Tips For Getting Pregnant Fast

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serious - January 4

Does anyone have any tips on how i can get pregnant fast . I have heard put your legs up in the air after s_x and stomach massages anyone have something that has worked for them the they want to share im listening.


bunny - January 4

I heard that putting a pillow under you and laying in bed for 30 minutes is a way some women get pregnant and that there are certin positions that can increase the chance of you getting pregnant.


Hi - January 5

I don't know if this actually helped me or not but I drank this tea called fertilitea. The website's


AshleyB - January 5

I conceived the first month trying by having s_x every to every other day from about the 4th day on after my period. I also always used the pillow and stayed horizontal in bed for 30 minutes after s_x. Sometimes we even used the pillow under me during s_x. Something worked! Hope this helps.


miraclebaby - January 5

I heard doggy style and also lay for 30 minutes after


tj - January 6

buy some really s_xy cloths, go away for the weekend, drink lots of red wine and hump like rabbits, (preferably during your ovulation period)....doggy style, legs up in the air, pillow under knees, turkey baster. You know when your in shape you get pg. happened to me both times, first was new year's 2000 ski trip, second was 4 years later, back in shape flat tummy, boom, i'm due in 2 weeks with another boy....Relax, it will happen, if you are meant to be a mommy, which you are, you will be....good luck to you, keep us posted.


michelleb - January 23

I am now just over 4 weeks pregnant, and the things I did differently this month after 7 months ttc are: Took folic acid and vitamin B-complex every night. Also had s_x every other day starting a couple of days before ovulation and including the day after ovulation as well. (even though dh was really getting worn out, haha) And stay lying down with hips and legs elevated with a pillow for at least 20 minutes. Also, sorry if this is tmi, but during s_x, allow for deeper penetration by either doing missionary style with him on top or have him enter from behind(doggie style?) Sorry is this is too much info. These are all the things that were different for us this month of getting pregnant. Good luck!


KaCee - February 26

Legs propped up for at least 30 minutes after s_x is definitely helpful - has worked for me four times now! One thing I have noticed with my last three pregnancies is that it's important for you to have an orgasm (this is not medically-based, just my opinion -- I think the muscle contractions help things along). I know this is TMI, but if you have trouble during s_x, you can still get the same effect if you take care of business right afterwards (just keep those legs propped up!) Hope this helps someone out there.


Bronwyn - March 1

Don't use KY or other sperm-nasty lube (if you need lube, get Pre-Seed) try the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor, or have s_x every other day. The more s____n that stays in, the more sperm there are to start the journey to the fallopian tubes - so don't jump up and disco. Start taking folic acid, stop taking advil (ibuprofen) and HAVE FUN :) Funny thing about orgasm - the contractions "dip" the cervix into the v____a. Thus, "picking up" more sperm. But that also means that there's gotta be sperm there to pick up, so... make sure you have an orgasm AFTER him :) (i'm not saying you should WAIT - have two if you like!)


somedaymom - March 1

Bronwyn you're hilarious.. I was just reading this thread and you made me laugh. I've heard the same thing about orgasms but the comment about "having two" really made me chuckle among other things. What we women have to do sometimes just makes me laugh!!!Sorry, I just had to chime in! have a good one girls!


Lynn - March 3

Orgasms and using the misionary position are realy supposed to make a difference according to research :). Also, try to keep your life low stress and enjoy lots of s_x. When we started trying I purposely tried to make more time to just enjoy life and de-stress. Once I went off B-control my s_x drive went into overdrive and we had a blast trying to conceive. Turns out it probably happened the first week of trying if not the first day. Enjoy! Now that I am VERY pregnant I miss those days of carefree s_x. I don't feel too s_xy anymore and with this big belly it is hard for me to find a comfortable s_xual position! I know TMI... dust to you! Best wishes


angelmonkey - April 5

nope sorry i cant help you me and my partner have been trying for 7 months months and have tried EVERYTHING! we have both been checked and are both fertile but things just take time.


Aspen8 - April 9

This is only my second cycle ttc so I can't speak from experience, but I thought I'd chime in about what I've read. I read that "rear entry" positions allow sperm to be deposited closest to the actual cervix without it settling into the spaces behind it, if that makes sense. Also, I read that female orgasm makes the v____al environment more alkaline temporarily, which makes it more hospitable to sperm. (So's our DUTY to have at least one orgasm during each s_xual encounter while we're tttc. I know...for the cause an' all. :-) ) To what other people said about no sperm-killin' lubes, staying put for 20-30 minutes, deep penetration (so sperm is deposited closest to best CM) - ditto. I read all that too.


KnJ - December 11

My husband and I have tried for over a year to conceive. We have tried everything you can think of. We just went to the doctor to see if everything is ok. Still waiting on his results mine was ok. My periods are just irreg. so she is going to put me on a hormone to regulate my cycle. I have been researching for a year and tried it all except vitamines. Maybe that will help. Also I stopped trying for a coulple months and that didn't work because I know in the back of my head I was stilling thinking about it . So if anyone has advice fell free to tell me.


rn4sail - December 30

KnJ....u must take works. I have a 2yr old and trying for # 2.


rn4sail - December 30

I take a B6 50mg, B12 50mcg. I also take FertileCM 3 times a day and Evening Primrose Oil 3 times a day from menstration to ovulation only.You may have to find what works best for u. I am willing to share my research with u if needed. I used nothing for my first but have found that with age your fertility changes and needs help!! Over the past 2 yrs I have noticed that I have decreased fertility. I've added these vitamins and my high quality fertiltiy signs are back. Keep me posted.


Krissy68 - January 2

Hey ladies how was everyone holidays. I am glad it is over. I am currently on cd 5 and yesterday on cd 4 I started taking my prenat vitiams and 200mg soy isoflavans and I will take the prenat vitams through my whole cycle and the 200mg of soy isoflavans I will only take cd 4-8. I am thinking about taking the robintussin on cd 10-17 not really sure just yet. I will keep you posted. Talk to everyone soon. rn4sail - What cd are you on? Keeping my fingers cross for you. Krissy68



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