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Over35 - May 24

Women over 35 are automatically considered "high risk" and have a whole different set of things to be concerned with. Please do not post here unless you fit the category. There are many other forum topics to post in to figure out which guy fathered your child, whether or not you are pregnant because you're two days late, and whatever else is on your mind. This forum was specifically requested for those of us who are over 35 and pregnant to have a peaceful place to exchange concerns and thoughts. Thank you all for respecting this.


MommyAgain - May 24

Amen sister! :)


almost 40 - May 25

I'm 39 and 35 wks pregnant. Yes, I was a shock and the fear of complications stopped me from enjoying part of my pregnancy. I declined testing except for the ultrasound which indicates everything is husband and I have childrend from a previous marriage, their ages are...18,21,23 !


Carol - May 25

I'm 35 and this is my first pregnancy. I decided not to do the amniocentesis but had the ultrasounds and blood work taken (waiting for results). So far I'm feeling good. How is everyone else doing?


L - May 25

Well said! There's a place for different questions this is for a specific topic as you say.


MommyAgain - May 25

I have also refused ANY invasive testing. Frankly, nothing they could tell me would make me even consider giving up this baby, we want this baby any way the Good Lord sees fit to deliver him or her ;o) I've had 1 ultrasound to determine how far along I was, andI have done urine and blood tests to check for sugar and iron etc.. just the basics - so far, so good! :)


why - May 26

So mean?? This is a forum! Maybe this people think you can help since you are much older. Think!! These could be your daughter one day. Please don't be so rude......I look at this whole site. Yes, i'm 29 years old and not 35,but I decided to post any way. I have never post here before today. Good Luck and Baby Dust!!!!!! I hope you have happy and healthy pregnancy!!!


TJ - May 26

Ladies, I am 38 and preganant with #4. I had a level 2 u/s and blood work that told me all I needed to know. I will not have any further testing done. I had pre-eclampsia with my last child and trying to stay very healthy this time. Not that I wasn't healthy before, but now I am aware of what "could" happen, so I am extra sensitive. My other children are ages 19, 12, and 20 months. God gives us strength, huh? :)


Christina - May 26

Yeah it is a free country and people can post whereever they want!!


Bern1 - May 26

I'm 35 and have had my first baby. He was born prematurely at 27 + 5days. Had polyhadramnios when pregnant, but not sure if that is what caused me to have baby early - don't think I will ever find out. Baby is now 33 weeks in Nicu ward and is doing fine - fingers crossed , should be home in 6 -7weeks


Elizabeth - May 29

Over35, it would be nice if you didn't exclude women who will be turning 35 during their pg because that still puts them in the same boat. I will be 35 this summer and just found out I am pg. I just do not want to chat with a 15 year old about it and this seemed like a safe place to come. Maybe I am wrong but oh well. Good luck to you.


L - May 30

Elizabeth I am sure no one here would object to you posting as a 34 year old! I think what they meant was they didn't want completely irrelevant questions on here that might be better suited on another page. I don't think this comment applies to yourself or any other 34 year old women waiting to turn 35 during (or just after!) their pregnancy. I am sure you are more than welcome here. Wishing you a healthy happy pregnany! x


m - May 30

I agree -and i kinda wish this post would disappear. The name of the forum is enough said. If you don't like the "kids" that are posting idiotic questions (because they do do that on this website) then just don't respond. But I do wish this thread could be deleted.


amy p. - May 30

I agree with m.


k - May 31

Why do you wish this post would disappear? It's nice to talk to other 35+ women. If you don't like it...well you know.


m - May 31

The reason I would like for this post to disappear is because it's kind of misleading to other women who are perhaps in their early thirties, and are feeling as if they can't post here because they're not 35 or older. I think this forum became established because the other forums have a majority of younger mothers, and they don't share the same types of concerns as say women over thirty. This forum would be more aptly named if it were Pregnant over 30. And I don't appreciate the last comment in your post. If you don't like what I wrote ....well you know...


Elizabeth - May 31

m, you definately got it. I just can't believe how many teens are out there trying to get pg or are pg and aren't getting any doctor's care. It makes me nervous about having a girl. As much as I want one I know how teenage girls are, I was one for goodness sakes, I just don't think I could handle it if she did half the things I did! Anyway, I am pg, (early-due Jan. 18) and hoping this one will take. I lost one before this past Christmas and I am having a hard time feeling everything is okay this time. I jump at every twinge or pull in belly. I wipe everytime I go to the bathroom thinking there will be spotting. So far so good but still nervous. My doctor is still just establishing my hormones and hasn't spoken to me about any future tests. I wonder if they will suggest an amino and if they do, I wonder what I should do. Anybody have any experience with them or opinions?



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