So Upset My IPS Showed 1 22 For Downs

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lovemy3 - September 19

For those of you who don't know me here, I am 38 and expecting my 4th baby. My IPS score just came back today 1/22 for Downs. I go in on Tuesday to find out more. I am so upset.


wantanotheraftertr - September 20

when I had my quad screen done it came back 1:41 for downs. I had my ultra sound a week or 2 later and there was not 1 soft marker! I did not have an amnio done so they still say it is 1:81 I am 36 and 27 weeks I really believe there is nothing wrong with my little boy. I am not sure this will make you feel any better but I hope in some way it helps. remember there is still the margin that your lo is perfect.


lovemy3 - September 20

Thanks so much. I go Tues for my scan to look for markers. Is quad screen the same as IPS?


karyn - September 21

I'd suggest getting an amino, that way the doctors can tell you definitively if everything is ok. Good luck!


wantanotheraftertr - September 21

I am not sure if quad is the same as ISP mine was just a blood draw checking horomnes i believe. I am sure you will get good results at your scan. they messure everything on the baby. Its very fun to get such a good look at your baby. I opted for no amnio because there were no soft markers and I didn't want to risk miscarriage I would love this baby with or without downs. good luck and can't wait to hear how your scan goes!


auntbuby - September 23

I'm 39 (40 next month) and 25 weeks along. I had all kinds of soft markers like: 13 weeks, small for gest age, short femur at 16 weeks, echogenic bowel at 20 weeks. I KNOW they thought this baby had Downs for sure. So I was really happy when I got my amnio back and it was NEG!!!!! You should consider the amnio. It may give you peace of mind. I've had one with each baby (age 35, 37 and 39) and NO misscarriages!! Good luck and try not to worry! Please let us know what happens.


treshala - September 23

how far along are you?? this test can only be performed when you are 15 to 18 wks along. mine came back 1/38 but at the time of the test i was only 13 and a half wks pg so the test was inconclusive. Try not to worry about it and i will put you in my prayers :) please update us. ALSO...that test is just a SCREENER. They have more FALSE POSITIVES than NEGATIVE results.


Kristin72 - September 24

Try not to worry Remember these are only soft markers. What was the NT measurement? Would you consider CVS or amnio? I think this could alleviate alot of your worrys. I truly hope things are in your favour. Let us know how things go on Tuesday. Best of Luck and try to remain optomistic.


lovemy3 - September 24

Hi there, I go tomorrow for my scan to look for soft markers. I ddn't have the NT scan done, just bloodwork. We know we won't terminate so have decided not to risk the amnio and miscarriage, so I guess the scan is what we will see Tuesday. I'll post tomorrow, thanks xo


lovemy3 - September 27

Posted under the May, June TTc thread on this board of what happened!


kazforrest - September 30

Lovemy3- Please dont worry too much My friend 37 was 1/24, following the result the consultant recommended a CVS test and it came back clear. She gave birth to a lovely boy about about 3 weeks ago and hes perfect. In UK they do a combined test which includes NT, urine and bloods and give result based on all three. Hope all goes well.


lovemy3 - October 19

Thanks Kaz. I went in on the Tuesday and first off noticed that in my chart they had recored my weight wrong! So, they reran the test and that one was 1/46. Since then we have had 2 high resolution scans and both have showed markers. Heart looks good, good nasl bone measurements etc. But still its hard to shake the worry. we didn't do the amnio and are waiting it out till feb 7th. A lonnnng wait. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to share her story..thats encouraging!


lovemy3 - October 19

OOPS.....I Meant showed NO MARKERS!!!!!!!!



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