Swear I Have A Pooch

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LeslieM - January 3

hi ladies! hope everyone is well and that they made it through the holiday season unscathed....so, heres my quandry....i am either 5 or 6 weeks, not positive as my cycles are pretty short....certainly not 28 days, but as i never paid attention and we got preg ttc our first month...i am not sure. i know my LMP was 11/28 however so i am either 5 or 6. anyway i am growing out of bras weekly it seems and other than the tender BBs, the peeing every 1/2 hour and the fatigue...my symptoms have been manageable...but ladies, i swear i have a pooch already! my tum has always had a little bit of a bump, but i have noticed in the last week its much bigger. when i feel it, i can feel the layer of "me" and then its pretty hard underneath...i swear i am convinced i am having twins( due to my age, 38, the fact that i have fraternal twin brothers, and that i felt pg symptoms sooo early.) ok, now that i am done rambling...any other ladies have the same experience as me? thanks!!!


Kristin72 - January 3

Not really but... Congratulations!! Have you done a blood test yet? I wish you all the best..and is this your 1st? I have heard we can get that pooch thing after having had other children before as our abdominal wall is much weaker. :)


LeslieM - January 3

hi kristin...this is baby #2! forgot to write that in my post...i hear you show much faster during subsequent pregnancies. called the dr on the day i got my BFPs (12/19/07) and they scheduled me for the 24th of January. i tell you tho, this is a strong pregnancy...i feel it more every day! and what is your story? :)


jlockhart274 - January 3

My wife just turned 37 and everything you said above is ditto for her. her half sister had triplet's. We never thought we would be parents. A little background on my wife and I. Jenny and I were married 8 years ago. Jenny was 29 and I was 26. We have never done anything not to get pregnant ( you thought you were rambling), as we believed if it was gonna happen it would happen. Years went by and nothing ever happened. Jenny never liked doctors and never has gone not because she wouldn't just hasn't felt like she's had to. After a couple years of us not getting pregnant, I actually had myself tested to make sure it was nothing with me. We just celebrated Jenny's 37th Birthday on January 1st. Almost the whole month of December she wasn't feeling well and noticed she was getting sick around 3pm everyday. She never has been regular with her period, would skip months, so thought nothing of it and thought she just had a little flu. I was sick the whole first half of December so she thought she got it from me. She asked me if I'd stop at Mc'D and get her a Big Mac??? In eight years of marriage she never got a Big Mac at Mc Donalds so on the way home I got a pregnancy test. First one was positive. I went back to the store and bought 4 more. The next 3 were positive and 1 digital one didn't work. We are still in shock because we have all but given up we were ever going to have a child. We haven't gone to a doctor to make it official yet, that's set for Jan 14th, and we haven't a clue what's real or not right now. We're happy, scared, a little overwhelmed, etc. we've been hearing a lot about it being dangerous having a first child over 35. My wife smoked and occasionally drank until January 2nd but is going to stop of coarse drinking and immediately smoking. We don't know how far along she is yet. Any feedback, help, encouragement, etc. will be greatly appreciated. John


LeslieM - January 4

hi j lockhart..i think your name is john as i saw your posting on another thread...a few of us responded. main thing is to try to relax...if you can then it will help your wife and that is important. i am happy to hear that the drinking and smoking has stopped....very important. make an appt. with an OB/GYN as soon as possible. in the meantime, make sure she is taking a prenatal vitamin...and she needs folic acid as well. also, she needs to eat healthy. lots of fruits, veggies...protien. carbs are important too. stay away from sugars or processed food and fast food. no raw fish or anything with raw eggs. no soft cheeses either (like brie, goat, blue etc)kepp her hydrated. lots of water, and no soda! anyway john...congratulations and i am sure that everything will be glorious for you both. there is a really great book called WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOURE EXPECTING. it gives the rundown of everything from what each month will hold to diet and exersize. good luck and try not to worry so much! :)


Perl - January 4

Hi Leslie and congratulations! I'm there with you with my LMP at 11/26 and I'm 39. I feel bloated kind of like when I retain water during my period but it's lasting longer. I feel queasy but my b___bs have not felt any change. I am still b___stfeeding my 14 month old so that may make a difference? I haven't started the frequent bathroom trips but am feeling sleepy in the afternoons. Twins would be fun wouldn't they? My sister had twins when she was 41. My grandmother had twins and my niece had twins also. Three sets of twins in my family, I think my family is prone to having twins and I'd love twins myself but I'd be I think I'd have a panic attack if I were to find out I was pregnant with twins. ****J: congratulations to you and your wife!! Don't let her drink or smoke any more but for some women (not me but some women) a gla__s of wine or beer every now and then is okay. At 37 she's not that old, lots of us here are giving birth to precious, beautiful babies well beyond 35. I myself had my 1st baby at age 38 and now pregnant with baby #2, I think. Be ready for your wife's hormonal changes which could take her from weepy and soft to cranky grump from one minute to the next. Stay involved in the pregnancy like you already are, you'll want to be at each one of her ultrasound appointments--not necessarily each and every appointment but the ultrasounds are so worth seeing. Ditto what Leslie said about the book and dietary cautions. Let us know how the appointment goes and congratulations again!


LeslieM - January 4

hi perl...thanks for the note. ok, you think you are PG? have you not tested? sounds like some symptoms and you are certainly late. yay!!! anyway, my symptoms are very obvious...my poor b___bs! anyway, i was thinking...i had my first IUD for 8 years...when i removed it, my AF's continued to be around 5 days, just a little lighter. i had another IUD for 4 years, and i just took it out around the 23rd of November. on 11/28 i started what was only a 3 day period that just stopped abruptly( normally im lite a day, heavy for 3 or so and then taper off the last day or 2). then i started with the sore b___bs and severe headaches aound the 11th of December. got my BFP on the 19th of December. I am starting to wonder if there was a fertilized egg in my tube that implanted a few days after that lite BFP.hmmmm whaddaya think...i just cannot get over this pooch!



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