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30+ something : ) - May 30

Ask, Post, any questions or concerns etc, here!


Kayla - June 2

Thanks for posting this. at least someone here has a heart. Good luck and Baby dust!!


m - June 2

I agree! Baby dust to all women who are in their 30's but feeling rejected by the 35 mark. I'm actually 39, 40 at due date, but I know there are lots of women in their earlier 30's that have just the same concerns as women that are 35. I feel just as comfortable talking to a 30 year old as I would a 40 year old.


TARA - August 8

I am 34, to be 35 in a couple of months, however I feel this forum is more appropriate for me that one with mostly women in their teens and 20's.


Julieann - August 9

I am 33 soon to be 34 and like most, feel out of my realm talking to the younger ones in thier teens and early 20's - seems they have stars in their eyes as no one has knocked reality upside their heads yet.... Good luck to all!!!


Julieann - August 9

oh - I'm almost 9 weeks, this is my 6th pregnancy with one live birth 10 years ago and my last us last week showed an empty sac so I go in for another us tomorrow. Pins and needles... but I have accepted God's plan no matter what happens but am still praying. I have heard all the reasons to not get upset yet so I am not (well, not too much anyway). The strongest argument is that I think my uterus is tilted (At least that's what I remember when I was pregnant with my son) so that would affect them seeing anything this early. So... We'll see. God bless you all!!


CM - August 16

I'm 32, thank you.


jam - August 17

I am almost 32 and think I am pregnant for the second time. I have an appt next week. I also feel out of place on the other site, those people seem so young! I would just like to talk to someone that has experiences like me, feeling a little bit older but still ready for another one!


mother777 - August 17

hi i am 39 pregnant with my third. ages 16, and 12. i think this site would be good. i am thinking about tying my tubes.


CASSIE - August 21

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you posted this i am 30 and my partner is 40 sometimes you dont want to read the samee posts over and over again by teenages who have the intelligence levels of flies asking 'am i preg thought it would be same as he withdrew' , give me a break. We may not be 35 exactly but we still have the same concerns and are not on the same level as school kids. BABY DUST TO ALL 30 +++


mother777 - August 22

julieann: how did everything go at the doctor office. i hope all went well


Stacey - August 22

I am 35 & will be 36 in a few months . I am 21 weeks pregnant with twin girls and could not be happier. Congrats to all of us late bloomers !


Julieann - August 22

Hi Mother777, I have had computer issues or I would have posted sooner... My appt went great - I almost broke down in the weight, blood pressure area cause I was so terrified, but it all worked out. The little peanut was there and it was in the right spot so no ectopic this time (hooray). We are still keeping our fingers crossed as I have carried to 12 weeks and then lost it before. They refigured my dates (they forget they can't base me on a normal 28 day cycle as mine is about 34) The little peanut measured 6 weeks and 4 days, which would be 8 weeks and 3 days now with a due date of April 2. Fingers and toes and everything else is crossed... My next appt is the 8th os September. It'll be a little over 10 week by then. Just a little bit closer... Take care all!


mother777 - August 22

good luck julieann keep us posted. my due date is the 10th of jan


sprite - August 23

hi, great to see a forum for the 30+ im 37and expecting my 4th child. Id decided to go see the the gyno and even had a surgery date to get my tubes tied, when I got rushed to hospital one night doubled over with pain in my upper gallstones, apparently made worse by u guessed it being pregnant! Don't get me wrong I really want this child, but now im facing gallbladder surgery and a doctor who keeps going on about the risks of having a baby at my age and he wonders why my blood pressure is up! Scan tomorrow to checks dates and stuff, when I see that heartbeat I will be able to relax a bit.


kris A. - August 23

Hi sprite - I'm 34 and expecting my 4th as well, currently 27 weeks - had lots of probs in beginning of pg, but everything evened out and resolved. The best advice I can offer is to not let the doc scare you silly. Women are aging better now, and health care is better now, so some of the tests just create a needless worry, with so many false positives, etc. Enjoy this time the best you can. best wishes all, kris


Sprite - August 24

hi Kris, congrats to you :O) Well I had my scan and everything is where it should be and the lil heart was beating at a healthy 136bpm, Im only 6 weeks along though. I will try not to let the doc get to me and if he doesnt let up I will be giving him a piece of my mind and changing doctors! My youngest is only just a year old (aug 13th) so I've been through this before.... I actually refused the tests last time because if they found anything I wouldnt have acted on it anyway, but thank you for your encouragement and good wishes Best wishes right back at you, Sprite



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