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ishtar1974 - September 12

Krissy, first I want to say thank you for all the well wishes and support not only for me but for everyone on this board. I think you have such a wonderful personality and I bet you are a great shoulder to cry on. I have faith that you will still get your bfp, and you will have your precious lo. I can't imagine the heartbreak of ttc for 15 months, I don't think I would have the strength to keep going like you do. I would love to talk to you more and really get to know you. Give me a shout babe! Lot's of love and babydust to you!-Tracy


Krissy68 - September 15

Tracy - Thank you so much for the kind words. We can chat anytime I can give you my email address. I responded to the post and I wanted to tell you again I am so happy for you. I am okay whether I have another baby or not I am truely blessed to have 4 daughters and a granddaughter plus my oldest daughter will be having another baby so that will make 2 grandkids for me. I will keep you updated I did get a bfp on the opk on cd 12 &13 I will test again today to see and yes I have been bding away, it feel different I can't really explain it but I guess we were both relax and really enjoyed ourself I didn't say anything to him about this is the time or anything we just went with the flow. Let me know how you are doing and feeling. Love you also. Krissy68


ishtar1974 - September 19

I had a miscarriage, and had to have a d&c today. I am so sad, just don't know how to feel right now:(


Krissy68 - September 19

ishtar1974 - I am so sorry I'm here for you if you need to talk here is my yahoo email: kella1968 at yahoo dot com. Sending you a hug. Krissy68


Kristin72 - September 20

Ishtar..I am so sorry..IF you get a chance I'd love to support you and here your story..I too am currently going through a miscarriage..I took my meds Wednesday afternoon to bring on my the heartbeat never started with my little embryo.. anyway..update when you can ..i am truly sorry..


Krissy68 - September 22

ishtar1974 & Kristin72 - I'm thinking about both of you and sending you both prayers and a big hug. Love you both. Krissy68


ishtar1974 - October 18

Hi Krissy:) Well the doctor started me on Clomid this cycle(which I have finished already) but I don't think I really have a problem ovulating on my own. Guess I will probably end up with another set of multiples:) What do you think? I know you have been on clomid but you weren't ovulating at all were you? What effect do you think Clomid will have on me?Been out of the loop for a few weeks due to my miscarriage, never thought that would happen to me. Do you think I may have a decent chance of conceiving this month? Hope to hear from you soon! Love you and babydust!


Krissy68 - October 20

ishtar1974 - How are you doing and I am glad to see you back. I don't have a problem ovulating on my own my doctor prescribed the clomid to me to help me out for the cycle I am on right now I didn't take any meds the only thing I am doing is using the opk and taking my temp. I did have an appointment with him earlier in the month and he said that once I start my new cycle to give the office a call so they can schedule me an HSG. I think your chances of conceiving is really good most ladies get pg between 1 to 3 trys on the clomid I just happen to fall in the catergory that's not me. I think my age is really starting to play a part but I am only trying for a few more months anyway then I am officially calling it quits. Let me know if you need anything else. Krissy68


ishtar1974 - October 27

KRISSY!!! Update I'm dying to know!!!!Love ya girl:)


Krissy68 - October 27

ishtar1974 - Sorry no update I will let you know when I test. I am just scared. here is what my temps have been over the weekend on sat it was 98.20 and I was cd 25 12dpo on sun cd 26 13dpo my temp was 98.46 and today my temp is 98.97 and this is the highest it has been all cycle. I am feeling really nausuated and quessy and my lower back is hurting and bb are just a little sore nothing major if my temp is still high in the morning then I will test. Will update as soon as I get to work I love you too. Krissy68


ishtar1974 - October 28

Krissy I am so hopeful for you this month, it sounds so promising!! But I am DYING to hear your test results. I am currently in my 2ww. I hate that cause I am not sure exactly when i ovulated cause I started Clomid and I heard it can make your cycle a little longer. Still got the bd'ng in this month, so we shall see. I can test on November 4th. I hope you are ding well and best wishes, my friend:) tracy


ishtar1974 - October 28

P.S.- Update me soon, I can't stand the suspense!!


Krissy68 - October 29

Tracy you are such a sweetheart but I am preparing myself for AF arrival my temp has drop way down and today is cd29 and my cycles are normally 29-30 day so I guess AF will be here tonight or first thing in the morning. I didn't test because I didn't want to be down, depress or sad. I did have a debate with myself while I sat on the toliet but I decided not to test since I know it would be Negative. I guess on a good note when AF do show up I can call my doctor and schedule my HSG and I will find out one way or the other is my tubes are open or blocked. I will keep you updated. As for you I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and also keeping everything cross for you oh wow I just looked at the calendare you get to test on election day. Take Care and I will talk to you soon. Krissy68


ishtar1974 - November 3

Krissy, I am so sorry that AF showed her ugly self again. Are you going to get the hsg done? To me, something just seems off, I mean you got pregnant with your littlest like a year after your reversal, right? Gotta get on your doctor's arse to give you some answers...or find anew doctor. I don't like him just because of the dumb comment he made about your age. What an a#$%hole!! Krissy, don't give up yet, I know you said you were gonna hang it up on the first of the new year, but I just really get a gut feeling that if you have that test (and possibly a new Dr.) that you ARE gonna get that bfp cause you want it so bad and because you are a wonderful mother and you deserve it!!! Gimme a call sometime 352 430 5301 Love you Lots Krissy, and don't give up just yet!!-Tracy


Krissy68 - November 3

Tracy - How are you doing? I am holding on the phone now to ask a question about the hsg. I'm sceduled for Nov 6 at 2:30pm I am trying to find out how to prepare for this I know it is painful. I have your number where do you live? I live in California and I am normally 3 hours behind most states. I will keep you posted. You are a very sweet person and I love you as well. What is going on with you I need a update. I will call you. I hope you don't get any weirdo calling you besides me. Krissy68


ishtar1974 - November 4

Hey hun- As far as the hsg i would have them put you to sleep for it if they will. I was put under for the d&c I had last month. You will probably get bad cramping, but they will give you some pain medicine or something. At least it will all be worth it if they find something that can be corrected. Anyway, let me know how it goes.oh-and I live in Florida, about an hour north of Orlando.Hugs!-Tracy


Kristin72 - November 4

Sorry to interject..hope you ladies are doing well. I just took advil a half hour before the hsg. It was not painful just a little unfomfortable but totally managable. I was more thrilled to have the immediate results and to have a first hand look at my reproductive organs. The doc talked me throught the procedure and told me when she would inject the saline. IT was fine. LEt us know how things go KRissy. All the best to you IShtar.



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