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Rene' - November 10

In September I had the HCG test, (ultrasound with blue dye), clomed, internal ultrasounds, blood work, etc. and everything turned up great. I had IUI on Nov. 1st and Nov. 2nd. I had a follicle that was 25mm. I had a blood test Nov. 7 and my pergesterone was well over 25. I have night sweats, dry mouth, a little nausea ( which might be because I quit smoking and drinking caffine and soda), and a slight cramp in my left side occassionally. What are the chances the IUI can work on the first try? I have no know fertility problems, as I used a sperm donor, and this is the first time I have ever had sperm in my body. ( yes, I am gay). My partner of 10 years and I have decided at age 35 to try and start a family. I am a professional "aunt" ( and proud) but always longed for my own child!! think I could get pregnant on the first IUI? Does that ever happen?


kris - November 10

Could you get pg on first try? Absolutely, everything was done to ensure the best possible chance of conception. Will you? no one knows -ladies sometimes have 5 tries and still no baby. It's a game of chance. Even if you do concieve, then you play the waiting game for the first 12 weeks until the baby gets past miscarriage risks... so best thing is to have faith in the process, talk to your doc, and hope for the best... good luck!


Maidencanada - November 10

Hi Rene, While I have never had the procedure done I can promise you that it is the same as getting pregnant naturally in the regards that you can get pregnant the first time. I quit smoking 10 years ago, and never was nausea, nor did I wen I quit Caffeine 6 months ago, but I sure have it now and I am only one day past when my period was due and yes I am pregnant. I have been pregnant 5 times and the two that resulted in live births made me ill from very early on (I have my fingers crossed this one stays to meet the family) So here is hoping and wishing and praying that you and your partner are expecting a little bundle of joy.


Judi - November 10

Yes, you can...I did! According to our RE, we only had a 5% chance of conception through IUI, and I conceived on the first try, so it is definitely possible.



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