Time For Me To Put My Money Where My Mouth Is

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docbytch - June 8

Hi everyone....some time ago I posted a thread on here about "message of hope" which raged on and on about the paranoia instilled in women over age 35 by the medical profession when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth.... Four nights ago I miscarried my baby in a hotel room over 3000 from my home. It was horrible, heartbreaking, and I am left feeling really freakin empty inside. Afraid it will happen again if I become pregnant again. I was 8-9wks along, and this is the first miscarriage I've ever had. What a way to make a woman feel defective at the ripe age of 39. However, like the message of hope I posted once before....guess I'm gonna just have to believe that this was meant to be and that I will most assuredly get pregnant again... It would crush me to fail when I was once able to conceive a child who is now almost 20. I have used little medical intervention on this, and like Juicy in her post, am wondering how long to expect before I can hope to become pregnant again. Any takers? This whole experience has just sucked miserably....damn


tryingx3 - June 8

So sorry! Don't give up hope! It is hard to reconcile the pain of the loss, with the "it's probably for the best" comments. I know about the anxiety as even as I am pg now with my 1st at 36 (after 2 m/c), my husband and I have already talked about baby #2. If we wait the required 2 years, I will be 38 and trying this all over again. I don't feel old, but it sure seems when it comes to having babies we ladies can sometimes be more "challenged". I just pray that this lil girl in me is healthy and okay. I would ask if they could do any tests NOW to see if anything is going on. We did a lot of testing at mc #2 and actually found some things that could cause issues. They didn't necessarily cause the m/c's but could cause future m/c's. Long story!


melizabeth35 - June 8

My heart goes out to you. I am 41 and almost 16 weeks along. I misccarried in December '05 and was pregnant again by March '06. I so understand your fears. Keep trying and keep hope! P.S. I enjoyed reading your previous rant regarding being over 35 and considered geriatric when it comes to pregnancy. :-)


Kristin72 - June 8

Docbytch, I am so sorry for your loss. I do remember your post...but unfortunately as we age we do have a higher likelihood of miscarriage..it is a mere fact that is very hard to accept. Yes..many of our mothers drank and smoked and delivered healthy babies until they were in there mid 40's but many of the miscarriages of the past were never spoken about at all...in fact they were whunned upon and it was a womens own unspoken sadness they dealth with. Like melizabeth I too suffered a loss..for me it was at 13 weeks 6 days on Dec 22'05. I am currently pregnant again and now in my 17th week..I was pregnant after to irregular cycles post D&C. Everything seems to be going well this time..but I still cross my fingers and check-in with my doppler daily for re-a__surance. I had genetic testing on my baby girl and there were no genetic reasons for the loss...it was one of those "it just wasn't meant to be" things. But, I like many got in touch with my body right away by charting my basal temps and purchasing a OPK kit...and a long vacation didn't hurt either. I returned from a trip thinking I had to go back in for a repeat D&C but instead was pregnant..go figure..mireacles do happen ..I am just thanking my lucky stars every day for this. I still find it hard to believe. Again, I am so sorry you had to go through the miscarriage...but please try again when you are ready. P.S. I am 38. All the Best! Xo Kristin


Prisoner_of_Hope - June 9

Hi Docbytch, I am sorry for your loss and that you were not home at the time. I am new here and don;t know how/where to introduce myself. So I hope you don't mind that I just replied. I am 41, newlywed and trying to TTC Baby #1 for both me and DH. Some days are up and some are down. Some days I kick myself all over town and other days I just turn everything over to God and relax. I chose my username from a bible verse in Zechariah. Cause that is what I am - a prisoner of hope. I can't afford to give up. So you hang in there. Be blessed. PS Iiked your "rant" post. It made me sign up here. ;-)


ck - June 11

I'm sorry for your loss, docbytch. I wish you all the very best of luck. Cynthia X



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