Tips For Getting Pregnant Fast

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ashdave123 - February 18

Hi all! I've read through the threads and it's so nice to be able to talk with others in the same situation. We've just started trying this month and not telling our family until we're pregnant has been hard! So finding this site and reading everyone's attempts and sucesses is a great feeling. Lots of baby dust to everyone!!! I look forward to speaking with everyone.


MySoldiersPrincess0829 - March 6

My and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for the past few months and nothing has seemed to work. I figured being young I would have no trouble getting pregnant. I thought for sure I must be doing something wrong or something was wrong with me after many negative test. Im hoping that the tips Ive read here will help us out Ive never heard of some of these things before. I will keep everyone updated. Any extra advice would be great. Good luck to everyone my God bless you.


Yewanni - March 26

Hi everyone, i just found this website today and i am totally b__wn away. my husband and i have been married 6 months and we only started trying in january. i dont know whats wrong with me but i have been thinking about it constantly but reading other posts have actually kinda put my mind at ease abit. i just realised that i have been doin all the wrong things. we use ky for lubrication and almost immediately after, i jump up to go have a wash. i have been planning to go see the doctor to have myself checked out cause i have avascular necrosis that was caused by the use of steroids prescribed by another doctor. i however am really scared cause i have gone through alot of different types of pain killers to manage the pain, mainly ibuprofen and voltarin and paracetamol. i basically wanna know that im ok and have him help me calculate my ovulation period. i'm scared if i do it myself, i will get it wrong. any and every advice is welcome. P.S. pls what do all the abbreviations mean. I figured out TTC but i'm lost everywhere else.


ttc86 - July 20

i have been TTC for 13 months now, and no luck.. i am beginning to get frustrated and think that its not going to happen.. i have tried everything i have read... I am you, 23, and my bf is 33.. im not sure what to do.. any suggestions?


ashdave123 - July 20

Hey hun, do you pay close attention to your cm? (cervical mucus)is your cycle about 28 days? Dave and I conceived on our second cycle (and unfortunately miscarried in June at 12 weeks). We're TTC again (second cycle trying since June). What we did was paid close attention to my cm, bd'd every other day, stayed laying down for an hour after bd'ing(we usually bd'd at night so I'd just go to bed... but on the days where we were just in the mood I just waited an hour before getting up) eat healthy, always drink lots of water, take vitamins (I started taking vitamins five months before we started trying to ensure my folic acid was good to go among other vitamins of course). You can follow me on youtube as well hun. ashdave2005 is my channel.


watsonovedades - August 11

It seems that almost everyone has some advice to offer the couple who are having trouble getting pregnant. Many women simply conceive more easily than others, and there's no doubt that that some of that "good advice" can be helpful. Relax is probably one of the more common pieces of advice and it's probably good advice. Studies have shown that stress can hamper efforts to get pregnant and some couples find that pregnancy occurs naturally once they stop worrying so much about what they are doing wrong. But all that good advice should eventually give way to a trip to the doctor, if the couple are serious about having a child. But should you consult a doctor if you don't intend to go through the heroic measures sometimes required to conceive? Absolutely. Many couples find that there are some simple answers to their problems and that solving those problems will allow them to get pregnant quickly. Some people have found that a minor infection or illness was the culprit. In many cases, the person hoping to conceive may not have even known they were ill. A virus can send signals to the female body that pregnancy is not a good idea. A round of antibiotics or some other simple cure to a seemingly unrelated illness may be all it takes to get pregnant. There are also many treatments and procedures that are relatively inexpensive, easy and non-invasive that allow couples to conceive, even if getting pregnant naturally isn't an option. Not all fertility issues are serious, time-consuming and expensive. And if you're serious about becoming pregnant, one trip to the doctor may be all it takes. By all means, take a little time to let nature run its course. But if you've been trying to become pregnant and it just hasn't happened, it may be time to seek out some medical help.


wantingtobeamommy - October 18

I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate reading all the helpful information about getting pregnant... Me and my fiancee have been trying to get pregnant for over a year with no luck. We have been to the doctor without being able to figure out why we cannot conceive. I found out that I have PCOS and this could be a reason why I cannot get pregnant... Is there any advise you can give me on more ideas on more ways to try to get pregnant... We want more then anything in the world to have the joy of being parents. Any advise is more then welcomed and again thank you all so much for the good ideas that you have all posted that we are definately going to try :) Sending lots of baby dust to you all.


aisha1077 - February 21

agnus castus.... i got pregnant in the 1st month of trying it.. im 35 and already have 5 children i had an ectopic pregnancy last year and since iv had irregular periods sometimes not ovulating so started taking angus castus i took it 3 times a day untill i got a positive opk then stopped got pregnant the 1st month ;-)


nataliejane - April 12

I am in a similar situation. I came off the pill in January and had my last period about 7 weeks ago, I have the folllowing symptoms Nausea (also been throwing up loads) Food aversions - coffee makes me throw up watering mouth to the point I could fill a cup with drool in 10 mins! backache nosebleeds stuffy nose twinges like spasms in my abdomen headaches mood swings Also I am tall but a size 6/8 (uk) but have got a swollen tummy and put on 4 lbs. I have done 5 tests and all negative and its not like me to miss a period. Off to the doctors tonight who is going to do a blood tests and they said if its negative then they will send me for a scan. I feel pregnant but am worried it might be side effects from coming off the pill. From what i have read on here theres a lot of you ladies that have been pregnant but tested negative. (BTW I am 37) He is super fertile so no probs there and we have s_x at least once a day sometimes 3 times (we always have not just to try and get me pregnant) he is older so I do worry about the age thing. Well If I'm not we can keep on trying


nataliejane - April 12

Also everywhere I have read it says missionary is the best way to get pregnant and s_x in the morning as he will have produced more sperm. The key is to lay there with the sperm in you for about 20 mins apparently. Its a good job we are both morning people hehe


KarlaG - April 15

the best wishes


johnterry807 - July 14

Hi This topic help me a lot in developing my project. I will contribute more when I finished it.


lisa2u2 - July 21

this is for you ,,i would track your cycle for 3 months, go all out, do your temp's in the mor when you wake up and allso in the night , cos these are so diffrent the morning and the night temps, but try keep both to same time , i done mine 6 in the mor and 8 at night , would set the alarm and go back off to sleep , till i got up ,on the weekends, also track your {cm} cervical mucus Your cervical mucus constantly changes throughout your cycle, increasing in quant_ty and becoming clear and stretchy as you approach ovulation. As ovulation approaches, your cervix produces fertile cervical mucus. Noticing and recording these changes will help you better time intercourse and recognize your own fertility pattern. allso with the ovulation test , remember it 24 36 hours latter when you get a possitive , so if i got a possitive today wait at least 24 hours befor you have it , build up a little self controll and dont do it to early,, ill go on my cycle , the 2nd july . saturday was my overlation day by cm and o test , and temp after could see it went up ,, on both mor and night temp's, , by O test ,tusday faint line wed good line thursday pos done these in the night at 8 every night , never had knockey thurs , and left it till friday night, had it sat mor sat night and the same on sunday both mor and night,, layed in the bed for half hour after each try , with pillows under bum and 5 days after that started having mild crams like some one was nitting and a dull ake bad back waited till day 13 tho to test,,,,AND HAD A POS, hope that helps,


lisa2u2 - July 21

would also like to add i was ttc for a year after coming off depo injection last july 23 2010, i have been taken baby asprin and vitamin b6 and foilic acid, since jan 2011, as it took this long to get back to normal after depo , good luck every one ,


abowen - December 13

Me and my man have been ttc for 3 months now we have taken these meds that said u can get pergnet in 10 days to 3 months maybe a year but anyways I have irregaler periods that almost never show up and they say I. Have a hormone imbalice I so badly wanna be a mom but I'm afraid my dream may never come true is there anyone out there who has gone though this maybe a lil help for the werry please


Tatiana B - July 4

Did you used to have irregular periods before TTC? As i used to have them before taking the Pill and now i have been off it for three months (so far my periods were more or less regular)...Thanks for your help :)



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