Spot On Heart And Femur Growth

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Kathy1 - December 4

Hi Everyone! I am new to the group I found you guys by doing a little internet searching after my US today. I am 23 1/2 weeks along - the Dr. present at my US stated to my obgyn that he saw an "echogenic focus" on the baby's heart and noticed the femur growth had slowed a little since the last US. The baby's growth is in the "15th percentile" which my OB said is still with in normal range but it is a soft finding along with the spot on the heart that puts the baby at risk for Downs. I am 36 years old will be 37 at time of delivery - and I am now scared to death! We (my husband and I) have scheduled a genetic counseling session for this Friday the 7th at 10:30 AM and an Amniocentesis at 1:30 PM (EST). I figured with my age and the findings this is the only way I will know for sure and what to expect. My baby just this last week or so has been so active I can feel him kicking and turning - and I feel so guilty crying about "what if he has Downs" please any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance - kathy1


lovemy3 - December 4

Hi there. I am 38 years old and expecting my 4th child. My quad screen came back at 1/46 chance ffor DS. I am now 30 weeks and found out at 20 weeks. we decided not to do the amnio because of the miscarriage rate and have been waiting it out. My scans have revealed no markers, heart and femours are good, but we still sit and wait with our 1/46 bloodwork so I know how you are feeling. it is very upsetting. We have managed to move on and won't know till delivery date. Try and keep calm and think about what you will do with the information. they will give you the option of abortion. For us we knew we weren't going to take that route so we decided against the amnio. You will know whats best for you and your family. Big hugs, I know its tough not too worry. Good luck.


Kathy1 - December 5

Thank you for your information and your thoughts. I agree with you on the Aminio - I want it because I am the type of person that will stress big time not knowing - I can't stand the unknown I wish I could but I can't I figured at least this way we will know what to expect and then deal with everything. Abortion is not an option for us either. I will keep you in my prayers too! my due date is March 29th but because of a surgery on my uterus in 2005 I will be having a planned C-section I believe in the begininig of March. When is your due date?


lovemy3 - December 5

Hey there. I am end of feb. but my section is booked for end of jan. early as its my 4th section and I also battle it out pretty badly with preeclampsia. I am the biggest worrier of all and can't stand even waiting for blood results for anything so I hear ya! This has been by far the most challenging thing in my life. My appt yesterday was good. baby looked perfect still and all measurements were great...just my darn blood results!



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