Sad News For 2nd Try At 38

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Bumblebee - February 14

I didn't realize there was an entire forum for over 35's... So, I am reposting here... Had my first m/c last Sep at 8 weeks, and got bad news from yesterday's u/s and blood test at 7 weeks. The u/s only shows the sac and yolk sac, and hcg dropped to 46,000 from 57,000 w/in a week. Been crying and crying and slowly coming out of the haze of this sudden blow. So angry, and sad and all crazy thoughts all at once. I think I should wait it out a couple weeks before I decide on d&c or anything... unless my doc suggests d&c for any testing... since this is my 2nd mc. I don't know. And it is downcast and raining like mad today - to emphasize the mood fo the moment. Thanks for listening and your support. I am dreading the pain of the m/c but that is nothing in comparison of the loss. And the stress that we will try again and I am getting closer to 40. I guess I am freaked out about the older age complications, although I see a lot of posts that do give some hope.


MNMOM - February 14

Bumblebee: So so so sorry to read your post. Wish I could give you a hug. I cannot imaging your pain but boy do I feel your strength. I hope you are able to find out what is causing the mc's.


tryingx3 - February 14

Sorry to hear you are going through a tough time - anyway that the lab could have been off? Using the same lab each time?


Bumblebee - February 14

Thanks so much MN... I will take your web hug!! And tryingx3 - don't know about the lab. I did hear the first lab had prob's and they sent my blood work to another lab (hmm...). Until I heard the hcg level, I admit, I was keeping some hope to see progress in the next u/s. Well, they plan to track hcg weekly, so will know more next week.


COL - February 14

Bumblebee, sorry to hear about your losses, I can feel your pain, and what i understand the most is talking about the age issue. I had a M/C last September at 8 weeks, oh my god, was I devastated? This is an understatement, I was 42 at that time, and for me thinking about the clock ticking was so painful. All of the sudden everyone I know became an expert on the subject of age and pregnancy and the complications. So I can relate. BUT today I am a mother of 3 months old boy, healthy and happy baby, he is the whole world for me. So at 38, you still have lots of time. If you flip through this forum, you will fine lots of women with the same story. Keep the hope and the strength, and what meant to be will be. I wish I can give you a hug too, here is an electronic one ((((())))))).


Bumblebee - February 15

COL - thank you. thank you. thank you. Yes, it is really quite relieving and inspiring to hear your story. Many heartfelt congrats to you. Yes, both my m/c are at 7 weeks and is very difficult. Today's visit with the doc, I explored if we should consider in-vitro due to age and 2 m/c.. She said nope - you're not there yet. Let's get thru this m/c, and we may try again after few months. So, we're going with that plan for now. Thanks again for all your support, hugs, and inspirations. REally appreciated... It's a tough time only when hope seems to running out. Aside from that, I can cope.


Jo Penney - February 17

I so empathize with your situation. I was 35 when I had my first miscarriage but then went on to have a 2nd healthy pregnancy. Please stay positive - my cousin had 4 miscarriages, her first being at the age of 38 but she was determined through the sadness to strive on to achieve her goal of having a baby and in November 2007 she was successful and had a beautiful healthy baby boy.


Bumblebee - February 18

Jo Penney - So cool to hear that. She endured a lot and I really at this point can't imagine how anyone is able to manage it more than once! Well, she is a strong soul. Thanks so much for sharing this with us and for the beauty of hope. :)


Bumblebee - February 28

Hi all - How are u ? Since the m/c hasn't happend yet, my doc is having me do d&c next tues... and will a___lyze the tissue. We're thinking if we should go for IVF with prescreening to rule out any issues and not (hopefully ) have to go thru another m/c and esp since I'm 38.... in case these m/c's are due to genetic issues. Also running a whole list of other tests. Just concerned about age I guess even tho I see several posts of over 35 successfully pg. I don't know if I can go thru another mc and esp dh.


Perl - February 28

Bumblebee: I'm sorry for both your losses. I can imagine your pain. I had a miscarriage too in 2005 and I was so devastated. I can't imagine the pain of having two of them. My heart goes out to you. In my case the problem was a chromosomal abnormality. It's good to have testing done to give you some insight as to what the problem might be. But don't let this discourage you. When you and your husband have had time to process all that's happened and you're ready to try again, I want you to know that you CAN have a successful pregnancy. My mother and grandmother had multiple miscarriages and yet they ended up having children. Like I said, I had one miscarriage but the following year I had a perfectly healthy and beautiful baby one week before my 38th birthday. I'm now 39 and pregnant with baby #2. Believe me, you too can have a successful pregnancy and when it comes please don't allow your worries to get the better of you---I was a big worrywart thinking the whole time that I would miscarry again and I still think about it but I quickly push those thoughts out of my mind and try to just enjoy being pregnant and staying healthy. Again, my sympathies to you and your husband. We'll be thinking of you on your D& C. I hope to be reading posts about your pregnancy sometime in the future.


Bumblebee - March 2

Perl - Thanks so much for your kind words. Right now dh and I are very much m/c shy and with age issue, we're leaning to IVF for next one. ugh! Really dont want that, but can't chance another m/c either. In any case, we will wait till final results of all tests before making final decision. Thanks again.



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