Temp Drop After BFP

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elizD - February 17

On Friday I took several HPT and they all came back positive. I have been checking my temps everyday and they have been from 98.0 - 98.5. This morning it was 97.8. I have heard that temp drop can signal a miscarriage. I am paranoid about miscarriage (as anyone would be). I had a missed miscarriage at 12 wks a few years ago. Does anyone have any experience with this? I do not know my coverline as I only started temping after ovulation. I am about 13-14 dpo. Thanks!


COL - February 17

Hi, congratulations !!! as for your question,one temp drop its does not have any significance; so many factors can impact your temps. And from what I am seeing, it’s not really a big drop, I am sure if you have a baseline, it would be above it. I had this before; it will come back up tomorrow. Wish you the best.


docbytch - February 18

hello elizD. Congrats to your bfp. Do your best to just let the pregnancy go day by day. If you worry about every little detail, it could stress your body and the pregnacy too. Just so you know....I am having also to practice what I am preaching here..for I had my own bfp 2/9/07. I miscarried last june at 9 weeks so this pregnancy is my first after. It's daunting, and I get somewhat frightened that the whole tragedy will repeat itself...but there is nothing really to be done. Just gotta think good thoughts, exercise, don't party too hardy or anything....and simply try not to let myself stress over it. Theoretically, one you have miscarried, the odds of carrying your next pregnacy to term go up significantly.


elizD - February 18

Thanks for your replies. I took my temp again this am and it was back up. I know I should try to relax, but it is soooo hard! Now I am stressing b/c the test line is not getting darker...Congrats to you docbytch! I know how hard it is to have your first pregnancy be a mis. I went on to have a very healthy second pregnancy. However, can't say I didn't stress at all! Good Luck.



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