Pregnant With Surrogate Age 45 My Own Egg

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Dee2006 - July 13

Hi everyone-I was very happy to find this site and a great support section. I am 45 and after years of trying (I won't go into the gory details of everything we've been through) but we are now pregnant with a surrogate. Finally! But! I think I am driving myself crazy with everything can can possibly go wrong. Sometimes I think the internet can be a bad thing. I've gone through some of the topics on this website and havn't seen anyone with a surrogate. Anyone out there? It's so strange to not have the hormones raging and the body changes and the fatigue, and yet knowing we are pregnant. I keep teasing that now I know what men go through when their wives are pregnant. I am also having a hard time with my decision to use my own eggs at my age. Grrrrr!!!! We had an U/S today and at 6w1D -we did not have a heartbeat. I'm not sure whether to worry about this yet. Anyone have any thoughts or advice? Thank you!


rl - July 13

Hi Dee2006 I am not in the same boat as you or anything but just wanted to say congrads for going with a surrogate good for you both!! I just wanted to say I am 35yrs old I have a 6 month old and when I was around 5wks I had a sono and he looked like a dot no heartbeat or anything yet...just a little dot but 3wks later my little dot had turned into a peanut with little arm and leg buds and was even moving!! So I am sure it is normal not to see the heartbeat yet don't worry!! Well just wanted to say good luck to you and hubby I really hope all goes well and you get your little bundle of joy you have been waiting so long for ( :


Perl - July 13

Hello Dee, it is definitely too soon to worry about not seeing a heartbeat at 6w1d, give it a few more weeks at least and you should see that little heartbeat. I really hope you find the support you are looking for here, there must be someone else out there in a similar situation. I just wanted to say Congratulations! I wish you well!!!


eyebeeablessing2u - July 13

Hi! I have not been through the sereogate situation but I do know that at that stage 6 w it is still too early to have a heartbeat that can be seen on an ultrasound. even jsut waiting another week can help.. also remember that it depends on how good the technician is... and where exactly the little bean is positioned .... please dont worry.... it will be a great relief to see it on the ultrasound.. and also i didnt have any pg symptoms till i was exactly 7 weeks.... with lots of m/s.... congrats though... Have you had your hcg levels checked so that you can watch your number increase in the meantime.... it is the quantative hcg bloodtest to confirm pregnancy.. ie and exact number and not just the yes or no to being pg.... good luck prayers are with you


Dee2006 - July 14

Hi everyone-Thanks for the support. You guys (ladies) are awesome. I know through reading through other posts last night in other topics, that this seems to be a common thing-expectations about what one will see and the reality that sometimes it's just way too soon. Luckily the Fertilty Dr called me back last night and she was also rea__suring that it just might not be the right time yet-to give it at least another week. My surrogate went for bloodwork today to check her hormone levels. She has been light spotting here and there and in the first couple of weeks her progesterone was on the low side. The Dr put her on Progesterone shots and it looks like everything up to her last bloodwork has been good. I don't do the waiting game very well. :) I'm going to keep this thread going as the days go by in case there's someone out there later that is on the same circ_mstance. I've found several of the threads so helpful while going through the low progesterone scare. Take care everyone!


Dee2006 - July 15

Bloodwork from yesterday-Progesterone=30, HCG=28,800. We will have another ultrasound scheduled for next week. The levels are-at this point still rising so I am taking it as a good sign that eveyrhting is OK. I wonder to myself what it must feel like to have a pregnancy without worries. Is there such a thing? Probably not. :)



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