To 2nd Time Mama APOLOGIES

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Sann - June 15

Hi 2nd Time Mama ... Well, I think don't your being mean, if you have our "Cycle Friends ... " thread, I have this "login problem" to the forum i.e. I continue posting on the same thread, if know what I mean. I've been trying to get it sorted out. Meantime ... this is the only way I can keep in touch with 1)my cycle friends here 2) to send my support for those ttc and 3) send my well wishes to those who are pregnant. Yes .. I do agree with you times I find it a lttle irritating too, I SEE MY USERNAME ALL THE IN THE STARTED BY COLUMN. My apologies if I irritate you. I have kind of an idea what you mean by "personal posts"but perhaps you could enlighten me : ) Yes and Yes ... this a "Pregnant over 35" board and Yes again ... we aren't pregnant and are still on this journey of ours, unlucky us : ( However ... if you have been in our shoes and nothing has happened yet, perhaps ... you know what we are going through at the moment, in all goodwill, I'm saying this, nothing vicious intended : ) : ) And perhaps you view our "chit-chat or discussions" as pregnancy non related ... i.e. "the personal posts" you've mentioned, if my perception is "in line" with yours. Now ... for some of us here ttc#1,2,3 etc 1) those who are again after a MC or multiple MCs 2) those who had been trying for a while and it hasn't yet happened 3) those who had to terminated their pregnancy due to complications. THE "CHIT CHATS" AND "DISCUSSIONS" ARE SOME FORMS OF ESCAPE FOR US ALL FROM THE DISPPOINTMENTS, THE STRESS, THE DESPAIR, THE HELPLESS AND MOST OF TIME ... FAILURE. Perhaps you haven't an idea .. what's it's like for us, getting that BFN month after month. For you are so blessed with your 2nd child : ) Some of us here ... we cry for days when af shows up before we can "pick ourselves up" and go head on ttc again. My apologies once again if my posts have irritated you. Best wishes & Good luck on your 2nd time journey of motherhood. God bless you and your "little one" : ) : ) : )


2nd time mama - June 20

Hi Saan okay time for me to put my foot in my mouth! sorry sorry sorry. I wish you all the best really i do - i'm not a mean person i guess it was just one of those days...All the best in TTC and baby dust to you .... My God bless you like He has been kind enough to bless me after my MC. Love to you.



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