To Hopeful Amp Excited So Happy That You Re Back

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Sann - May 23

Hi Hopeful ..So happy to hear all your postives again. My MC was very much similar to yours. Dh & I, we've been ttc after 2 cycles too but haven't had any luck yet. Sorry...this is the only way for to write to you (got some loging in problem from my end). Take good care of yourself and wishing you all the best of luck. God Bless : ) : ) : )


Hopeful and excited - May 24

Dear Sann, Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm sorry to hear about your loss too. It seems so unfair doesn't it? However, since getting my doctorate I feel like I can achieve anything and nothing is in my way. (My husband and I are self-employed so we've both agreed that I focus on ttc rather than working full-time again - this makes me even more determined!) Last time I got pregnant within 4 months of trying and that was after being on the pill for 13 years (unlucky for some?) so I have high hopes for the next one. Also, Kristin mentioned something I had also read - that after a D&C some women are more fertile. So let's hope that's true for you and me too!! Good luck with your next attempt. Baby dust and positive vibes coming your way. Keep in touch. I'll be reading your threads along with COL's who was also kind enough to write to me. This forum is so great isn't it. I really feel like I'm making friends here (never thought I'd say that about "talking" on a computer!! LOL!!) and everyone is so nice. It also seems like we're all on the same wavelength which is great. Can't wait to hear that we've all got BFPs and we can chat away endlessly about our aches and pains again!!LOL LOL!


COL - May 25

Hi Hopeful and Excited, congratulations for your PHD, that’s really great accomplishment, I know exactly how it feels to finish something big like that, you feel like you are on the top of the whole world, I have been there : ) : ). So now we can call you Dr. Hopeful : ) : ). Congratulations again and wish you the best.


Val - May 26

Hi Hopeful - congrats on your PhD! I know that must have been a long road... it's a wonderful accomplishment!



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