Recurrent Miscarriage 35 Threatd On Miscarriage And Loss

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Erin - October 19

I've started a new threat to provide support for women 35 who have had multiple miscarriages. Since we have our own issues, with the clock winding down and all, I thought we should have our own place to heal, help, and have those babies before time runs out! Please visit and post if you have suffered from multiple miscarriage and are 35 or over. Success stories welcome!


Shannon - October 24

Hi Erin, I too have had multiple miscarriages. I have had 3 in the past year. I am 36 and my husband and I have no other children. I just wasn't ready before now. My first ended at 5 weeks. My 2nd was a blighted ovum which technically ended at 5 weeks but I pa__sed naturally about a month later and then my 3rd ended at 5 weeks. All very early but still not easy. I went thru several tests. My progesterone level was low at the first but normal with the other 2. To make a long story short I have a chromosome issue, fortunately it means I don't have enough folic acid producing so I have 2 take 1000 milligrams of it per day along with B6 and B12 vitamins. This has been for the last month. We are still trying to conceive and will go thru as many miscarriages (God, hopefully not more) that we have to. It's funny, because I asked my doctor if any of this has to do with my age and he said, No No, you are still young! He said it like he meant it too! What a sweetie, huh? I believe that too. What is your story? Anyone's story? I have been hanging out here from time to time but I hadn't read about anyone else having this problem with multiple miscarriages.


Erin - October 25

Hi Shannon - I have heard the folic acid thing before... I've been taking tons of it, and B6, too, since my last mc. I had my first mc at 28, a blighted ovum. I was really upset, of course, but I was lucky and got pregnant two weeks late. I spotted a tiny bit during that pregnancy, but otherwise all was well - I had a beautiful little girl. Her father and I divorced when she was a year old (he was fooling around, we'd been married 7 years). I met a great guy four years later. He has two kids from his previous marriage. His wife left him with the kids, so we are raising all three.... But we still want a child together, and maybe even more so because we are raising all these kids....We started to try in Jan., when I was 36. I got pregnant right away, but miscarried at about weeks, naturally. I went for an ultrasound afterwards. My Dr. found a uterine polyp. Before he could remove it (surgery) I was pregnant again. This time it was most likely ectopic, as I had rising HCG levels but no uterine pregnance... They never found it but I took methotrexate and the levels went down to O. Then I had the polyp removed. God pregnant again, for the third time this year, 8 weeks later... I spotted a little bit, so I went to the Dr. My levels were HCG 5000, Prog. 12 at 5 weeks. I was afraid the prog. was low, so insisted on supplements. He gave them to me, but said it was no guarantee. He thought numbers were fine. I stopped spotting, had tons of nausea, and saw the baby with the heartbeat at 8 weeks. Two weeks later at my next ultrasound the baby was dead. Had a D&C on the spot. I just had 25 tubes of blood drawn, going through all the usual tests. We had the tissue for the mc a___lysed, but it was inconclusive, which happens half the time. My doctor says in 15 years he's sent quite a few women for testing for recurrent mc, and only has had a definite answer three times, so I shouldn't really excpect one. He suspects a chromosomal problem, either age, bad dice, genetic problem... Although still have all the immunity, endocrine tests too.... I'm 37 now, 38 in May.


Shannon - October 25

Hi Erin, thank goodness you were able to have a child in the midst of all of this. I know it still doesn't make things easier now that you want another. I just don't know what it's like to have even gotten to hear a heartbeat. That would be so hard. But it sounds like you have a great man and family :) I do wish the best for you both. I am lucky as well that I have a wonderful husband. He is younger than me, I am 36 and he is 30. But even though he wants a child just as bad as I do he says he loves me no matter what and if it's meant to happen it will happen and if not that's ok too. I am in my O period as we speak. Wish us luck. Today and tomorrow are my big O days :) Although I don't have problem getting pregnant. Keep me posted on your trials too. kay?


Iris - December 1

Just when I thought I was alone, I find this site. I just turned 39 on 11/9 and I have had 3 miscarriages. My first in 1996 at 12 weeks I didnt' even know, turned out the baby had neural tube defect. I went to 5 different ob dr's and a maternal fetal doctor and research fertility doctor in the past 20 years. I've done everything surgeries,labs,drugs,monitors,temp checks you name it, I've done it. My second pregancy I was in a research study for PCOS and insulin rejection something and I got pregnant in July 2004, m/c in sept at 10 weeks. This baby also had neural tube defect. So, I loaded up on the folic acid. Then by accident got pregnanct again in July 2006 just went to get routine annual labs and m/c at 8 weeks. Right now, I have no hope or desire to go thru that pain again. It seems hopeless and we can't afford to foster/adopt either or do IVF. So, for now I've accepted that maybe we weren't meant to be parents. I married my high school sweetheart and have been happily married for 17 years. He too says he loves me with or with out kids. At least we have each other.


Hi Everyone - - December 1

Thank you for starting this thread - it is bittersweet. I am grateful to know there are others who have had the heartache I have had, and yet I would not wish it upon my worst enemy. I started out doing everything late in life. My first loss was when I was almost 6 months pregnant and she was born prematurely. She lived about 15 minutes and my husband and I were able to hold her until she pa__sed away. We named her Grace. My a/f came and stayed for 6 months until I finally went to the doctor. I was so devasted from the loss I didn't even care that it lasted so long. The new obgyn discovered I had three grapefruit sized fibroids and removed them with a myomectomy. Within 6 months we were pregnant again. Around 9 weeks the doctor said they could not detect a h/b and suggested a d&c. I was so emotional that I didn't trust what he was saying so we went to another doctor who confirmed it. I had a d&c and then 6 months later became pregnant again. I was 39 at the time and so affraid of another loss - but I have a beautiful son today. I became pregnant again this past September and we were so overjoyed. But this past Monday had a d&c because they were unable to find a h/b. I am now 43 - I didn't think I would even get pregnant again after my son. My doctor said I could try again and my husband and I have decided we would. I know that my age is a factor, but to tell you the truth I just feel that there is another baby that is meant to come into our home. I don't know about all of the tests and things that everyone is having done, my dr. is pretty standard and just does the routine ones. Maybe I should be more proactive - I don't know. Thank you so much for this thread and allowing me to share that I may heal because my heart is breaking. I am so very sorry for all of your losses and I do hope that each of you is able to fill your hearts & homes with beautiful baby in 2006. I personally am not about to give up just yet - I don't want to one day be lying on my deathbed thinking "what if I would have just tried one more time.." Warm Wishes to all of you - Nancy


Debs - December 2

Hi everyone, I'm 36, and have a history of early miscarriage, 9 in total. I have 2 healthy children from a nasty previous marriage, I was very young. I am now with the most wonderful man and have been ttc for 12months. I have had 2 m/c, last last being 7 months ago. I dont have a problem getting pregnant, just staying pregnant. But what concerns me is I havent fallen for 7months, I have had bloods and a scan done and apparently everything is working as it should. I still cant help thinking I should have further investigation, the last m/c I bled for 14days, as I was due for a d/c it stopped so they didnt bother, I also had reversal sterilization a year ago. Any advice would be great. My dh has no children and I would love to have him experience the gift of children before its to late...


To Debs - December 3

You are young enough to have children, so don't give up! You have been pregnant twice so that means you can get pregnant. I am so sorry for your losses and will send you baby dust in hopes that the next one will be the one you are able to hold.


olga - March 7

Hi,every body.thanks GOD I found this place which I need to lisen others and be able to freely tolk.I will be turn 41 y/o in days and pregnant 19 wks,even do getting crazy because of the anxiety I have due to the previous miscarriage one year ago(of twins) about at the same period of this pregnancy.I have imsonnia and any thing I fill I want to go to Hospital to check my cervix.I developed after much stress a colitis wich worsened in this pregnancy and I am really afraid to pa__s stool because aware of miscarriage .I have been marriage for 16 years and hoping I will see this OUR FIRTS child at the end of this nigthmare .Really I am afraid going crazy I make story short ..after twin miscarriage and then d&c ,they left rest inside and I was with septicemia...many complications....months after ectopic pregnancy...and now this pregnancy whre I count every day and Pray to become month as fast as possible...I feel my baby girl moving to much..or not shure if are contractions...please reasure me if some is as worry as I am....Pray for me it is all I need to get going until July 2006 ...thanks for listen to me and God bless all of you and allow every wish to become a reality because kids are God's promise.


rnbsn2001 - March 9

Hi Shannon , I just had miscarriage myself (blighted ovum) this is my second one. I concieved this time taking clomid (1st cycle) I am torn between sticking it out with my current OB/GYN or if I should seek another opinion maybe a fertility specialist. I concieved my 7 yr old with no issues. I just don't understand.


bethpi - March 15

hi glad to find this thread as 42 years old and just had a 2nd m/c in 6 months..1st was blighted ovum and 2nd was at 6 weeks on March 3rd. I am just i've waited all these years to have my first child. i chose to travel the world and live my life for me, and now i am ready to have a baby...but just wonder if we'll be able to conceive. am so bummed. All of my friends of course have college age children now and think I am crazy!


Karen E - March 15

Hi Beth; Sorry to hear your news. Yes, it is very hard. I too had a m/c in January. I have now had a total of 4 miscarriages that span over 20 years. But I also have 2 healthy beautiful kids. My daughter is just about to graduate, and my son is 7. And I say, who cares what people think. I am sure if and when I get pregnant everyone will say the same thing. I am not sure about anyone else, but for me at least, I feel more ready, and able to take care of a child now than ever before. I am emotionally, spirtually, financially and intellectually better equiped to care for a baby, and I am sure that is how you feel. I had my first miscarriage before 20, then I had my daughter at 25, then I had another miscarriage, then years later in my early 30's another miscarriage, then I had my son at 35, and in January I had another. My doctor seems to think it has been bad luck as I have been able to carry 2 healthy babies to term. I am not giving up. Of course miscarriage is more common as we age so that is a bit disheartening but I am not ready to give up. I turned 43 in February. The good news is that we were both able to get pregnant pretty easy which doesn't always happen over 40. Just curious, did you get pregnant naturally? A blighted ovum, from what I read, cannot be prevented and I beleive that is what I had too. My doctor said bad luck and hopefully my luck will be better next time. He said that it is more common in "older" women. I hate that word but those are the stats I guess. Good luck to us!


Olivia - March 24

Hello... I think I'm at the right place... Well I am 35 an 8 weeks preg. I have a soon to be 14 year old son, a soon to be 10 year old son and a soon to be 5 year old daughter....An I am currently 8 weeks preg. I have had 3 m/c's and ladies it can happen to anyone. I had a m/c at 31 right before I had my daughter. Then just recently I had 2 m/c's 1 in Sept and then one this last Jan. I found out that for some reason my prgesterone level was low and ever since the Dr. tested it I have been taking progestrone. I am currently taking injections every week. So for the ladies that have been trying to have there first baby. Hang in there. I wish everyone the best. An as far as what people think who cares they are not raising them. I just can't believe I will be paying for college for 16+ years. Good luck


tryingx3 - March 25

Olivia, you may also want to visit the First Trimester board called, Pregnancy After Miscarriage - Anyone want to chat? ...there are several of us over there going through the same anxiety you are! Best wishes!


Jo - March 29

Thank you to everyone for your honesty and for sharing - I have found it so heartening to read through everyone's situations. I am 37 and my husband 43. We have been married for 3 years and have no children although have been TTC since we got married. I have had two missed miscarriages (both times no heartbeat at 8 weeks) in 2005. Have had all the tests and we are apparently normal - whatever that means! my obs/gyne has now put me on 50mg of Clomid to help speed up the process and wants me to go onto baby aspirin at whatever point we get a +ve pregnancy test (power of positive thinking). Good luck to everyone xx


tryingx3 - March 29

Jo, have they also tested your progesterone?


ALISON - March 30

I have just had my 3rd miscarriage spanning over 10 years of trying and I am now 43. had to go in this week for a D & C and feel gutted once again. family are just ignoring me as they think I was for the best because of my age. I would love to try one more time.



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