To COl Val Amp CK I M Still Here But Just Feeling

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Sann - June 17

Hi Girls .. How are you doing : ) COL - Thanks so much for the boost, I'm still around and don't worry ... not leaving you here alone. Just feeling a little ... you know what I mean. Val - Happy to hear that you had a great time at the beach. Feeling any different after your first pill on clomid? Cynthia - Have you gotten the test results back yet .... twins : ) : ) : ) Cd48 for me, nothing much is happening .. nothing to report. And I haven't done the 2nd hpt yet, well having some "mixed feeling" at the moment as to whether should even though O/gynae say to test. It's Sunday morning for me, have to rush off to church, so I'll check in a little later. Have a nice day girls. Talk to soon. Take care & god Bless : ) : ) : )


COL - June 17

Sann, i am glad i hered from you, i was so worried, and i was thinking if you do not show up, what should we do :) :) . about your cycle, is it normal to be that long?? please test and let us know, for some reason i have a good feeling , i will pray for you Sann, God bless you .


COL - June 17

one more thing Sann, just out of the TTC topic, and ITS PERSONAL, today i mastered driving a MOTORCYCLE :) :) yes a motorcycle, i have been trying to do this for a while, so my husband gave me some lessons, and today was perfect. :) :) :). we are doing this, so when we get old, and our kids thinks of us as old fashion perents like we did to ours, so we will show them that we use to be cool :):):):) how is that as a motivtion?? just laugh Sann.


ck - June 18

Hi Sann, so glad to see you back! I'm due to get my results of the blood test tomorrow afternoon (by the way, I'm in Australia - similar time as you!). I've been super anxious all weekend but extremely happy :-) I believe that it will be too early to tell if it's twins, but my doctor did say that my hcg levels were suspiciously high. ------------------------- Don't know if you got to read my last message to you, but to re-cap - DON'T change a thing!! I very much appreciate your friendship and support so keep on leaving your messages!! All the very best of luck for your test, Sann. Cynthiaxx


Val - June 18

Hi ladies... SANN, you should definitely test., especially if you are having those symptoms still. Haven't felt anything different since starting the clomid. I feel like I'm taking so many pills every day! 2 clomid, 6 vitamins, 2 folic acid, 1 thyroid, and some days 1 zirtec for allergies. Pretty crazy! Hopefully it will all be worth it. :-) What do you all think about responding on this thread for a while? CK, congrats on your pg!!! I'm 36 as well, and hoping to be pg again soon... I had a miscarriage last August. COL, congrats on learning how to ride a motorcycle... that sounds like fun! If you like Ewan McGregor (actor from Star Wars, Down With Love, etc.), you should check out "Long Way Around" - it's a doc_mentary about him taking a road trip with a friend around the world, from London to New York... it's pretty amazing. Hope everyone is doing well... take care!



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