Thx Girls COL Val Amp Ck I M So Very Touched

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Sann - June 19

Hello Girls : )I'm touched to tears by all of you : ) Sorry for not posting sooner : ( Great to hear that everything is going well for all of you : ) Here's my update ... I tested, 2 very faint lines, I think the test stick is faulty. And I ran out of test kits, I'll go get a few more today, do another test tomorrow morning .. so update you tomorrow. Another thing, had to canel my appointment with the ob/gynae, as usual, stuck at the office again... arghhhhh! so updates on that one too : ( COL - Motorcycle hah : ) SO FUN & SO COOL! Non pregnancy related ??? Well : ) maybe not, it's really very "s_xy" and romantic riding on the motorcycle with your Dh, sets your hormones rising ... heeheehee : ) : ) : ) setting the mood for the bedroom heeheehee : ) : ) : ) My Dh has a motorcycle too, he has a Scrumbler, he rides to the work on the days I don't go into the office with him. I hope this help : ) : ) : ) we always go cruising on the motorcycle(at night, too hot during the day) on my ov days, heeheeheee : ) : ) : ) well, you what I mean : ) : ) : ) VAL - All that you're doing ... will all be worth it : ) and I'm sure God sees your efforts/determinations : ) and God will give you and your Dh .. his blessing very soon : ) Re: Responding on the new thread, go ahead, do what you deem fit : ) I think, the old is getting too long and outdated's June already. It's hearing from all of you that matters/meaningful to me : ) Have you gone over to the other board "Problems getting pregnant", some ladies over there had used clomid, perhaps they can give their opinions. Keep us updated on your progress : ) CYNTHIA - Yes a chance to read your respond to the thread before it was taken out. I too, am very appreciative your kindness, support and friendship. I wasn't offended(not at all) by the threads, we are ent_tled to our opinions(one see it as personal posts and others may not). Well ... perceptions defer and no reason to take offence : ) Really .... I hope to see more women (Pregnant & Over35) would come to this board too. For those of us ttc or ttc again, it's good/happy news. Maybe for those who are new here, they haven't read all the threads in depth. For many of us ttc, it's the affliation of our age to those pregnant over35 that draws us (Over35s TTC) here. And for some of us, we were pregnant before. However, our pregnancies ended due to complications etc and this board seems to be the most appropriate one. There are some of us, we have established "bonds" and friendship with those who are pregnant ... like you and I have, we stayed on : ) : ) : ) anyway enough said (that's the past already ) You're from Australia ... My Dh was previously posted to Australia, we stayed for 2 years. I missed Australia too : ) Still keeping my fingers/toes crossed for your results to come postive for twins and wishing a boy and a girl for you. I'm half Chinese, so in Chinese the characters for girl/"Nu" and boy/"Zi" put together means good or perfect / "Hao", keep us posted with your progress too. Think I shall stop here or I'll go on and on .... and late for a meeting : ) Talk to you soon. Take care & God Bless : ) : ) : )


COL - June 19

Sannnnnnnnnnnn, oh my god …………oh my goddddddddd, 2 faint lines ??? and still setting here???????? I knew it , I swear I knew it. I had a feeling that the delay of your af is not normal, there must be something going on. I am waiting for your confirmation, please test againnnnnnnnnnn. God bless


Val - June 20

SANN!!!!! It sounds like you got a positive???!!! It's nearly bedtime here but I'll check back in the morning to see if you re-tested... it will be so wonderful if you got a positive! :-)



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