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adamsrachel - January 30

I am 38, trying to get pregnant. My periods have began to be irregular and my doctor wants to put me on a hormone therapy of progesterone. Does anyone know if this will help or deter my desire to conceive. Thank you!! Any info would be helpful.


Val - January 31

hi... I went on progesterone in September after my levels were found to be low. I had started Clomid 2 cycles earlier - the doctor had put me on that to regulate my cycles (they were anywhere from 35 to 50 days long.) The Clomid worked to shorten/regulate my cycles, and then the cycle when I took progesterone I got pg. (We had been trying a year, and I was 36). I don't think progesterone has many (any?) side effects. I don't know if it would regulate your cycle, but if your uterine lining is not what it should be, the progesterone should help that. I think it definitely helped me conceive. Best of luck to you!


adamsrachel - January 31

Thanks for the info. Congrats. Well maybe this will help. We have been trying for two years and nothing. It can be discouraging. Second marriage for both and we would like to have one more so lets see what happens. Some regular cycles would be good to. Thanks for the info and best of luck to you.


gaudior - January 31

Hi, I have been doing a lot of research on progesterone therapy. From what I read, if you're trying to conceive, only take it after ovulation because otherwise it can prevent ovulation. If you take it after ovulation, it helps your uterine lining thicken to make a comfy home for the baby. The cruel thing is that it can stop your period and get your hopes up, so you need to take a pregnancy test on the day you expect a/f and, if it's negative, stop using the progesterone so your next cycle can begin. (It also gives you pregnancy symptoms so be forewarned.) Also, I know this isn't what you asked, but you might want to look into vitex (chasteberry.) I tried to conceive for 7 cycles without success; the first cycle after I'd started taking vitex I got a BFP. It's a herbal hormone regulator for estrogen and progesterone that you take during the first half of your cycle only. Best of luck!


babyonboard16 - February 5

Im not over 35 was just browsing through but I was put on progesterone to maintain a pregnancy I;ve heard of lots of women needing it to conceive, I had to use suppositories and have shots, and I was pretty bad with em, but I think if it's not that much it'd be fine.



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