Stitch Cramp In Left Side Of Abdomen

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Vikki - November 14

I just found out I am 4 almost five weeks pregnant for the first time. I am 38. I have had a st_tch like cramp in the left side of my abdomen on and off now for about three weeks. Sometimes it's painful but the area is not tender. I have my first full prenatal exam on Friday. Does anyone have any ideas? Might this be an ectopic pregnancy?


Maidencanada - November 15

I am 41 and will be 5w tomorrow and this is my 5th pregnancy. I always feel a knife-like sharp pain off and on for the first few weeks. It is often how I know I am pregnant. If you are talking about this pain (happens especially when I cough or get up quickly) then you can relax. it is just your uterus stretching and growing. Sometimes it will feel like cramps and others like that pulled muscle feeling and others like a sharp pain. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy. If tehre is something wrong you will know soon enough but I think it is just the usual growing pains that you are experiencing.


Bonnie - November 24

I am 20 weeks and this type of pain started about 2 weeks ago. I didn't get anything in the beginning. Now, I get this at night, it starts every day at around 6PM. Every angle hurts, but it's mostly my left side ribs. It feels like a pulled muscle. The doctor checked to see that it wasn't plurisey, because I had pnemonia last Feb. but it wasn't. I guess it's just the uterus stretching and since you get bloated more at night, it hurts worse for me then. I just hope that once I get a real big hardened belly, it goes away.


Nancy - November 28

Bonnie, I get the exact same pain right under my left lowest rib, especially at night, so you're in good company! This is my third pregnancy, and I'm 38. My other girls are 6 and 9 years old, so this one was a surprise. My first prenatal appt is tomorrow morning, and believe me, I'm going to ask what the deal is with this weird rib feeling! Also, on one or the other side under my rib (it tends to vascillate between the two sides), I'll get what I swear is like a "muscle spasm" for several minutes. I can't feel it from the outside with my hand, but I certainly feel it on the inside! Since I'm only in my 9th week, it's obviously not the baby, but what the........?


To Nancy from Bonnie - November 30

I'm in my 30's as well, but this is my first so I really don't know what to expect! It's good to know that I'm not alone. I actually bought an air matress to lie on when I watch TV because I can't sit to the side with my legs curled on the couch as usual. Let me know what you find out!!


mel k07 - August 1

I'd like to say that these answers hav really helped me this is my 2nd pregnancy i think im 6 wks my doc thinks 10wk ,ive had this st_tch like pain under my rib on & off for the past week more on d right side than the left & i dont remember having it on my first pregnancy, so im releived to hear others get this pain too,im wondering does it have something to do with the way i sleep???


dogmom - August 1

Hi Vikki, I had a lot of cramping at the beginning of my pregnancy and most of it was on the left side. I am 12 weeks now and most of the cramping subsided around 6-7 weeks for me. Since today is Friday I am sure you probably had your doctors appointment by now and maybe even an ultrasound to make sure your embryo is implanted in you uterus. Even at 12 weeks I get cramping every now and then. This week the cramps from my left side of my pelvis have moved to the left side of my lower back and I now get some stabbing pains in the right side of my pelvis. Let us know how it went at the doctor.


Tasman Bay Butterfly - September 2

For all of you wondering about this question, it is likely that you may be feeling the presence of a corpus luteum cyst which is normal in early pregnancy. I have experienced this and then saw the cyst on ultrasound on the same side as my pain. That was the source of it. Not everyone feels it, but some of us can.



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