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Elizabeth - May 31

m, you definately got it. I just can't believe how many teens are out there trying to get pg or are pg and aren't getting any doctor's care. It makes me nervous about having a girl. As much as I want one I know how teenage girls are, I was one for goodness sakes, I just don't think I could handle it if she did half the things I did! Anyway, I am pg, (early-due Jan. 18) and hoping this one will take. I lost one before this past Christmas and I am having a hard time feeling everything is okay this time. I jump at every twinge or pull in belly. I wipe everytime I go to the bathroom thinking there will be spotting. So far so good but still nervous. My doctor is still just establishing my hormones and hasn't spoken to me about any future tests. I wonder if they will suggest an amino and if they do, I wonder what I should do. Anybody have any experience with them or opinions?


m - May 31

to Elizabeth, yeah, I know, I read some of those posts and I really have to wonder, is this real, or are these girls curious about pregnancy and are joking around hoping to get people either mad, worried, concerned, and just plain sad. I have a daughter who's almost 15 and she still thinks kissing a boy is semi-gross. She's not ready at all. And I am SO GLAD!!! LOL! But there are definitely some girlfriends of hers that make me wonder ... I also remember what I was doing at her age, and shew, it wasn't great, but it's nothing like the girls today do. All this oral s_x thing going on, the skimpy clothes, the ought-be R-rated videos, girls gone wild c___p, MAN - I shudder to wonder what I would be doing in this day and age. .... so sorry about your previous m/c. I hope the best for you this time around. Is your doc measuring your prog levels, and hcg on a regular basis? Mine did, and I think he only did it to ease my mind. My prog level were kinda low, but not too low. He put me on prog suppositories, but they made me sick. My hands and face got puffy and I slept so much. I was so sick to my stomach too. He also did in office u/s, one at 6 weeks and another at 8 weeks, and another at 10 : ) Each showed good progress. I told him we considered an amnio, and he sent me to a good place to do it. It was a scary procedure, but it gave us a measure of rea__surance. I had it done at 16 weeks and everything was fine. I have a bookmark for a really good website that has hundreds of posts about amnio. It really helped to ease my worry about getting it done. The actual ratio for risk is about 1 in 400 for complications. Probably even better, but they don't publish better numbers just to be on the safe side I guess. I sure hope the best for you!


MommyAgain - June 2

I agree completely with the original post, and I am thankful this forum was started. What some of you who are "against" this forum are missing, is the point that the original poster stated. Those of us 35 and older are put into a risk category by the medical field. That is a fact. Those under 35 do not have the same concerns and issues. That is why this forum is so specific. If you don't like the specific topic here, contact the website and request a new topic that would more suit you, I'm sure they would be happy to add one! It's a crying shame they have no way to weed out some of the offensive and extremely immature postings in some of the other forum topics, let's try to keep this one somewhat respectable ladies :)


Kayla - June 2

I find this comment to be rude and selfish. I am 31 years old and answer the teen questions. The mom in me kick in. I would think it would be the same for you. Also you can have complications if you are under 35. I had some. Good luck and remember this is a forum. Don't be so mean!


Rebecca - June 15

I just found out last night I'm pregnant, I'm 35 years old with an 11 year old. And I am scared. I have a down syndrome brother and he is my world, I love him dearly; I just know if I'm ready to handle that possibility. Can anyone recommend a good book about fears and facts?


Carrie - June 20

I just turned 44, am currently 15 + 5 weeks pregnant and have had 4 previous miscarriages. I have a 14yo daughter from my previous marriage. I have been seeing a perinatologist who specializes in high risk pregnancies and have had the nuchal translucency screen and the blood work to go with it for the first part. There are greater risks mostly just because of my age. I am going to have my first ever amnio on Wednesday morning and am really not looking forward to it. My test results from the first testing came out very good, although I want to have the amnio done. Am on heparin and hope that there are no problems. My doctor is very good and has been doing amnio for 20+ years. Wish me luck. Good luck to all of you.


jen - June 25

Carrie, I am in the same boat as you. I'm 44 and had 4 previous miscarriages also. Did you go to a specialist before you conceived this one? I'm sure my problem is with clotting.


Lissi - July 4

I'm only 34, but I often look in on this forum because I plan to be pregnant when I'm over 35 and am interested in what you are all going through, but to be honest your rudeness has put me off, so I think I'll stick with the other forums, even when I'm pregnant with my next. Thanks a lot.


Stacey - July 5

I am 35- almost 15 weeks pregnant with twins and for the first time not sick. It has not been fun so far. Anyone pregnant with twins ?


mommieme - July 7

i have 4 older children ( under 21) and i am having my 5th. i am 391/2. i tired of hearing all the "concerns" for over 35 pregnancy's, lets enjoy our pregnancys and leave it in GODS hands. CONGRATS ladies


Magicbst - July 7

I'm 38 and 4 1/2 weeks preg. This is my seventh pregnancy and I have no children. The most recent loss was an ectopic pregnancy. Hopefully this one will be a good one. I have an awesome OB who cares.


Rebekah - July 7

I'm 36 and 17 weeks pregnant with my first. The father is 42 and most everything I've read it is the father who has the down symdrome trait. I've had all the blood work done, so far so good. But I've had some spotting and pa__sed a clot today. It was kind of scary. I've had additional ultrasounds and the dr. said my cervix is perfect, still I'm not very happy with my treatment so far. Anyone else spotting???


tina - July 10

I completely agree with you, Over35. It is nice to talk with women 35 (or 34) and older because we are automatically high risk. I have high risk doctors simply because of my age. I find the women on this forum to be more intelligent than the other forums. It's nice not to have the questions like: who's my baby's father? I'm twelve and pregnet (intentional) with twins; what should I do?


h - July 11

I'm 36 and pregnant with 1st - should i be making an appointment with my dr. before the recommended 12 week mark? thanks for your input.


Val - July 13

H - I'm 35 and just had my first visit on Monday at 5-7 wks. Check with your doctor's office to see what they recommend. Mine will do an ultrasound next week to confirm my due date (there is a discrepancy between my last period start date -5/24 - and my ovulation date - 6/19). This is my first pregnancy and I just felt very rea__sured to go to the doctor's office and know that they are following my progress.


Ever heard of free forum - July 25

this is a free forum and this is the INTERNET



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