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roxy - December 6 brief hx. Got pg on honeymn 8-mo ago. Had mc at 4 wks. Been ttc for past 6-mo. No luck. My periods are VERY regular, every 26 days. This mo it started 5 days early. This is VERY odd for my cycle. (Even under stress I'm never early). Called OB and she had me take a hpt. It was neg. She ruled out a mc. I'm seeing the OB tomorrow. QUESTION: Any thoughts as to what might be going on with me? Any suggestions about what I should ask my ob or any tests to run, things to check out?? Also, does anyone think I should see a fertility doc instead??


MNMOM - December 7

Roxy: This all old are you? Trying to conceive for 6 months with no success is not unusual, In my experience doctors don't worry about fertility concerns until you have been trying for 12 months. Unless of course you are "advanced maternal age" - like over 37. One thing they can do is evaluate your partner, it is really easy to rule out any male fertility factors by evaluating a sperm sample. They usually start with the male first and then start to trouble shoot the female. But the fact that you did in fact get pregnant once is a very good indication that you can in fact get pregnant. I would stick with your OB if you trust them and like them, they are trained in basic level of fertility issues and will refer you to a specialist if they feel it is necessary or if you end up needing advanced fertility treatments (IUI/IVF etc). Good luck and keep us posted. PS>I'm not sure why your period would be early unless you are older and starting to become irregular or something.


roxy - December 7

Thanks MNMOM! I appreciate your feedback and positive thoughts. I'm 34 (quickly approaching 35). I will ask my ob today about testing my husbands sperm. Thanks for the suggestion. And to think I spent so many years trying NOT to get pregnant. Oh well. Take care!



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