Sharp Pains And Tired

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annabanana - May 10

i am 14 weeks tomorrow and i am starting to get quick sharp pains on the left side of my abdomen, does anyone else have this? Also i find myself constantly tired and not able to walk for more than 10 minutes. This is something i need to get use since i have gained 10 pounds and will probably gain another 20 or 30 i hope lolllllll


Perl - May 10

I'm glad you asked the question becauset yesterday and last night I was having sharp pains in my lower left side too. I remember a few weeks ago I had pain on my right side but this time it's on my left side. I'll be 12 weeks and 1 day tomorrow so you're a bit further along. I can't tell you what it is but just wanted to say I felt it too. It's gone this morning, so it's not constant pain, otherwise I'd be concerned. I'm not constantly tired but this was weird to me: at the gym yesterday I found that after years of doing this, I could no longer lift as much weight as I'm used to. I had to lift 10 to 15 pounds less--very strange. If I wasn't pregnant I would have forced myself into lifting it but don't want to push myself--I just feel that I got weaker in the last week. Yes, we should expect this to get at least a little worse.


annabanana - May 10

perl do you do cardio or just weights? i want to start working out too but i am scared of something happening, let me know i want to start on Monday doing 20 minutes a day of cardio and then working up to about 40 thanks anna


ThePezChick - May 10

Anna, I had sharp pains on my left side. It turned out to be a combination of round ligament pain from stretching and a fibroid (of no concern to the baby). I think pain at that stage is normal.


Daffy - May 11

Anna - I'm also glad you asked, as I've been having sharp pains on my lower left side for the last few hours, and was getting concerned! I'm 13 weeks, sounds like we're all at about the same place. I also probably haven't been drinking enough water lately, and the nurse had said that getting dehydrated can also cause those types of pains. Just part of being pregnant I guess!!


annabanana - May 12

hi i just had those sharp pains again. i get so paranoid when i feel them, they come and go


ThePezChick - May 13

When do you see your doctor? Not that there's any concern that you have one, but have they looked on an ultrasound for fibroids? Once again, they do not hurt the baby, but the ones I have were painful for a while.... very painful at times.


Perl - May 18

Hi Anna, you still having those pains? I had a few last night and some more this morning. It's a very sharp pain that lasts only a few seconds then goes away. I'm 13 weeks 1 day as of today. Left side and middle. Let us know if your dr gives you any insight.


annabanana - May 18

perl they are normal. our body is growing with baby inside and it was quite normal so dont worry, i am 15 weeks today and still get them so dont worry take care



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