Tips For Getting Pregnant Fast

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Krissy68 - January 2

Hey ladies how was everyone holidays. I am glad it is over. I am currently on cd 5 and yesterday on cd 4 I started taking my prenat vitiams and 200mg soy isoflavans and I will take the prenat vitams through my whole cycle and the 200mg of soy isoflavans I will only take cd 4-8. I am thinking about taking the robintussin on cd 10-17 not really sure just yet. I will keep you posted. Talk to everyone soon. rn4sail - What cd are you on? Keeping my fingers cross for you. Krissy68


rn4sail - January 3

Krissy68 I am on cd 16. I got + opk on cd 14 and had ovulation pains cd 15....lets hope for the best. Now on 2ww. The robitussin I think is a good thing..but from my research it only works to thin cm not produce more. So if you have a good amount of cm then the robitussin should help!!! Lots of luck to u!! Keep me posted:)


Krissy68 - January 5

rn4sail - Keeping my fingers cross for you. I am currently on cd 8 when should I start the robintuss and how much. I have forgotten since I have done this in several months. Also how much should I take? When should I start using the opk I am thinking about cd 10. Krissy68


rn4sail - January 6

Krissy68 You need to take the Robitussin for 5 consecutive days before ovulation. Take 2 tsp twice daily (follow directions on box ffor exact dosage). Make sure that u buy plain Robitussin...Guaifenesin is the active ingredient that u r looking for. DRINK LOTS OF H2O. 2liters a day would be recommended. Thats 4 bottles of 500ml a day (the bottles that u buy at the store are 500ml). For the OPK it depends on your cycle...r u 28d?? I start on cd10 b/c I ovulate on cd 14 or 15. I start early so I don't miss it. So in 4 to 5 days before expected ovulation. I really hopes this helps....this is our month...fingers crossed!!! Keep me posted...good luck:)!!!!


Krissy68 - January 7

rn4sail - thank you very much for your help. I do have the correct robintussin. I didn't take any this morning before I left for work because I wasn't for sure how much to take so when I get home I will take 4tsp and then starting tomorrow I will take 2tsp in the morning and 2tsp in the evening is this correct? I stop taking it once I get a + on the opk is this correct? My cycles are normally 29-30 days long and I plan to start using the opk today at 3pm and I will start drinking water as well I am not a big water drinker but I am going to try just as long as I have ice I am good to go. What cd are you on? I'm on cd 10. I am keeping my fingers cross for you as well and keep me posted on your progess. I also started bding on cd 7 which was Sunday and from cd 7-9 (morning) my cm was dry and it was painful when we bd but starting tuesday afternoon cd 9 it started feeling a little slippery if this make sense last night when we bd it wasn't as bad. When I checked my cm this morning it was white and a little creamy and slippery what does this means? I'm sorry for all the questions and too much information. One last thing I'm still taking my prenatal vitiams. Krissy68


rn4sail - January 10

Krissy68 I would take the Robitussin 0ne day past + OPK Yes, its 2tsp twice a day.. If your cm remains dry you should take Fertilecm. It helps to increase cm. It really works.....I used it this month and i had double the amount. PS ... u can also try Preseed for lube...its one of the only lubes that u can use when TTC. I'm on 8dpo!! Going to test Monday and I will let u know if I get a BFP or n ot. It will be early to test but its so hard to wait un til missed AF. The white creamy and slippery cm means that ur close to ovulation. U want it to look like raw egg whites....stretchy not sticky is the key!!!! Wet cm is also feels like u have urinated in your pants...but egg white is best...most fertile!!! Best of like to u!!! Will keep u posted! Remember to have fun while bding!!!! :)


Krissy68 - January 10

rn4sail - Thanks for the information well we did bd some more and today cd 13 my temp went up some more from yesterday cd 12 98.10 to 98.20 and I got another bfp on the opk should I test tomorrow? I am still have some pain in my ovaries I will keep on bding all weekend to make sure. Keeping my fingers cross for you. I can't wait for Monday to get here. Krissy68


squeesbaby05 - January 29

Hiya All!!! My husband and I have not had protected s_x for 4 years, and I have not gotten pregnant. I was wondering if him not being circ_msized could have anything to do with either a low sperm count or preventing pregnancy. We are just about to really start trying. Should We be having s_x every day or every other day?


Briwantbaby - January 29

Well i am 39 and I have three kids and had no problem getting pregnant with any of them. I took geritol with my last who is 7 now. Since then i have been on the pill and depo-privera but nothing has been in my system for atleast 2 years. I want to concieve with my new husband and my periods are irregular. More than once during the month my b___st will be tender and i spot with straining in the morings after a bowel movement the week before my period is due. DO YOU THINK I AM NOT OVULATING ! AM I IN PREMENOPAUSE..Geritol is not workign so i am taking folic acid and feriAid. Please help !


jyce - February 9

plz help iv been trying to concieve for the last 15mnths


jyce - February 9

plz help iv been trying to get pregnant for the last 15mnths


clindholm - February 9

jyce- If you have not yet been to your doctor, go now! They can do some testing to check your hormone levels. If you are not yet charting your cycles and getting your ovulation date correct to optimize your chances, go to Fertility Firend dot com. There is some great info on that site. Good luck!


jyce - February 10

thnz alot clindholm.iv seen a doc n evrything is fine but since u said so il see another doc.iv used pillow,staying in bed for 30mins after s_x n also taking carrots every day.can i get more help pliz


aureliebompolo - February 12

i think the way for you to get pregnant easily starting to have s_x 10 days after your period trust it work


jyce - February 15

thnz alot aureliebompolo.jst like my menses is on 2nd so i start s_x frm wen.


J N W - June 1

hello all... Me and my fiance have been TTC for a couple months now. I've become very frustrated and I know these things take time. But it almost makes me feel like im a broken toy.. I know that sounds stupid. But he has twin daughters from a previous marriage that will be 4 this August. I love them to death!!! But I want kids of OUR OWN! I just wanted to say everyone's info was very helpful. Im going to try the vitamins and see if that will work.... Please pray for me!! I will keep you all posted. Its nice to know other women out there are going through the same thing as me.



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