself. I went through what you are going through. My 21 year old daughter's friend that was homeless moved in with us for what was going to be a short time until he got it together. Well I had an affair with him and got pregnant at 43. I gave birth at 44 to a 9lb 4oz girl. John at first wanted me to end it and I don't believe in that. Well he moved out but when the baby was born he was in love. We have been living together on and off. Now that our daughter is just two he want to get married. Every time we make love the condom comes off and he doesn't pull out. he dose the let's make a baby dirty talk and I don't stop him. I'm not pregnant now but know that it is just a matter of time. I just don't know what to do. I love the way it makes me feel knowing that a 24 year old loves me enough to want to get me pregnant. Should I let him get me pregnant again and marry him. If I am going to do it I think that I should do it now. As it stands now I will most likely give birth at 47 and I don't want to have babies after 47.


098renny - August 13

Hello I'm in a situation right now..just found out I'm pregnant the father and I are friends but not together he is 22. He is hot and cold with me..he says he will be helping me..I guess I will ave t wait and see..


gettingbig - December 6

Congrats to all. I just want to share my situation with you too. I am 44 and 5 months pregnant. The father is a 22 year old co-worker of mine. He is a cook at the dinner that I wait tables. He is a college student that had some problems with dome life so I let him move in for a little while. We both work til close and went out to have some fun after work. Well one thing lead to another and our affair ensued. Three months later I missed my period and took a test to find myself knocked up like a school girl. No, I am not on BC and I was told many years ago after my last one that I couldn't have any more. My ex-husband and I did not use BC for ten years and he never pulled out so I didn't make this guy use anything. I never thought that I would be having a baby after 40. Never in a million years thought that I would be having a baby with a guy younger than my oldest either. I always wanted another child and I am gitty about being pregnant. I can tell you that being pregnant after 40 is much more everything that it was in my twenties. My younger guy likes to have s_x a lot but I find myself to tired. He is so younger and full of energy. He tells me that we are going to get married and have one more after this one. We will see!! But if thats what it takes to get a husband before this baby is born then thats it. I don't want to give birth in my 40's unmarried. Anyway , to all you ladies messing around with a younger guy. The saying is true. Young, Dumb, and Full of Cum


dekraytom - November 25

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.


dekraytom - November 25

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.


Olivetree - September 10

I can't believe I found this forum. I am 43 and my boyfriend is 31, I am not pregnant right now but is trying. We are planning on getting married next year and he really wants to have his own child, but not enthusiastic about having a baby before marriage. I know that is the right wary, and he is still young and wants to enjoy more couple time but my clock is ticking, so I am actively trying and he loves my passion of making love every day for at lease a whole week (when I am fertile). :) His parents adore me and still don't know my real age, thought I am just a few years older than him. He is the only son and they hope to pass down their business and other properties to him when they retire and spend time with our future kids. I am afraid if I cannot have his baby, I might hinder his close relationship with his parents because he said he will stay with me no matter what. So positive thinking, positive attitude and hope the best. For all you pregnant ladies, congratulations and enjoy the journey regardless!


Jarre4Luc - September 11

I am 41; my live in partner Steve is 27. We are expecting our second child. We have unprotected sex every day... we let nature take its course....


lloydbraun1979 - October 12

My wife is 44 and I’m 28. We are currently trying to have a baby. Since you had experience and are a similar age, I’m wondering what happened. Did you have another baby? We are wanting two at least but are still trying for our first. So maybe she’ll be about 47 when we are trying again. 


Mommytobeat45 - January 13

I’m in a similar situation, my husband is 33 and I am 44, we already a 3 year old son, I had him at 41, but now my husband wants another,  I also have a 3 week old gran, and I have 3 daughters from a previous relationship 25, 21 and 16, I will be 45 this year(2018) I’m a lil skeptical about starting all over again, since my patience is not really there anymore (lol). Then on top of that what is my family going to say about this (omg)!!  Any advice? :-)


sweetnurse - January 28

Hi there Mommytobeat 45.


I know what you mean!  I have three older kids by my first husband.  I am 43 and my hubby is 27.  I am pregnant with our second together (we had a boy the first time).  I am actually so happy that I could have another one for him.  God knows we have had issue with people doubting us and thinking we're nuts for getting together in the first place and having kids but we love each other and support each other completely!


lloydbraun1979 - January 28

My wife and I have been trying for a few months now to get pregnant. I am wondering how long it took? Was it difficult?  My wife is 44 and I’m 28. 


nicole lee - February 8



nicole lee - February 8

hi ladies.i am 43 and my husband is 26.i have 3 sons from my previous marriage who are 24,23 and 21.i am pregnant with the baby girl that I always wanted.Husband is over the moon!.I fell pregnant right away.i was worried what my boys would say,but they are supportive and waiting for their little sister.Husband wants to try for one more.We would like a baby brother or sister for our daughter.


sweetnurse - February 20

Congrats to you Nicole!  That is so great your sons accepted you being married to your younger man and having his child.  I am so glad I am able to have more kids at this age with a loving hubby!  I was glad my older children were able to accept mine after their initial surprise. How are you feeling?



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