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Louisa - August 24

Im Congratulations on your great news! I trying to keep really positive thoughts until I can breathe the same sigh of relief... Oh the waiting!!!


Lm - August 26

Oh Louisa! Everything is going to be OK - I just know it. I am thinking happy chromosome thoughts for you. Just try to do peaceful relaxing activities for you own sanity - here I am finally feeling ok and you are in the waiting stage and I know EXACTLY what you are going through. . .Last Tuesday, I cracked - had to leave work and didn't know what to do with myself - I went and got a pregnancy ma__sage and just breathed deeply and felt the ma__sage and tried to empty my brain - it really helped a LOT! So, try to do those types of things. . .just treat yourself well. I KNOW it will all be OK. . .Keep me posted!


Louisa - August 26

IM Thanks for your positive thoughts! It helps sooooooooooooo much having someone to talk to that REALLY UNDERSTANDS what you are going through. Wow, it’s so wonderful to hear all these great results everyone seems to be having. That really helps me hope for a healthy baby. This would be my last baby for sure and I already have some many hopes and dreams for this child. It’s amazing has close you can feel towards your unborn child. I've got myself so worked it's hard to remain calm. Yesterday I hit my 14th week which means my chance of miscarriage has dropped significantly. Two more weeks until the amino testing can be performed and three weeks to get the results. "Patient" wouldn’t be the best word to describe me at the moment. The ma__sage sounds so wonderful I think I might give it try or even a manicure. My nails are unbelievable at with this pregnancy, definitely going to enjoy them while the last. Thanks again, I will keep you posted!


lm - September 1

Hi Louisa: just wondering if you've had a news yet. . .you are still in my thoughts and prayers. I have an appointment today. . .I have a lot of abdominal pain, and I just don't know if it's normal or not since this is my first. . .I'm at 21 weeks now and just starting to show, so maybe the stretching is just now happening? I don't know. . .any thoughts? Hope you are well.


Louisa - September 1

HI Im, No News yet. Other than there is only one baby. My uterus is large for dates, from the research online one cause was the possiblity of twins. Don't worry about the pain from what I've been told it's just your ligaments stretching. 15 Weeks today, I'm experiencing the same sort of pain. As long as you don't have any bleeding or clear discharge (not the creamy white color pregnant women experience) you should be fine! I'm showing already, took the kids to the wave pool and there was no doublt in my bathing suit. (Must be that large Today I had my second blood test for the nuchal translucency screening. The results should be in around the same time I go for my Amnio, it is booked this Thursday morning.. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers... Wish it didn't take three weeks for the results. in Canada. Let me know how you make out at the doctors. Take care


Louisa - September 7

Good news.. I hope! My odds went from 1/225 to 1/1125 for having a child with Downs. My Amnio test is tomorrow... wish me luck!!!


lm - September 8

Oh Louisa! That is EXCELLENT news!!! I just knew it! Oh, you should be at your amnio right now or already did it. . .you're in my thoughts and prayers! Keep me posted. p.s. I think I felt the little guy move yesterday, but I'm just not sure. . .


Louisa - September 9

IM Yes, I had the amnio test yesterday. Wow things have changed in thirteen years. The site that the needle entered my uterus was my lower left side. THe first time the needle entered through my belly b___ton. With this second amnio the needle entered didn't hurt, but once it entered my uterus I felt a lot of pressure. The baby moved so they had to pull the needle out and reentered at another site. The Doctor said the procedure went well which was excellent news to me, now it's just the waiting game for the results. We asked what the s_x of the baby is and from the utlrasound it looks like a boy!!!! It's such a beautiful feeling as the you start to feel the baby move. The bond you feel between each other just gets stronger. Does any one know how after an amnio complications may arise? I think it's a couple of days?


Lm - September 11

Lousia - I'm so glad everything went well. According to my high-risk specialists, complications should only arise within the first 3 days or so. . .so you should be just DANDY by now!! :) (I think I have read somewhere that sometimes complications arise up to 5 weeks after the procedure. . .but very very very rarely, and it is difficult to tell if they are related to the amnio or something else. . .) Anyways, I am sure you are going to be absolutely fine. . so try to relax a little now! I feel like I am finally finally settling into acceptance and starting to get excited. What an amazing process this is! Keep me posted!


to Louisa et al - September 11

Why don't you start a new thread and let this one die? It only begins negatively, and it's fairly old as well.


Louisa - September 13

Hi Ladies, I started a thread called "CONTINUATION OF THIS FORUM IS FOR THOSE OVER 35 AND PREG." Not enough room for the word PREGNANT. LM I feel much more secure with the blood screening coming out with better odds. I will however feel much better when the results of the Amnio come back (about two weeks time) This morning I had an appointment with my OB when I got rear ended on the way. Fortunately the accident happened right outside of the doctor's office parking lot. The doctor saw me immediately and told me to go home and rest, if there is any bleeding to go straight to the hospital. If nothing happens in 24 hours we should be ok. It's great to hear how much your settling into your pregnancy and feeling the baby is really amazing! Just wait until you can hold him in your arms. I know I feel the same way! The next big event for me (other than the results from the amnio) is the twenty week ultrasound. My son will be coming with me this time so he has a chance to bond with the baby.


?? - September 27

Why waste your time b___hing, just ignore the posts you don't approve of.


sophiegirl - January 19

I'm new to this and im so glad i found this forum. I'll be 37 next month and my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for the past 4 months and yet nothing, i know time is not on my side but im starting to worry i may never get pregnant, any suggestions or tips to speed this up. I so want to be pregnant this would be our first child if it ever happens


Kristin72 - January 19

FYI this forum is 4 years old so you probably won't get too much help. Come to the TTC (Trying to Conceive ) board. You will get a lot more help there. Good Luck


alanandmichelle_84 - February 4

I am 42 and pregnant I had a tubal over 18 years ago and my last pregnancy was 6 to 7 weeks early. I have been having cramps and burning in the pelvic area I have had three hcg levels checked all are raising and going to have another tomorrow because I cant see the ob for 3 more weeks. Does any of this make me high risk?


afurtaw - February 8

Hello all! I am not yet pregnant. I am here solely for advice. I am 38 and have 3 children ages 7, 5 and 10 months. We decided after our last one that we would be done having children. But now we are both considering a 4th. I am a bit nervous because I will be at least 39 when i deliver, if I were to get pregnant right away. Also I feel that my older two would be missing out. I didn't plan for the 5 year gap between my second and third...there were two miscarriages. My husband and I go bacj and forth on this issue. My ONLY reason really for not trying for another is my age. Any suggestions? Anyone in similar situations?



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