The Flu Fever And Pregnancy

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Kristin72 - May 9

I started getting a bad headache Sunday Evening..Woke up several times during the night due to sweating,sore back, headache, and queesey stomach. Found out Monday morning first thing I have a fever of 101.6. Called the doctor and the nurse said I could take tylenol to reduce the fever. I slept and sweat for most of the day yesterday...have not been able to eat much at all due to a nauseas feeling. I have had consome and and a couple of plain crackers also trying to keep my fluids up. I saw the doc at 1:00 Monday..she said I had a flu virus and she told me after testing my blood I was quite gluclose was low and so were my keytones. Well, this morning (Tuesday) I have developed very watery diahrea..still trying to keep my fluids up. I am very scared my flu/fever will affect the fetus. I am in my 12th week of pregnancy (just over 11weeks from a previous ultrasound dating) Does anyone know how fever and flu can hurt the baby? Also, I have to work tomorrow and Thursday and I had to bump up my prenatal NT to Wed. I am still feeling very weak. If anyone has any suggestions for speeding up the healing process or if you know any of the long term effects fever can have on a fetus while pregnant I would appreciate it. It has taken me every ounce of energy to write this..I will now get back to resting..Thanks Kristin :(


Perl - May 9

Kristin, I'm sorry that you're feeling so sick right now. I know how much we all want to guard our pregnancies and how terrible it must feel to get a virus during pregnancy. I did a quick search and found that a high fever of 102 when you're about 28 days from gestation (or at 6 weeks into pregnancy) has been known to cause open neural tube defects. But you're at the 12 week mark so it looks like you're out of that danger. I also read that a flu or cold will not affect a fetus unless it develops into something worse like pneumonia. Can you get out of working for at least tomorrow. You need to make sure this fever doesn't go up. Tepid baths and tylenol are the best ways I know of to get a fever down. My OB's office approves of Immodium and Kaopectate for diarrhea. Also, I think I remember her saying we could use Gatorade or pedialyte to help with hydration. Personally I think 6- 8 cups per day of liquids should help tremendously. I hope you feel better or at least get that fever down very soon. Whatever you do, don't go near the echinacea with goldenseal okay, this is usually a great remedy if you're NOT pregnant but is not at all good during pregnancy!!


Kristin72 - May 9

Hi Perl, Thankyou very much for your information. You have helped put my mind at ease. It is hard for me to get out of this job for tomorrow as it is a two day gig but it is only from 10-2..then at 3 I go for my NT and blood work..a day earlier because I was again booked on this two day job. I will really try and keep my fever down with the tylenol (even though I hate taking any drug while pregnant) I haven't introduced too many foods but my mother mentioned bananas,apple sauce, and rice were good to help get rid of diahrea. Although none of those things feel very appetizing right now. If all else fails I will try the Immodium. Thanks again..and best of luck on your tests Thursday! XO Kristin


annabanana - May 9

kristin dont worry you will be fine. I know a lot of people who have had flu during pregnancy, I mean going nine months without getting sick is very impossibe. Get rest and plenty of rest. keep us up dated. I just got off penicllin for infection which they my docter said was okay to take. take care and God bless


Hopeful and excited - May 10

Hi Kristin. Hope you're feeling better and that if you did decide to go to work that it wasn't too stressful. However, you MUST REST and drink as much as you can. Re. the diarrhoea - last time I had it (for about a week) the doctor recommended steamed carrots, salt pretzels (preferrably freshly baked rather than the dry crackers) bananas and black tea (perhaps caffeine-free will still work?). (Rice was suggested only when things started to improve). It was a great remedy and sorted out the problem within a few days. The best way to reduce your fever is to take advice from your doctor about appropriate medicine and to use a fan or damp sponge to keep yourself as cool as possible. Hope this helps and you feel better soon.


Kristin72 - May 10

Thankyou Anna and Hopeful for you info and well wishes. It'd just unfortunate when you feel so helpless. Better news for fever has reduced..not completely normal but was 98.9f this morning. I still feel nauseas..and funky..but I am about 60% better than I was. I am just taking my time getting ready this morning. Funny thing I woke up this morning and thought "uh oh, I don't have that pressure to urinate" which I have had everyday of my pregnancy...I may be able to attribute it to the dehyration but I thought for a moment maybe something bad has happened..hmmm...I guess I will find out this afternoon at my Screening test..wish me luck..and I really appreciate everyones concern and info. Hopeful, so nice to hear from you..I am glad you still come here from time to time :) I just want to remind you that I fell pregnant after only two cycles after my loss at 13weeks 6 days..and the fetus had stopped growing around 11weeks 5 days. I started basal monitoring and also bought an ovulation prediction kit..and this was all while I was still having retained fetal tissue for the two additional months..(I had two long periods and two more ultrasounds indicating retained fetal product. However, this did not discourage me..and here I am now..hopefully still going strong...I will update after my NT this afternoon. All the best to you and everyone here!! XO Kristin


Perl - May 10

Hey Kristin that's great news! At least your temperature is going in the right direction--south. 98.9 is much better than 101.6. Good luck today!


Kristin72 - May 11

I am still feeling bad..have not had any solid food in 3-4 days..I just hope my baby can survive my flu too. I still have very bad diahrrea, and nausea. Have my appt today at 4 for NT as some of you may be aware. Just rented a doppler..hoping my babies heart is still beating strong! Ttyl.. K


annabanana - May 11

kristin i hope you feel better, keep up the good work, how did your nt go today?


Kristin72 - May 11

anna, things went just fine today..good NT 1.5, I just have to wait for the blood work to get my final results..after i left the ultrasound room i emptied my bladder a threw up..not great..I am feeling much better this everning though..thankyou for asking. How are you doing?


Val - May 12

hi Kristin - sorry you have been sick - I know that must be scary. You might try eating some yogurt.... the cultures in it might help sort of re-initialize your stomach and help things a bit. My dh and I both had a stomach bug last month and I got over it much more quickly than him, probably because I drank gatorade and ate yogurt. Best of luck to you...


Kristin72 - May 12

Thanks Val, it's funny but my Mom suggested the same thing..thankyou so much...I had also tried the Gatorade the first couple of days I had the bug...seemed to help a bit too! Thanks again, Kristin



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