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lm - August 13

Mother 777, I had the Level II U/S done last friday and what Louisa says is correct - it is a fairly detailed scan where the docs measure fetal development. During mine, the doc measured the skull, the femur, the distance between the eyes, and a few other things (which I can't remember!). It took about a half an hour. Based on those measurements, he was able to say that everything appeared to be normal and lowered my risk of DS or spina bifida to half of what it was before. With that said, however, there is still no guarantee that these defects do not exist because the measurements cannot tell everything, they can only give a risk determination. Likewise, the blood tests will also only provide a probability rating. This is why I am so torn! My age is up which automatically increases the risks, I also have the fibroid tumors and had a placental abruption last month. Additionally, the pregnancy was a surprise and I was on medication at the time of conception. SO. . .I remain worried and want certainty and at the same time, think, well. . .so far everything looks good, why risk it. And then I go back to the other side again! I am scheduled for the amnio this monday, and I feel like maybe I should just do it for peace of mind. . .sigh. The more I research and I do on the amnio, the less risky it seems. But. . .who knows!


mother777 - August 13

im: please let me know how the amino was. i am so afraid to have that done. these doctors really scare you that you can't even enjoy the pregnancy. and, who is to say that after taking this test everything will still be fine. how accurate is the amino. and, when will i get a peice of mind and just relax and enjoy this pregnancy. which is my last one that i am having. and, yes mines was unexpected as well. good luck on monday.


lm - August 18

mother777, I did the amnio on Monday. It was NOT fun, but there were absolutely no complications. The doctor is a high-risk maternal fetal specialist who does the procedure all the time. I went home after the procedure (drove myself) and laid down the remainder of the evening and all day tuesday and was back at work wed. They did find some weird things in my ultrasound though that have me all freaked out. (bilateral CPCs and kidney dilation). They say, these COULD be related to Trisomy 18 or DS OR be nothing at all! I love the extremes. Now, I am just in anxiety over that and the amnio will tell me once and for all if everything is ok. So. . .just waiting now. . .


mother777 - August 18

im: i will be praying for you that every thing is well. i am still waiting for my appt to see the genetic counselor and the level 2 sonogram. at this time they will discuss the amino with me. however, i will be 19-20 weeks next week. this pregnancy was unexpected for me as well. i am 39 with two kids ages 12 and 16. i thought i was finish. i went back and forth on what should i do. my mother whom i was very close to pa__sed away feb 12, of this year, and i just feel that after her death started a new life. this baby was a gift to me. i never tried to get pregnant after twelve years, but i never did. so it's like wow why now. my kids are getting older and soon they will be away in college, so now here comes little baby to keep me company. when is your due date? after speaking to the genetic counselor and having the level 2 i will make my decision. i will keep you posted. please let me know about the results and good luck.t


cindy - August 20

I am 42 will be 43 when I deliver. I am 28 weeks along. I have been infertil for 22 years. Adopted my 2 boys as infants now 19 and 17, worked 8 yrs to get preg with my daughter. 32 plus treatments and 4 surgeries. Well I show up preg out of nowhere last August then lost the baby at 3 months. Low and behold I found myself preg again in Jan. It must be meant to be. I feel pretty good. I had bed rest at 6 weeks for one month because of spotting, and lots of sleeping problems. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I am on oxygen and cpap breathing machine at night. Other than that everything is fine. I decided not to have any tests done since I would keep this little one no matter what and didnt like the risks of amnio. My doc strongly discouraged me to not have these tests. I have had lots of ultrasounds. The last one at 23 weeks and the doc says it was "exceptional" he said everything looked really good. size of head, heart. kidneys, spine, etc. He even had the nose checked and the palate. He said my chances of birth defects were drastically reduced but still not 100 percent guarentee but looked real good. I am so nervous about delivery since my last one 15 yrs ago was so horrible. I just seem to be praying 24/7 and that brings me peace. I hope everyone does well and stays healthy. We are a rare breed.


Tammy - August 20

Louisa, mother777, & im, It is so heart wrenching to read your posts. Clearly you are all women who want your babies so much. To have to agonize over what course of testing to do is so stressful. I too, was in you shoes. I am 45 and pregnant with my 3rd. I had my 2nd at 41 and had no testing. My doctor strongly suggested that I have CVS with this pregnancy. They could not perform it so I had an amnio at 16 weeks. You are correct, it did not hurt and they do tell you to stay off of your feet for at lesst 24 hours. The results took 9 days and they were the longest 9 days of my life. I spent them wondering if I did the right thing and how I was going to feel if something was worng. The day the genetic counselor called I was petfried I just stared at the phone. When I did, she immediately said "I have good news". I started crying out of relief. I didn't realize how much stress this causes. It is easy to say that I am glad that I did it (because I received good results). I still worry from time to time but I have enjoyed this pregnancy much more than my last because my mind is at ease. My husband supported me either way with my decision. I am having a baby boy. EDD 10/28/05. A sincere good luck to you all and I hope you get the greastest results and beautiful babies.


Louisa - August 22

Well here goes, it’s my turn to see the genetic counselor today. Still very nervous, but it has to be done. The tests that I would like to have are the 2 d ultrasound and Amniocentesis. Tammy, it’s great to hear all is well with your pregnancy.. it’s great to know you have a healthy boy on it’s way! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You mentioned you got your results in nine days, where do you live? (If you don’t mind me asking) I was told it takes three weeks for the amnio results. That’s how long I waited with my son 13 years ago. (TORTURE). The blood tests seem to have a lot of false positives and the CVS testing just seems very invasive and the research online for that test has frightened me terribly. Please let me know how everyone is making out. Thanks!


Tammy - August 22

Louisa- That is why I went straight for the amnio. I know so many women who had the blood tests that ending up having to have the amnio. I did not want to torture myself twice. I live in Blackwood New Jersey. My OB sent me to a high risk doctor at the hospital who specialize in this. I had the test on a May 3rd and I had the results on May 12th. Good luck today. By the way, I did not like the genetic coulselors. I think they scare the c___p out of you.


lm - August 22

Yes, this waiting is absolute TORTURE. And, I completely agree with Tammy - genetic counselors just scare you to death. Since I had the amnio last Monday, the doc said that the results would be in between 7 to 10 days. . .I do not expect to hear anything today, though. Sigh. I am so exhausted with technology and all the possible conclusions which arise from some simple little thing which could be actually be no indication at all!! Anyways. . .the "high risk" category has me just beside myself and I know that I am on the young end of it and yet, I am still being bombarded with information that I think maybe I don't even want to know!! Now I am worried because I didn't do the blood screening but just did the amnio and if I don't screen for Fragile X syndrome, the won't test the amniotic fluid for it, and my father's mother's half-sister had a child with some sort of chromosomal problem which could have been Fragile X but we don't know. . .and . . .etc etc etc. . . .!!!!! I could just SCREAM and Cry and throw things! I just want to enjoy this and yet, to date, I have not had the opportunity and now I feel maybe I am just being selfish. . .I don't know. . .I sure would like solid answers but I know there will never be 100% guarantees. . .and I should just relax and let what will be, be. . .Cindy, your story is just amazing. Congratulations. Louisa, the amnio is going to be just fine and I live in Orange County, California where the results are suppposed to be 7 to 10 days. Tammy, I am SO happy for you! Now, please tell me to stop worrying about everything and anything. This is my first pregnancy and at this point, I never ever ever want to go through this again! Mother777, keep me posted, my due date is 1/10/06, so I did the amnio at 19 weeks. Sorry about the venting ladies.. . I think I just had to get it out. . .:(


mother777 - August 22

im:everything will be fine. my doctor was not in today for my appt. he was delivering a baby. so, i had to see the dreadful mid-wife. she told me the blood tests had to hurry up back, so i can get an amino. she said if there is anything wrong i only had up to 24 months to have an abortion. i am so sick and tired of these people. i am trying real hard not to say anything. i am so glad that i do not have to deal with her. my due date is jan 10 2006 as well. i will keep you guys posted on this site. did they tell you the s_x of the baby.


kim - August 22

I, too, am 40yo and am due in i week. I have 2 girls who are 13 and 15, it's a bit scary for me but we tried two years before I was able to get pregnant. This is my husbands first and he's ecstatic!


kim - August 22

I forgot to add... concerning the tests for abnormalities(afp,cvs,etc.) my husband said to me this is OUR baby.what would you do if they found something could possibly be wrong? Nothing of course. I couldn't abort. I could never forgive myself, so we are glad the us are good and are enjoying this experience. Good luck to all!!


lm - August 22

Kim, I'm so happy for you that things are going well. . .you are lucky that they did not find uncertainties in your US. For me, they did and they informed me that it was best to have an amnio. Because the problems they found could mean serious complications in utero. I have also struggled terribly with the moral, ethical, philosophical and emotional consequences of these tests, and certainly whatever one chooses to do with the information obtained is a deeply personal decision. I am glad for you, that you know it would not matter. I cannot say that I am as strong as you. Mother777, thank you for your positive vibes. Yes, it's a boy! I'm sorry you had to deal with the horrible midwife! Keep me posted.


Louisa - August 23

Hi Ladies Today I had an ultrasound (nuchal translucency) to test the fold in the baby's neck and a blood test A second blood test is taken in about two weeks which I should have September 1st. The results from the testing should be available in three business days. During the ultrasound the baby was not co-operating, poor thing wanted to stayed curled up, the technician needed a frontal view of the baby’s head.. she was able to get one but would of preferred to have three. For my own sanity I will follow up with the amino, I’m just hoping the results will show that my odds have significantly lowered (crossing my fingers and toes) I live in Ontario, Canada the time line for results from the amnio are three weeks...SEEMS LIKE FOREVER. IM we all understand your need to vent, I soooooooo glad that this forum exists. It feels like a safe place to discuss all our fears and hopes. Thanks for your responses


lm - August 24

I just got the results from my amnio back and everything is fine!! I am so very very relieved and I feel that I can finally move into some acceptance and excitement! big sigh.


Louisa - August 24

Im Congratulations on your great news! I trying to keep really positive thoughts until I can breathe the same sigh of relief... Oh the waiting!!!



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