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afurtaw - February 8

Hello all! I am not yet pregnant. I am here solely for advice. I am 38 and have 3 children ages 7, 5 and 10 months. We decided after our last one that we would be done having children. But now we are both considering a 4th. I am a bit nervous because I will be at least 39 when i deliver, if I were to get pregnant right away. Also I feel that my older two would be missing out. I didn't plan for the 5 year gap between my second and third...there were two miscarriages. My husband and I go bacj and forth on this issue. My ONLY reason really for not trying for another is my age. Any suggestions? Anyone in similar situations?


supermum - February 19

hello i'm new 2 this post i'm 37yrs i have 2 children aged 19 and 5 and i have had 2 misscarriages last year 1 in july and the other 1 this jan i went for a 12wk scan and they told me that ma baby had stopped growing at 9wks and 4dys i had an missed misscarriage but i had these 2 miscarriages while taking clomid. i have just had a period but choose not 2 continue taking clomid as i feel that if i take it i may get pregnant but probably could end up having another misscarriage and me and my partner r sooooooo desperate 4 another baby but i'm soo sacared and then again i carn't help thinking that i'm getting 2 old 2 have another baby and mayb that's the reason why i lost ma babies ooooo i don't know plz somebodi help me ..


deliweli - February 27

sophiegirl, don,t give up and stay positive. i was trying for 3 years for my first child and eventually had a wee girl when i was 36. straight after i started trying for number two and when nothing was happening after 6 months I started clomid. nine cycles later still nothing and we were preparing to go for ivf. At times I just thought I should be glad that I was lucky to have one child as so many are not that fortunate. Clomid induced mood swings and constant disapointment put our relationship to the test and I started to question if it was really worth it. I read on internet that vitamin b6 can help when trying to concieve and I don,t know if it was a coincidence but the first cycle i took it i fell pregnant. my gorgeous wee daughter is now 5 months old and I am so glad we didn't give up trying.


mrngorickets - July 5

Hi, Thanks very much for this comment. It help me to think about my ideals. Tks again and pls keep posting.


dreamy2433 - July 8

I am 37 and trying for #4. We have 3 boys and hope to have a girl. I have made a lot of mommy friends here (chatterscene dot com)Check it out But sometimes I like to stop here and see what is new


helianthusdd - July 14

Have boys and girls at young age is easier than at older age. At what age you have chilren? Can you give me some tips? Many thanks for your site. It's so useful.I also found one site about Pregnancy over 35 ( You can ref. However, I appreciate real experiences. Please share! Tks advance!


Momnmarch - July 19

42 and just found out I was preg. I have 3 children, 23,18 & 13...Im very nervous especially when it comes to thinking about delivery, I dont think I cam handle it I hear it is worse as you get older. Anyone experiences that may help in making my decision between natural vs c section


lisa2u2 - July 20

hi momnmarch , i also got a 21 18 and 13 year old , had them all normal births, and thought i finished my family , then i done suraggace for a couple had one in 2002 and then 2004 , both normal births , then in 2007 i had a c section and i got to be hounest was off my feet for 2 weeks , would def go for normal bith than a c section, and im pregnant now with my own this time , and would still go for normal bith over a c section , but i would read up a bit on both and make your own mind up , good luck to you



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