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mom35 - May 16

How do you all feel about kids sharing bedrooms? My kids have never had to share a room, but know my daughter will have to when the baby gets older, just wondering how that will turn out, especially the age diffrence


Tammy - May 16

I have the same situation. My son is 4 and my daughter is 20. I found out last week that this baby is a boy. I propably will have to keep him in my room until he sleeps through the night. Then I will put him in my son's room. My son will have a big adjustment though. He doesn't want the baby in his room. My husband and I are toying with the idea of adding a room to our home. It's less expensive than moving.


to mom35 - MommyAgain - May 16

You didn't mention the age difference with your kids. I think the best way to make that transition is to get the older child really involved in the decision making and planning.. like where should the crib/bed be in the room, maybe let them pick out a new paint color or something special for the room, etc.


to Tammy - MommyAgain - May 16

I would like to advise a word of caution in putting a baby in a 4 year old's room. Especially if the 4 year old is already resisting the idea. It just doesn't sound like a safe situation. The baby could be hurt by a jealous 4 year old who doesn't realize how fragile a baby is. Does your 20 year old live at home? Maybe she could have the baby in her room until it was old enough to be safe with the younger child? Just a thought! Best wishes :)


mom35 - May 17

Mommy Again- my daughter is 14, she seems comfortable with the situation, but for 14 years she's had her own space. How do you think that will actually work out?


michelle - May 17

I have two daughters. One is fifteen years old the other is fourteen months. They share a room with no problems.


mom35 - MommyAgain - May 18

I think your daughter would be fine with the baby. Just try to include her with how to set the room up and let her decorate and choose things that she likes so that she won't feel like she's being pushed aside. Sounds like everything will work out fine :)


mom35 - May 18

Mommy Again & Michelle- thanks for that. I hope it works as good as you two say it will....I pray that it does


Tammy - May 19

Mommy Again--Thanks for the concern. We are trying to find a solution. I think I may keep the baby with us. We are leaning toward adding a room. Yes, my daughter still lives at home. She is a college student. I took my son to my doctor's appointment Tuesday. I'm hopful that my son is coming around. He seemed excited to hear the baby's heartbeat. He said that the baby was laughing. Crossing my fingers....


Jessy - May 23

Hey all, I've kept my babies in my bed for the first 18 months to 2 years of their lives, by then it's a good time to put them in the bedroom with their sibling, because they could defend themselves better than at say, 6 months!!? 1st one got his own bedroom at 1 year old but for the second I've waited until he's almost 2 to "add him in" to the 3-going-on-4-year-old..but they are so close in age that they are already the best of friends! I lived in my sisters' bedroom since she was 5 and we got along pretty well..the only reason I can see to add a bedroom for sure is if you have a girl and a boy, you know that can't last long! My bedrooms are kinda small, so I'm gonna need another bedroom for the 3rd, wether it's a girl OR a boy, 2 beds in one room is quite enough! Anymore and they won't have room for anything else! But I definitely think 2 per bedroom is good to teach lessons like giving, sharing, forgiving, patience, love and so's good for all sister and I might've turned out pretty spoiled if we never had to share anything, and patience was definitely a virtue we both learned...over all, if you want your kids to get them whatever they want (and what kid WANTS to share?) is NOT going to help at all, so be the boss and firmly, yet lovingly encourage sharing like crazy! Good luck with whatever you choose!



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