Short Window For Pregnancy

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triathamom - April 28

Has anyone has taken clomid, not specifically for fertility reasons, but for expediency's sake? I am 37 and my husband is over 40. We are interested in getting pregnant a third time. My husband and I have a small window left in order to do this...all of our reasons are personal reasons: 1) we want our children close together 2) we don't want to be over 60 when we are still paying for college, etc., etc. We are not desperate, but I'd like it to happen sooner rather than later. My first two pregnancies did take a long time to achieve (1 year of trying both times). Someone suggested trying to convice my doctor to give me an RX for clomid. I don't mind the increased risk of multiples (we actually wish we started younger and had more children), but my goal is not multiples necessarily. And, if this is something I want to pursue, what could I possibly say that would sway my ob into giving me a RX? Would I say that we've been trying for a longer time than we actually have? And it's just not working this last time around? Or, do they have to find something wrong with your cycle or fertility. I don't necessarily want to lie, but I am ok with being "persuasive." Thanks for any feedback (and, be nice, this is my first post ever....)


MNMOM - April 28

why not first just try to increase your odds on your own by tracking your ovulation?? Buy an ovulation predictor kit...if you are regular and ovulating you can time your intercourse and this should help you easily get pregnant quickly, a__suming you or your husband don't have any other factors which would hamper fertility.


clindholm - April 29

I took Clomid for 3 months after trying for about 1 year. We had been tracking cycles and using opk's but it just wasn't happening. I have always ovulated but my doctor prescribed it due to age and length of time ttc. I would certainly embellish on the lenght of time ttc and remind the doc of your age. Good luck!!!


Krissy68 - May 13

Hi Clindholm, I am back. Krissy68



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