Rooibos Redbush Tea Good For Pregnancy

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BurgerMommie - November 29

I was searching this morning and found many discussions on herbal tea - which are good and which are bad. I'm South African and grew up drinking Rooibos Tea - a naturally caffiene-free tea and high in aniti-oxidants, and know it to be very good for young toddlers too - my first born drank it [after he started on solid foods] as a refreshing, nutritious beverage, and he is a wonderful boy! ;-) [gushing mom] Anyways - here's what I copied from an article I found earlier: "In South Africa , the drink of choice of expectant mothers is Rooibos tea.This caffeine-free herbal infusion has been shown to soothe the body's reaction to allergens and recent studies have shown that Rooibos tea may also have significant amounts of antioxidants (health-inducing compounds), comparable to those found in green tea. Also, anaemia is a common problem during pregnancy or br___tfeeding and unfortunately, many teas prevent your body from absorbing iron due to an ingredient called tannin. Rooibos teas contain low levels of tannins, so they are less likely to interfere with iron absorption. Research by Japanese scientists has shown Rooibos tea to have beneficial effects relating to constipation, liver function, blood sugar levels, skin diseases, depression and anxiety. This tea may also have other stomach and indigestion benefits, possibly relieving nausea, vomiting, and heartburn. Beware - Some Rooibos tea blends and variations contain other herbs (such as rosemary) which may not be recommended for pregnancy. " I recommend Rooibos tea - it can be enjoyed black [dark red, actually - or as strong as you like], or even with a dash of milk and a teaspoon of honey. Much joy and happiness at the prospect of my second baby - now 5 weeks pregnant. Happy pregger-journey to all mom's to be!



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